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Thaddius: Savior Of Moonglow

Lady Thalia met me at the Cat's Lair to give me the good news. She had found Thaddius and he had agreed to help defeat the undead in Moonglow....
By Tamais, Feb 7, 2017 | |
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  1. Lady Thalia smiled, she had found Thaddius. "Hello" she said approaching him.

    Thaddius turned around and from. "I'm busy. What do you want?

    Lady Thalia replied "Help."

    "With what?" he asked.

    "There is trouble in Moonglow."

    Thaddius smiled. "That is one of my favorite cities? But what trouble?

    "Moonglow has been invaded by undead creatures." Lady Thalia explained. "Can you help?"

    Thaddius nodded thoughtfully. "I think I can help. At least I can try."

    Having meet at the Cat's Lair in Britain, Lady Thalia was recounting her meeting with Thaddius. She had just finished her tell when we received the message to meet him at the Royal Spy Headquarters.

    We didn't have to wait long before Thaddius joined us.

    "Um Hello." Thaddius seemed surprised at our numbers. he waited for the greetings to finish. "I have come at the request of some people."

    "Indeed." Lady Thalia nodding, her badgering must have worked.

    Thaddius continued. "I had spent quite some time studying in the Prism of light. Your friend Thalia came to see me I remember." He looked around then pointed to the back. "And you over there.

    "We do need your help in Moonglow." I told him.

    "He paused. "I think I can help you."

    I smiled in relief.

    Thadius frowned. " I went to Moonglow first. It is over run with undead."

    "I hope to use my crystal magic. I have brought some to place. I hope very much it works. But be careful do not touch them." They are electric."

    I put my hands behind my back.

    "I hope to help you if you help me to get in there." Thaddius said. "But I will need some protection."

    Vixen Sonoma reasurred him. "Seems to me we have a VERY large meat shield outside."

    "Is it ok if I gated in near the moongate on the island?" Thaddius asked. "And we walk to the city from there?

    "Yea." Sir Patrick said.

    "Sure." Lady Hydra Shock agreed.

    "That sounds safe." I added gathering my things.

    "Those dragons outside will help." Thaddius observed. "I hope you can control them."

    Seeing the tamers nod. Thaddius motioned for us to follow him. Please follow me. Lets us go inspect in the city."

    I was wrong. The plan to arrive at the moongate proved to be deadly. We were greeted by revenant lions, phantasm, and other strange undead creatures.


    Inch by inch we battled toward the city. Frantic messages came from Thaddius. "Please come inside the city friends!! we need your help."

    "Kind of tied up here at the gate." I replied to the messenger.

    Thaddius joined us, placed a crystal that he seemed to mediate over. "I have placed another crystal outside the gate. I'm hoping it will help keep more undead from rising."

    Running he lead the way. "Please we need help inside Moonglow city"

    Arriving at the gate. We found the crystal the bodies of undead.​

    "Which way?" Vixen Sonoma asked looking around.

    "Over here by the bank." I called. "Careful, lots of skeleton dragons and other nasty undead."


    Joining me, "Vixen Sonoma sent a message to the gate. "Do Not recall in the city bank!"
    The battle soon spread up the street to the maze.​


    It seemed the more undead creatures we killed, the more there were.
    Thaddius frowned. "I seem to be pulling the undead from the place in between here and the beyond.
    "Damn aggro from the beyond." Poltergeist growled killing another phantom.

    "To the docks." Someone shouted when they saw citizens fleeing from that direction.

    Leaving some to finish clearing out the phantoms and the greater undead lichs. The rest of us hurried to the docks.


    Once again we found ourselves at the maze. The battle leading
    back to the gate.


    At last the city seemed to be clear. "Let us make our way to the graveyard on the island. Thaddius looked around. "I think that is where the trouble is coming from. Thaddius began to running and shouting . "Please everyone to the graveyard!"

    Running ahead, I saw the graveyard fence and the Red Death. I approached carefully. But not careful enough. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the revenant lion to late to hide.

    From the grey world. "I heard Thadduis sigh. "We have lost Tamais."

