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Ter Mur Fellowship House

By Drakelord, Sep 11, 2019 | |
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  1. Ter Mur Fellowship House

    Royal Guard Event.jpg
    Gwendolen Kincade : Good evening, everyone. *smiles at everyone* Does anyone have anything to report?

    *There were a few*
    Gwendolen Kincade : Thank you for that information, John *looks through notes* There have been reports of massive disturbances at the Ter Mur Fellowship House. Use your cover to investigate these disturbances. We must maintain good relations with our ally Queen Zhah. Are there any questions?

    Gwendolen Kincade : I'll gate you. *looks for rune* So many Fellowship houses... *looks for rune*
    Royal Guard Event1.jpg
    *a gate is open and at the other end we see at shirt less wing gargoyle*
    You see: Runeb
    Runeb: Kal! To be Runeb! Second of the Fellowship here. To still struggle with human language. But to welcome brothers and sisters! Quan is sorry he cannot be here. Brother Quan works to remain worthy of being first. Do you have questions?

    Redlow DeSule: Runeb is an interesting name. What does it mean?
    Runeb: Runeb means "Red Mist" in human language. It is because my skin is gray and red. A deformity I was told by Ter Mur. But the Fellowship teaches my worth is in my actions. Those voices in Ter Mur are loud. To follow the Circle too closely. A unity and singularity of only violence. We must show them the errors of their ways.

    Biscuit Kreuger: through violence?
    Runeb: Will you protect this place with me? Violence is sometimes a necessary tool. Lord Batlin has explained this. Those who attack our unity must be stopped. To defend our Fellowship!
    Royal Guard Event2.jpg
    *Fanatic of Circles* *quickly all present found them self assisting with defending the area.*

    Runeb: To bleed disunity!

    *Runbe seem to vanish for a bit and then we had Teregus, we met before when the Fellowship first came to Ter Mur. Its been a very fine tightrope walk with the Fellowship and the Circle*
    Teregus: COWARDS! False Prophets! Bringers of an-bal-sil! Heretics and killers!

    Biscuit Kreuger: talking about us or them?
    Teregus: *seems irrational*
    Tiggermcat: TEREGUS
    maints magic: Was it not you who attacked ?
    Teregus: Foul heresy!
    John: * watching coldly and passively*
    Teregus: I did not attack you!
    Vixen: then who did?
    maints magic: "looks at wounds"
    Teregus: The keepers of the temple did not attack you!
    Biscuit Kreuger: we defended ourselves
    Teregus: My hatch-son did not attack you!
    Redlow DeSule: Is the fellowship guilty of some crime?

    Teregus: You killed us in the Temple of Singularity!
    Vixen: not I
    maints magic: "looks around"
    Teregus: An explosion!
    Redlow DeSule: We did not...

    John: "You mean The Fellowship?"
    maints magic: i think you are a little confused
    Martyna Z'muir: "We" haven't been there in ages...
    Biscuit Kreuger: all that flapping has gone to his head
    Teregus: Kind Inamo and my fellow sages!
    John: "You mean the Fellowship attacked you?"
    Teregus: An attack there would never have happened before the False Prophets came!
    maints magic: it was not this group of people who did this
    Kittie: *ear twitches

    Teregus: The explosion at the Shrine!
    Vixen: the False Prophets being the Fellowship?
    John: * sighs*
    Teregus: The False Prophets are all of you!
    Vixen: sorry no
    Teregus: Bringers of lies!
    Kittie: *raises a brow* Eh?!
    Vixen: again no
    John: Does he mean the Fellowship?
    Teregus: Leading gargoyle to attack each other!
    Vixen: again no
    Teregus: Where is the leader of this house? I wish to accuse the gargoyle who killed my son!

    Vixen: we are not who you say we are, we are the Royal Guard, sent to see what is going on here
    John: We do not know.
    Royal Guard Event3.jpg
    maints magic: RuneB is who was with us, do you know him?
    Teregus: You say you are human guards?
    Vixen: yes we are human guards for the Crown
    Kittie: *ahem*..
    Teregus: Fine...I will show you this crime!
    Kittie: For the most part. *smiles*
    maints magic: thank you
    Vixen: please do
    John: Thank you.

