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Stratics Calendar Guide

How to use the Stratics Calendar.
  1. Stratics has adopted a new, more versatile calendar that will serve the varied interests of Stratics users better.


    To access the calendar, click the Calendar button at the top of your screen.


    You multiple options for viewing the Calendar. You can view a full month, a week, or a day, or you can view the agenda, which is a chronological list (as opposed to a calendar view) of events by day. The archive is an agenda-style view of events that have passed.

    When you click the Calendar link, it will take you to whichever view you last used. Your submenu will now show the other views and a settings options. From the settings option, you can choose which types of events you wish to view.


    Click the 'Enable Filtering' box to open the filtering options. This feature allows you to view only the events you are interested in. By default, all boxes are unchecked, so you will see all events that are on the calendar.

    Checking a box filters it out. However, if an event has been tagged with multiple categories, it will still show unless all the categories for which is is tagged are filtered out. If you wish to only see events tagged with your shard, select all the boxes except your shard. If you wish to see all EM events regardless of shard, select all the boxes except 'EM Events'.

    The 'Filter Event Locations' function is not currently adapted for in-game use, but can be used for RL player meets and events.

    Individual event listings will show you the time zone in which they are posted, but events on the monthly, weekly, daily, agenda, and archive views will show the events in the time zone to which your Stratics account is set. You can change your time zone in your account preferences.


    There are two ways to create an event. You may open the Calendar and click "Create Event", or you may click "Post New Event" from within any of the shard forums.



    The first two fields are just like making a normal post.


    The next section includes the venue, which you may fill out with the location of your choice. The address field is for RL events.

    You can set a single occurrence or up to ten occurrences for a single event.

    Each event created generates a new thread. Select the appropriate shard forum for your thread, then you may select from the available thread prefixes if desired.


    The next section determines in which filter categories your event will appear. Select all categories that apply to your event.

    While selecting keywords is not required, it will help players interested in the kind of event you are advertising to find it more easily. If you do not select any keywords, your event will appear to everyone regardless of filtration. Accurate keyword selection will get your event the best exposure for the most interested players.


    When you have filled in all the information you wish to include, click "Create Event". Your event will appear on the calendar and in the shard forum you selected. You will then have options for editing your event.


    Once you create your event, you can edit it like you would a normal post. From the 'Event Tools' tab, select 'Edit Event' to change the text, location, and keywords for an event.

    You can also add occurrences from here. While the repeat event option in the initial event creation only allows for regularly repeated events on the same day and time, you can use this option to have multiple occurrences with different days and times.


    To edit the dates and times you have already added, you must go to the 'Upcoming Occurrences' section of the event and click the 'Tools' tab. Here you will also see options to export to three different calendar types (including Google Calendar) and to edit the specific occurrence you have selected.


    All the occurrences for a given event must be listed in the same time zone.

    RSVP and Notifications

    The RSVP features allows you to receive a Stratics notification when an event you RSVP to is imminent and when someone RSVPs to an event you create!

    When you open an event from any calendar view, you will see the RSVP option.


    When you RSVP to an event, you can opt to receive Stratics notifications when the event is near. You can select when to get these notifications in your Alert Preferences, located in your user menu.


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