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Sonoma's Global Event! The Time Gate!

By Drakelord, Oct 1, 2015 | |
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  1. Word had filter down from the town cryers that there was to be a very special mission tonight for the Royal Guards. All were to gather at the courtyard of Blackthorn Castle.


    Leaving my mount outside I walked across the bridge to the courtyard, and there in front of me on stone pedestals were the four Gems that we had worked so hard to retrieve for our King!


    Others begin to join me, small talk as we waited, suddenly a chill in the air and there stood Hawkwind!



    Greetings! Thank you all for coming!

    Three months ago I first called on you for help. And since you have faced many adversities!

    The claws of the Black Dragon, The Labyrinth of Wolfgang's Crypt. The Ikuchi in Tokuno and the King of the White Dragon in Castle Salle Dacil.

    The Battle were tough but you came out victorious every time. Now you see here before you the results of all that hard work.

    The Sapphire eye of Dungeon Doom. The Lesser Wolfgang Ruby. The Emerald of the Roadorin Empire. The Despair Diamond of Ilshenar.

    (Nex) Many deaths to receive those!

    *turning he points out the four gems before us*

    These are the four magical Gems we require to create a passage to Minax's Shadowguard.

    But as you all know reagants alone don't make a magic. The same holds true for these gems.

    An incantation is what we need now. A magical spell to activate the gems and create a portal. Mariah, The Mage, will help you obtain this incantation.

    Mariah, The Mage, is waiting for you at the Moonglow Lyceum.

    I will open a gate for you.

    Follow me!
    *And with a speed that was hard to believe he ran out of the courtyard and across the bridge. Then casting a gate spell he open a gate for us to use. His last words brought hope to us.*


    Good luck on your quest!
    Stepping out of the gate at the Lyceum, our first sight of Mariah the Mage shows a young lady dressed in blue with a staff held before her.

    Hello Everyone.


    Hail, my name is Mariah The Mage. I will be your guide on Hawkwind's final task. (Final Task?!)

    Our quest tonight is to learn the Incantation Hawkwind needs to open the Portal to Shadowguard.

    This incantation is a very ancient ritual, lost and forgotten on all the shards.

    But the Ritual may not be Completely lost..

    A long time ago I learned of three sacred books held by the Gargoyles of old.

    The book of Circles, It contains the Gargoyle's Interpretation of that Virtues.

    The book of Prophecies. I translated this book and uncovered it's Prophecies a long time ago.

    It speaks of this moment in time and prophesied the solution would be found in the third tome.

    The third book is the Codes of ultimate wisdom. A very special tome.

    (Pandora Spocks)
    Where do we find this book?

    The codes of ultimate wisdom contains all knowledge that has ever exited!

    The prophesy says that we can recover the incantation from the codex of ultimate wisdom.

    The prophesy also predicted a being from the Xorinite Dimension would guide us to the Codex.

    Wisp are from the Xorinite Dimension...

    Holy Magical Mysteries Batman! To the Wisp Dungeon!


    *Moving to a clear area, Mariah opens a gate, emerging from it to an open passage we all raced to the entrance of the Wisp Dungeon, only to see it is blocked by energy fields and fire. Suddenly standing above all of this was another individual, whom we later found to be an agent for Minax. Sensing the coldness and angry of this person, we all sought to prepared for battle.*

    (Anon Enchanted)
    Mariah, so we meet again!

    *I did not hear her reply*

    Come, come now Mariah. Don't be like that. Remember the old days?

    I was the Head of the Council of Mages and you, you were my most promising Student.
    *we were facing her teacher!?*

    As your old Counsellor, I've come to give you a warning.
    *he turns facing all of us and shouts*


    *Turning back towards Mariah*

    Be a good student and listen to your teacher. Turn back now while you still can.

    You know we cannot Anon. We have to stop Minax! If Minax succeeds to manipulate time, it will be the end of all of us! Of you too Anon!

    (Clym of Clough) Anon, old buddie yer in our way.
    (Queen Mum) You tell him Maggie!

    You fool! Minax has made me stronger then I ever was before! I am now the most powerful Mage in all of Sosarial! You can not stop us!
    *With a wave of arms and a whispered spell we cannot hear, we fine our self facing his pets!*

    My mongbats shall tear you apart! Limb from limb!

    You are an evil one Anon

    *Harsh battles broke out over the area as faced one, two, three, four of his pets. Finally we dropped the last one A cry goes out from one of the Guards*



    (Avon) *Scowls* You may have won this little skirmish Mariah. But you will never succeed in stopping the all-powerful Minax!