    *A gate was open, stepping out the other side we were met with roaring flames, choking smoke, and explosive blasts within the shrine itself*

    Teregus: SEE!
    maints magic: Was this a set up Teregus?
    John: *yelling* "IS ANYONE LEFT IN THERE????!!!"
    Teregus: This is the price of letting false prophets speak!
    Vixen: everyone fight the fires quickly

    Teregus: We got out the bodies of those inside...they never had a chance...
    John: *Yelling* "TEREGUS! HELP US PUT IT OUT!"
    Teregus: Best not to let the fire spread to the Holy City... I will help put out the flames, but I will not suffer the False Prophets anymore! This act will incite the fire in the heart of every gargoyle! *puts out fire* *works to put out fire*

    maints magic: how do you know who is responsible?
    Teregus: We need water elementals in here.
    Kittie: *tries to put the fire out with her cloak*
    Teregus: *saves sacred texts*
    John: * putting out the fire*
    Teregus: The first sages wrote these long ago...now ashes...
    Kittie: *continues to attempt to put the flames out*
    Teregus: We need water in here!
    John: "Mages, water elementals please..."
    Teregus: *works to put out fire*

    *More and more mages were doing just that*
    John: * using cloth to try to extinguish the flames*
    Teregus: *looks at the last embers* *looks at the crowd*
    *Soon all the flames were out*
    Teregus: I see burns and ash on you. You are not the ones who did this
    Kromwell Farland: RUNEB
    John: "That is correct."
    Teregus: My grief perhaps got in the way...

    *A book was found behind the Shrine, it must have been dropped in the haste to escape after setting the shrine blazing*
    Vixen: we will need a copy of this book to turn in
    Teregus: But someone did this, and that must be answered. Teregus: A book show me! *reads the book* So a member of the Fellowship did do this!
    *a copy was made of the book*
    Royal Guard Event4 the book.jpg Royal Guard Event4 the book1.jpg Royal Guard Event4 the book2.jpg Royal Guard Event4 the book3.jpg
    Kittie: *ear twitches, looks to John questionably*
    Teregus: If you are guards of Order, you must stop them!
    Kittie: We'd love to!
    Teregus: Good! I will send you back! Gate is in front of the Shrine of Singularity!

    You see: Runeb
    Runeb: You back? *Was that a voice of concern or worry?*
    Kittie: *growls*
    Runeb: Chase off our enemies?
    Biscuit Kreuger: you seem to be the enemy
    maints magic: You have some explaining to do
    Runeb: I am not enemy. Work to be worthy!
    Biscuit Kreuger: why would you write a book implicating yourself?
    Kittie: Really? Funny.. the book said otherwise.
    Kromwell Farland: stop writing books
    Runeb: Quan not worthy.
    Vixen: why did you place explosives at the shrine??

    Runeb: He not do what need to be done.
    Biscuit Kreuger: so you admit to blowing up the shrine?
    maints magic: What needed to be done EXACTLY?
    Runeb: We place explosives to win argument.
    Vixen: ???what!!!
    Stewart Little: thats a little dramatic
    Kittie: To .. To WHAT?!
    Biscuit Kreuger: if your argument requires violence, it is a weak argument
    Runeb: To live is to speak.

    John: Well that was easy.
    maints magic: you killed your kin
    Runeb: Quan not approve. He one of us, so not kill. But he not worthy of first gargoyle.
    Deavous: you have committed crimes

    Kittie: Okay.. enough.. you have to pay for your crimes.
    Runeb: I have done what was necessary.
    Deavous: who are you to say
    maints magic: well, so must we

    Runeb: Singularity must be broken.
    John: "runeb....Where is Quan."
    Vixen: I believe the city guards will wish to speak to you
    Kromwell Farland: we need shackles
    Vixen: Guards
    Runeb: For the sake of Fellowship.

