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Test Subject 3 Catskills

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  1. So today I have arrived on Catskills now is it the skills of a cat, or cats that kill? I don’t know the sound of it makes me nervous. I am hoping for a much better reception than on the last world. I have however doused my fur this time with a flame retardant. I don’t want a repeat of the last adventure! With that I head off to Luna to find a willing subject for my study.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Greetings Bi-ped.

    [BlackBeard jr]: hi

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Might you ... oh

    He has given me the Bi-ped coins. They don’t use nuts for trade they use shinny gold metal disks. I don’t know why they like these things you can’t eat them.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Gold nuts! *bites*

    [BlackBeard jr]: cool

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Very hard nuts.

    I put the disks in my pouch for later.

    [BlackBeard jr]: bye for now buddy

    Odd encounter. I must find another subject! Ah there is a good vantage point to find a new test subject!

    [Squeaks McFluff]: *stands on pack trying to look taller* Greetings Bi-peds! I was wondering if one of you might have a few moments to converse with me?

    [Jaden Rain]: bank

    I turn to see a very large red beast with teeth longer than my body! Horns upon its head! Oh Gods! Standing under its chin is a small looking bi-ped with white hair.


    [Squeaks McFluff]: My but that is a very large creature...

    [Jaden Rain]: somewhat huh

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Greetings Bi-ped. Are you it's keeper?

    [Jaden Rain]: Bi ped?

    [Squeaks McFluff]: You do have 2 legs do you not?

    [Jaden Rain]: and you have 4

    [Jaden Rain]: correct?

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Yes 4 have I. Might you have a moment?

    [Jaden Rain]: for?

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I have questions...

    [Jaden Rain]: about?

    [Squeaks McFluff]: You.

    [Jaden Rain]: me? why?

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Why not? I find Bi-peds most fascinating. I'm traveling see. And learning about Bi-peds.

    [Jaden Rain]: I had a pet squirrel as a kid

    [Squeaks McFluff]: You did?

    [Jaden Rain]: yes

    [Squeaks McFluff]: So you are kind to the Squirrels?

    [Jaden Rain]: I am but My dad shot it

    [Squeaks McFluff]: *nervously twitches looking about* Is he here?

    [Jaden Rain]: hehehe No

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Oh good.

    [Jaden Rain]: he’s dead now

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Squirrel get him!

    Good gods these creatures are frightening! These are exactly the sort we should worry about! Not only capturing our kind but killing them!

    [Jaden Rain]: Nope

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Sorry.
    I attempt to recover and keep my composure. Didn't leave a puddle that's good.

    [Jaden Rain]: been awhile since

    [Squeaks McFluff]: So might I ask you some questions?

    [Jaden Rain]: its ok. About?

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Well like… What are your favorite things to do in the lands of Sosaria?

    [Jaden Rain]: Well I dunno

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Besides keep large beasts. Hum?

    [Jaden Rain]: Kill creatures. *laughs*

    [Squeaks McFluff]: *nervously asks* How about, where do you live?

    [Jaden Rain]: Zento

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Might I see it?

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I'm keen on studying bi-pedal dwellings.

    [Jaden Rain]: *laughs* sure

    [Jaden Rain]: Vas Rel Por

    And she opens a bright gate we travel to her dwelling. It is very interesting. Many plants here.


    [Squeaks McFluff]: *smiles happily* Oh this is very nice! *sniffs about*

    [Jaden Rain]: bars upstairs

    Bars? Is this a cage?

    [Squeaks McFluff]: So this is where you keep your nuts?

    [Jaden Rain]: not really but I log off here

    Log off? What is that?

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Ah.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I must make a drawing! Ooo what did he do?


    I ask seeing the skin of a tiger upon the floor.

    [Jaden Rain]: got in the way. *laughs*

    [Squeaks McFluff]: *eeps*

    Oh dear… puddled the floor certainly hope the creature doesn’t notice!

    [Jaden Rain]: was a reward gift

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I'm not in the way?

    [Jaden Rain]: *laughs*

    [Squeaks McFluff]: How long have you been a resident of Sosaria?

    [Jaden Rain]: well I have recently returned

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Oh?

    [Jaden Rain]: But I started in 1999

    [Squeaks McFluff]: When did you leave and return?

    [Jaden Rain]: 2011 I left

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Gave it a long haul then.