    I finding a healer...rejoining the world of the living, I returned to the graveyard. I saw that the Red Death had met it's end. But the graveyard was over run with various undead creatures.


    I found Thaddius in the middle of the mess. Distressed by the carnage, he shouted, "Oh dear!! This is very bad!"

    Worried as the creatures began to surround him, he looked around at the fighters. "Is anyone here in charge?"

    "Lady Thalai pointed at me. "Tamias, she is the King's Scribe."

    Thaddius looked at me then back to Thalia. "Tamais is in charge?" he said doubtfully.

    I was as surprised as he was. Sure I have the King's ear, but in charge of the battle?

    "I guess so." I replied. "What do you need?"

    "I need the fighters to form a circle around me." He pointed towards the creatures rapidly surrounding us.

    I raised my voice hoping to be heard above the din of the battle. "Okay all! To Me! Thaddius needs us to form a protective circle around him."

    Lady Thalia added her voice to mine. "Form a circle around Thaddius.

    People rushed to us forming a close circle. Thaddius lost from sight in the press of people and dragons..




    Vixen Sonoma was first to see Thaddius's distress. "Back up!"

    "Please! You are smothering my energy! " Thaddius peaded. "There is a doorway here. Please give me room."

    His magic interrupted by our eagerness to protect him, allowed strange wandering cold spots to appear attacking us.

    Pushing them back, Thaddius was at last free to climb up onto a roof. "They are in the space in between here and there."
    "Helpers of Moonglow, can you heard me?" he shouted down.

    "Yes!" Sake shouted back. "We can hear you."

    "YES!" Poltergeist also shouted.

    Thaddius pointed at a spot on the roof. "There is an opening here...a doorway...between here and permeant death."
    Looking down at the gathering numbers, he shouted again. "Can you hear me Moonglow saviors."

    Frog Prince tilted his head listening, "Ribbits."

    "YES MY LORD!" Cowboy shouted back.

    "Yeah!" Edward added.

    "Moonglow saviors, I thank you for helping me get here. "Thaddius called down to us. "I am able to close the door to the in between.

    Cheers rose from the gathering.

    Thaddius help up his hand. "But it will not stay shut forever and some spirits may still sneak through."

    "Even a short while will be good for the people of the island." Vixen Sonoma declared.

    "Leave it open, just a crack." Panama suggested.

    "It will take all my magical power to do so." Thaddius warned. "I will probably use my own life energy to do this."

    A cold passed over me, like someone walking on my grave. This is not good I thought. How much of his life energy would it take?

    "Aww." Toodles sighed sadly then raised her voice in a cheer.

    "You will be missed." Raven told him.

    "U will gain in sacrifice." Panama said encouragingly. "Thanks for your assistance.

    "GOOD LUCK." Frog Prince ribbitted.

    "Closing this door will take away the breath of the dead...as well as my own breath." Without another word. He began to meditate over another crystal.

    Still hopeful, I shouted up at him. "How can we help you. Can we share our life forces?"

    "Are you sure you want to do this?" Panama cried out.

    "Don't die." Toodles pleaded as Thaddius began to fade. "Pweese!"​

    Unanswered, we watched as Thaddius disappeared and shadow creature emerged from the crystal.

    The dragons defeated the creature to late to prevent it from summoning a swarm of undead dragons. People and dragons began to fall in large numbers...would this ever end?


    Close to the building healing, I heard a ringing sound from the crystal. Looking up I saw the Breaths of the undead rush from it...to many for me to count. I could only hope that this would be the final battle.



    At last our numbers overwhelmed the many Breaths of the Undead.
    The graveyard strangely silent.
    As people cleaned up the few remaining undead, I kept my eyes on the roof.
    The crystal dulled...nothing stirred in its shadow. Sighing in relief I turned to the rest.
    "The battle is won for now. Join me at the Cat's lair to give a last toss to Thaddius the savior of Moonglow."
    I opened a gate and stepped through.

    *Note: Tonight's drop was the Crystallized magical Power of Thaddius*


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  1. Drakelord
    "Savior of Moonglow"
    PROS - Fun!
    Always fun to read your articles, so full of laughs, giggles, so serious, the flow of the words just seems to float. Thanks
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