    Deavous: then we must do what is necessary too
    maints magic: "holds out shackles" Easy way or the hard way
    Vixen: *looks for the guards to take him away*

    Runeb: Trust Runeb! Not trust?
    Kromwell Farland: ya maint
    Runeb: You must not be worthy then.

    Kittie: *shrug* Fine by me.
    Gunther von Weez: good job...we chased him away
    Martyna Z'muir: And this is why you don't join cults...

    *Everything around you dissolves into darkness as Runeb's burning eyes fill your vision*

    Deavous: we stuck up here * Deavous is wracked with extreme pain. *
    Kittie: Go Get 'em!!
    Runeb: *Ku Ort* *Mur Kal Ort* *Ku Ort* *Ul Flam*
    *The Crystal Ball fills with a green mist. Your pet has been summoned.*
    Royal Guard Event a free Quan.jpg
    Quan: *hops tied up*
    You see: Quan
    Quan: Please cut ropes.
    Vixen: *cuts the ropes*
    Quan: Thank you! Runeb is wrong...very wrong.
    Martyna Z'muir: He's dead now...
    Vixen: very wrong and very dead now

    Quan: We must stop him.
    Kittie: well, he’s dead
    Quan: Oh...
    maints magic: he is stopped

    Quan: He not have chance to learn to be better. Sad. Unity important.
    John: Quan....Where have you been?"
    Vixen: we tried
    Kittie: He did not appear to be the type to want to learn..
    Quan: I was tied up.
    John: Ah. I see. Where?
    Quan: Runeb not like my plan. So he tied me up.
    Vixen: ya I just cut the ropes around him mere moments ago
    Quan: Where we store food and books. Took me time to wiggle out.

    John: Ah. I see.
    Quan: We need to talk to others more.
    Vixen: we are glad you are safe you can now repair the damage Runeb did with your brothers
    Quan: We bring Fellowship!
    Quan: I do my best.
    Martyna Z'muir: Cults are bad.
    Vixen: that is all we ask
    Quan: Thank you for stopping Runeb.

    maints magic: Teregus might need some consoling
    Vixen: *nods*
    Quan: You must tell Lord Batlin what happened! I send you to Britain!
    Vixen: word will get to him asap
    Quan: I trust you.

    Gwendolen Kincade: How did it go?
    Vixen: that book was found at the shrine. After it was attacked
    Gwendolen Kincade: *looks at book* Very interesting
    Vixen: He was stopped but the shrine took a lot of damage
    John: The claim is that a rogue element within the Ter Mur Fellowship attacked the Shrine of Singularity.
    Gwendolen Kincade: We can help the gargoyles repair it, that will show goodwill. I'm glad you were all there to help protect the Shrine. It sounds like it would have been destroyed otherwise

    Vixen: it came close
    Gwendolen Kincade: So the Fellowship has internal disputes already.
    maints magic: *nods* it seems so Quan was held prisoner it seems
    Gwendolen Kincade: Any other questions or thoughts?

    Vixen: Quan also ask that Batlin be informed
    Gwendolen Kincade: Is Quan all right now?

    Gwendolen Kincade: *makes a note*
    maints magic: Vixen freed him
    John: Minoc all over again.....The Fellowship finds a way to be blameless.
    Gwendolen Kincade: Thank you, Vixen, I'll pass that on

    Vixen: *nods*
    John: Am I the only one who is suspicious of that?
    Gwendolen Kincade: *makes more notes*
    Queen Lara: *no*
    Vixen: no Sir John. 'I see it as well
    John: Good.

    maints magic: John makes alot of sense
    John: Thank you.
    Gwendolen Kincade: It does seem to be a pattern, John.
    Biscuit Kreuger: always the convenient loud mouth to take the fall

    John: *nods*
    Biscuit Kreuger: and where is Baitlin in all this?
    Gwendolen Kincade: Is there anything else I should know for my report? That indeed would be something worth knowing, Biscuit.

    maints magic: May need to get in touch with a Teregus
    Spider Jerusalem: using explosives to solve an argument is a bit overkill

    Gwendolen Kincade: Goodnight all. Sweet dreams.
    Biscuit Kreuger: Seems he keeps being brought up, yet not talked to

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