    [Jaden Rain]: I returned Thanksgiving day

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Welcome home!

    [Jaden Rain]: Haven’t had a great experience sine my return, I might add.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Oh? Why is that?

    [Jaden Rain]: It’s not bad but it’s not great. My friends are gone.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I see you have acquired much.

    Mostly lots of fishing treasures of the sea… mounted and stuffed on the wall. This is making me very nervous I certainly hope she isn’t looking for a squirrel to add to this collection.

    [Jaden Rain]: yes

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Ah yes this is sad in many places.

    [Jaden Rain]: I’m a hoarder.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: *smiles*

    [Squeaks McFluff]: That I understand one must gather loads of nuts for wintering! Must have lots of storing for winters.

    [Jaden Rain]: not so much no it’s all out and locked down

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Are you not enjoying the Time of Legends?

    [Jaden Rain]: its ok

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Sailing the seas?

    [Jaden Rain]: Catskills isn’t very populated and not many to help

    [Squeaks McFluff]: This is true.

    [Jaden Rain]: most new things require help

    [Squeaks McFluff]: But neither is my home.

    [Jaden Rain]: u do not live in Catskills?

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Oh no this is not my home.

    [Jaden Rain]: stinks doesn’t it.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I am visiting. It has very nice things. It does not seem as empty as the last land. That land was most hostile as well. Baja is much more empty.

    [Jaden Rain]: where is that? planning to move? Where do you live?

    Oh the tricky fox got me to say more than I should. I will not tell it where I live!

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I am studying things. I haven't found a good home yet. I thought I'd check all of them.

    [Jaden Rain]: some nice folks here

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Find a very nice one. What change since you came has been your favorite?

    Redirect it.

    [Jaden Rain]: I loved this expansion, the Asian one, many years ago

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Ah Samurai Empire.

    [Jaden Rain]: when all my real life friends and son played

    [Squeaks McFluff]: It was a good one.

    [Jaden Rain]: the dinos

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Your least favorite?

    [Jaden Rain]: could be great if they promoted it better smart to bring dinos. dinos very big now

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Dinos are scary.

    [Jaden Rain]: yes

    [Squeaks McFluff]: But really neat.

    [Jaden Rain]: but very popular with kids atm

    [Squeaks McFluff]: They have lots of trees there. Though some have angry monkeys.

    [Jaden Rain]: they should really push this expansion

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I think they have more plans for it.

    [Jaden Rain]: that monkey just throws tantrums

    [Squeaks McFluff]: What city is your favorite?

    [Jaden Rain]: this one (Zento)

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Why?

    [Jaden Rain]: was my happiest time of uo

    [Squeaks McFluff]: It has no Governor.... but I think it has an Empress.

    [Jaden Rain]: many great memories with this expansion

    [Squeaks McFluff]: *smiles*

    [Jaden Rain]: it needs a governor

    [Squeaks McFluff]: What if you could add anything to that town to make it better or more useful what would it be?

    [Jaden Rain]: here?

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Yes.

    [Jaden Rain]: we should have a governor

    [Squeaks McFluff]: *nods*

    [Jaden Rain]: I wanna run for governor of Zento

    [Squeaks McFluff]: *smiles*

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Where do you like to Hunt?

    [Jaden Rain]: Eodon, Ter Mur

    [Squeaks McFluff]: What is your fondest UO memory?

    [Jaden Rain]: just went to labyrinth Zento

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I get lost there...

    [Jaden Rain]: my son went away to college

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I have cousins there.

    [Jaden Rain]: I was sad and missed him we played uo daily kept me from being sad

    [Squeaks McFluff]: *nods* That is good...

    It misses its young.

    [Jaden Rain]: my friends still played then sleeping dragon was sooooo much fun

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Children leaving the nest is always sad.

    [Jaden Rain]: we would go do that spawn get artys

    [Squeaks McFluff]: That is a very hard one... you are most brave.

    [Jaden Rain]: it is hard sad now nobody wants to do it cause it doesn’t have good drops

    [Squeaks McFluff]: If you could ask the Gods(DEVs) something what would it be?

    [Jaden Rain]: can I write some stories and let’s get this game back up like it used to be I had been planning since Feb an event for Zento curse upon the cherry blossoms told few folks and now some role player has wrote a story about a cursed forest.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I am trying. You know there is a PEC now who can help?

    [Jaden Rain]: seriously yes lumpy?

