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Strange Portal Pt.2

To my horror Traccor vanished once more. In his place a servant...a deadly serpent creature. Once again, I knew my collection of death robes was...
By Tamais, Jun 11, 2016 | |
  1. Vanishing, he was replaced by a serpent type creature. We found our selves once more on the defensive.


    We were able to defeat the creature with few deaths. Thinking the battle was over, we gathered around discussing the strange little creature and what it had told us.

    The world suddenly burst into flame, followed by the familiar quiet grey land. Wandering with to find a healer, I saw the creature that had killed me, The Abjured, a giant jet black Dragon.






    While we recovered from the battles, the Fiery Lady appeared."

    "You missed a strange little creature." I told her. "Kept talking about his master."

    "Hmm, was its name Traccor?" she asked.

    "Yes," I looked at her. "How did she know its name. " he tried to tell us his master tried to say Umbra."

    Fiery Lady nodded muttering, "Strange indeed...She was right."


    She looked around, "It must be this place. She should know...I should tell her."

    "I assume you mean Evidias?" Lady Thalia approached her.

    "No my...yes I mean Evidias." the Fiery Lady stammered caught by surprise. "Yes Evidias should hear about this." She seemed to stare into the strange Portal.

    Lady Thalia studied the Fiery Lady. "or do you mean your master?"


    "Or do you know this master?" Lady Thalia glared at her...or someone else?"

    The Fiery Lady glared back. "No one else, of course not." Excuse me! I need to go speak with...the w...Lady Evidias." In a flash, the Fiery Lady was gone.

    "Somehow I don't think she's gong to visit Evidias." Dahlia commented as she joined us.

    "I know she's not." Still angry, Lady Thalia agreed. "she's proving as untrustworthy as usual"

    Puzzled I looked at both of them , "Who then?"

    "That lady in white." Dahlia suggested. "Wasn't that who she was concerned with?"

    "I had forgotten about her." I answered, " That could be."

    "But what was "She right" about? Dahlia asked puzzled. "That creature?"


    "Of course what is evil to us...might not be evil to him." I pointed out.

    "I agree," Lady Thalia added. "The illusionist wasn't arguably evil. just nuts."

    "Whatever this is... it's becoming clear it knew of the Otherlings, and the Weld before them." Dahlia opened a gate, "I wonder if the Insects know anything...perhaps stories of their history."

    We followed her back to the hall. "I didn't even to think to speak to them...until now." she told us. "King Blackthorn did find them a place to live. Maybe that will help." Looking around she noticed someone wearing strange armor.

    "I'm curious about something." Lady Thalia approached Dahlia.

    "Yes, what is that? Dahlia nodded to her.

    "Well, last week you implied Time Without Dreams had concerns. What are they?" Lady Thalia asked.

    "Ah, that something from their past had woken up. More...somethings..." Lady Dahlia replied. "Just some old stories."

    "So would a discussion with Time Without Dreams be in order?"
    Lady Dahlia smiled at Thalia. " I don't know, he wasn't forthcoming. Perhaps the information we've gained will help me press him." She shivered, "Though... it's hard to press a magical creature that could very easily devour you whole."

    Lady Thalia laughed, "True, perhaps a job for Agaris?"

    "What a wonderful idea!" Dahlia agreed. "Perfect.'' She picked up one of the Greylings legs. "I must take this to the Mage's Guild. Let them get a look at it. Especially how it reacted with the portals."

    "Be safe Lady Dahlia," I told her.

    "You also, I hate to tell you all to keep on guard, but I'd keep you weapons sharpened." Lady Dahlia nodded to us. "Paupa needs to be investigated."

    Tired, I left for home. Opening a bottle of Yew's wine, I thought about the strange happenings in Paupa. Could Traccor's master be controlling the people? As tired as I was, I didn't want to sleep... knowing what my dreams would be filled with....bugs.

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