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Thank You Mesanna And Em Kincaid

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  1. Mesanna big M.jpg


    Governor Mori stood in the almost-vacant Counselor’s Guild Hall of Moonglow, leaving visible tracks in the dust.
    A frown appeared and took up residence on Kimi's face. The town officials shuffled nervously in the doorway.
    "So. THIS is the crown jewel of Moonglow's council? This? What have you to say for yourselves?"

    "Ah, well, you see, it's like this..." began the town clerk "back when that Inu woman showed up, the town got a name for attracting - well - unpleasant types. That crater and all the wisps didn't help. So - well - you see - we can't get the workmen to come here. We've asked all sorts. You see."

    Several other officials nodded vehemently in unison behind the sniveling clerk. The frown grew deeper.

    "What I see is a group of people who were entrusted with the smooth running of this town, who have spent the town's coin on fine robes, finer dinners, and luxurious homes! You!" a strong finger jabbed the rotund minister of gardens in the stomach, which wobbled frantically in all directions "You were thin as a rake when I first visited this town! Now, look at you! I can see why the town's hedges are overgrown and run wild!" The frown became a glare and turned on the hapless minister of defense "and you! You are supposed to be a warrior! What warrior pounces around in silk leggings and velvet waistcoats? There used to be a training room right here, where the town's defenders could train and stay ready to protect the citizens from any attack! Now - we have THIS!"

    A swift kick caused the one remaining archery target in the room to collapse, and a family of mice to peer quizzically out of the hay bales that had supported it.

    "I expect better! The citizens expect better! This building is a symbol of how you have left this town to go from a shining symbol to a pitiful wreck!
    If any of you expect to keep your jobs, Moonglow had better start looking as if you deserve those jobs! This building - we will use it. You will all sweep it clean - so you'd better take off those fancy foreign Tokuno robes - and then it will be re-fitted.

    I intend to announce regular festivals in Moonglow. This building will be the center of attention!
    Facing inwards from the front - the left side will host tables - large, flat ones - for people to enjoy board games and general conversation. Seats, cushions, and other things to make it look welcoming! The middle will be refitted with dart boards and other entertainment. And the right - fix up those archery buttes, and make sure there are at least three of them!
    At the front will be a place for a clerk to welcome people, and take bookings for festival stalls and tables! We have to start making some money somehow! Go and visit New Magincia some time and see what they have done! They have not sat around eating the town's bank account!

    Then - all around the outside - what are those weeds? I want flowers - ones fitting of Moonglow's beauty! And I want them watered regularly!

    If you value your jobs, make it so!"

    Governor Kimi Mori stalked out of the dusty building, leaving a group of chubby men staring at each other witlessly.

    "So" asked the minister of scrolls "does anybody know how a broom works?"
    Mesanna big M1.jpg

    I want to thank @Mesanna for taking the time to do this, and for EM Kincaid’s help with the fiction above. Both were great with my request to do something for this empty building. I so remember seeing it years ago when I first started playing on Siege, long before the VvV action would spoiled trips to most cities to see beauty such as this. To stand at building and just chat to a person your only concerns being, “was that a thief” walking towards me? Yes, we know there are no thieves on Siege.

    Because it is so close to the 20th Anniv I will be asking Stratics to approve this as an article for all to read across every shard. In hopes that it gives other Cities Governors hope toward doing something for their city for the upcoming 20th Anniv.
    stable master.jpg
    Oh before I forget the little statue on the lawn to the left is a stable master.

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