    [Squeaks McFluff]: 2 of them Wraith is one....

    [Jaden Rain]: I have emailed wraith

    [Jaden Rain]: he is supposed to be meeting with me

    [Squeaks McFluff]: They do help. And make things quite fun.

    [Jaden Rain]: ya

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I think it is nice that residents get to do stories too.

    [Jaden Rain]: just was frustrated when my story seems to be similar to that story

    [Squeaks McFluff]: hum....

    [Jaden Rain]: But I have so many more one for near Cove

    [Squeaks McFluff]: You are good to think of these for others to enjoy. I am hoping it brings more friends for you.

    [Jaden Rain]: I have friends just miss the old ones

    [Squeaks McFluff]: One of mine has passed on. I miss him always.

    [Jaden Rain]: =( one of my old friends has passed

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Many go... but very happy I get when they return. It is sad. I am glad you let me ask you the questions. I am learning much about bi-peds. And the lands.

    [Jaden Rain]: haha

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I am thankful for your time.

    [Jaden Rain]: =) nice to meet you lil creature

    [Squeaks McFluff]: And most glad you did not try to burn me!

    [Jaden Rain]: lol

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Those on Baja were most unwelcoming.

    [Jaden Rain]: I do not harm nice creatures

    [Squeaks McFluff]: *smiles relieved*

    [Jaden Rain]: just the foul ones

    [Squeaks McFluff]: They were most scary. But they were the winged ones. I didn't find any humans there who would talk.

    [Jaden Rain]: the foul ones? Where? In Baja?

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Yes the ones who tried to burn me.

    [Jaden Rain]: O my

    [Squeaks McFluff]: They were Winged ones.

    [Jaden Rain]: Gargoyles

    [Squeaks McFluff]: It took me many tries to find one who would talk... And he had no home at all.

    [Jaden Rain]: =( I have 3 homes

    [Squeaks McFluff]: He stayed in Luna at the Inn. This is a nice dwelling.

    [Jaden Rain]: ty

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Looks to have lots of room for nuts.

    [Jaden Rain]: I am an artist I paint things

    [Squeaks McFluff]: It is very nice looking. Oh?

    [Jaden Rain]: yes I paint many things

    [Squeaks McFluff]: That is a good thing to do.

    [Jaden Rain]: and I build houses in uo now too wanna see newest one?

    [Squeaks McFluff]: That is one of my favorite things.

    [Jaden Rain]: My private home

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Yes, yes I would.

    [Jaden Rain]: Vas Rel Por

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I do like homes!


    [Squeaks McFluff]: This home is very pretty!

    [Jaden Rain]: =) step onto steps

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I must make a drawing do you mind?

    [Jaden Rain]: this is my favorite build it’s called pixi Hollow

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Oh nice trees

    [Jaden Rain]: My sister I keep in there

    She imprisons her own sister! And here I was thinking she was nice?!

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Hunny!

    [Jaden Rain]: haha healer came in and sat down

    He must have followed us he is a spy for the winged ones I’m sure. He came right in and sat down on the bench!

    [Squeaks McFluff]: He finds it welcoming. *smiles trying to mock interest and reduce fear*

    [Jaden Rain]: I suppose

    [Squeaks McFluff]: He needed a rest from all his hard work.

    [Jaden Rain]: the upstairs is more pixi like

    [Squeaks McFluff]: These lands are where the Winged ones live.

    [Jaden Rain]: this is hidden basement. Yes all my homes are by non-governed towns

    [Squeaks McFluff]: *plays with kitten*

    [Jaden Rain]: I wanna be governor of one of them.

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Oh pretty *sniffs flowers*

    [Jaden Rain]: Dog might bite

    [Jaden Rain]: never know with that thing

    [Squeaks McFluff]: *eyes dog wearily tail twitching* This is a very nice dwelling. I see you made a painting room.

    [Jaden Rain]: yes one at zento house also big one there 3rd floor is my studio at zento

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Ah. This is lovely thank you for showing me!

    [Jaden Rain]: wanna gate back to luna?

    [Squeaks McFluff]: I should return to the city yes.

    [Jaden Rain]: Vas Rel Por

    [Squeaks McFluff]: Such nice bi-ped.

    I am glad to have not become another of its trophies! This job is so very dangerous! I do see however that just like Squirrels some humans have multiple storage places for nuts!

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