    *And with a wave of arms he was gone, Mariah leaps down and quickly turns to the engery fields, dispeling them with ease, and then like children let loose from a classroom we raced to the chamber where the Xorinite wisp awaits us.*


    *Deep inside the Wisp Dungeon*

    *looks at the Vortex Cube*
    Yes, the Prophecy is starting to make sense now!

    (Maggie) Good

    The Book of Prophecies says the Vortex Cube will take us to the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom.

    The Vortex cube will activate when the right word is spoken.

    (Clym of Clough)
    Many more mongbats like that and we may decide to get us a new mage.

    And the Xorinite Wisp will help us learn the word! Just as the Book of Prophecies predicted!

    (Clym of Clough)


    Wisps tend to speak in riddles though... I wonder what this one has to say.
    The Xorinite Wisp's riddles lead to landmarks in Sosaria.

    At each landmark you will find a letter. Combine those letters in a word.

    Then return here and speak the word at the Vortex Cube.

    Doing that will take us to the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom.

    Good luck!

    *with those final words the madness of the hunt started, the wisp spoke, clue after clue, people with pen and paper were trying to write the riddles down, small groups circled to discuss clues they had heard.

    (Xorinite Wisp)
    The lava flows of Ilshnor did not cut off the Eastern Sigh Post until long after the Shattering.


    After the Shattering, the Grave of the Lost Soul sank into the Ankh Dungeon.

    The Pillar of Ozymandas lies east of the mysterious and ancinet Crone's House.

    (Clym of Clough)
    How do we know where these landmarks are?

    (Xorinite Wisp)
    Before the Shattering, the Pillars of the Argonauts were on the southern side of Sho Hill.

    By the clues.

    (Queen Mum)
    Follow the clues Clym.

    (Xorinite Wisp)
    Greyn Grimswind foundan old Sigh Post and placed it on the north-most part of his lands.

    Many have been misled by the Southern Sigh Post of the Malas Highlands and died of thirst.

    On an island described as a 'Bald Head' sits the last remaining Pillar of Protection.

    *Finally a clue I understood*

    Many ancient tomes are held in the vaults that protect the Book of Truth.

    I off to try Bald island.


    *On the beach of Bald Island I found a Pillar with the letter "i" Embossed in Blackrock, quickly I message that clue in.*

    *Near Inu house I found another Pillar, the letter "S", again I send off a message*


    *Again I am off to seek more clues, only to be message by Queen Mum*

    (Queen Mum) Galahad has it figured out.

    (Drakelord) Good

    (Queen Mum) SHIFTING is the key word!

    *Returning to the Wisp's dungeon I quickly join the rest within the Star Chamber by speaking the word to the cube. There to greet us is Hawkwind. Was that a hint of a smile I saw across his face as if to say 'took you long enough'*

    *We quickly formed a circle around him and waited*


    Read from the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom.

    See if you can learn the ritual we need to perform.

    vas rel tym por ort

    Put you pets to the side and form a circle.

    From the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom we have learned the ancient ritual.

    Please be quite while I begin.

    As did the stranger so many centuries ago, I too do now.

    *Quickly he moved around the circle placing the four gems, north, west, east, south. As he placed each one he spoke*

    I whisper the name of the creatures of Doom so they may not hear.

    I invoke the name of Wolfgang and long lost Akalabeth.

    I salute the names of those who defended Castle Rondorin to the last.

    I weep for Shamino and Beatrix and what they could have been.

    *Once more taking a place center of it all.*

    Repeat with me. Vas Rel Tym Por Ort.


    *What started like a whisper became a roar as we all followed with Vas Rel Tym Por Ort.*

    It is working! Keep going!

    *Louder and louder we got*

    *Then a blinding flash of flames and winds there stood a flicking grey gate.*


    I will carefully move the magic of the spell to Stonegate and finish the ritual there.

    Touch the time gate before you leave this place. Your spirit will strengthen the spell we cast together. Some of the essence of a Nascent time gate will go with you. It will be part of you, and thus part of the magic of this shard. If enough do this on every shard, I will be able to mend the connection.

    Then the Time Gate will be stable enough for passage!

    We will speak again when this is all over. Thank you, Legends of Britannia!

    *With those final words he then moves the gate to a location at the outer edge of the circle where all can reach it.*

    *I left that chamber with a piece of time in my pack, returning to my home I locked it down near my crystals to await a time when I could look all of them over more carefully.*


    Thus end my report!
    Sergeant Drakelord

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    PROS - I like the story telling technique
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