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Thb Donates Davies' Locker To Luna Library

By Drakelord, Jan 12, 2016 | |
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  1. [​IMG]

    Something that happens to so many T hunters today since the change of where you dig up your treasure. The growing angry of thinking you found the spot and even with GM mining, failed to dig up the treasure, and with that toss the map away thinking its a fluke and no one can find that Treasure chest. Well THB has donated to the Luna Library a Davies' Locker, and it is free to be used by everyone on Sonoma. This has been used by other shards and has worked very well there, of course there will be some that will try to abuse this system thinking they can steal maps from it, but you don't have to store maps to use this item.

    The Davies' Locker is located on the ground floor of the Luna Library and is to be used by all T hunters that do not have one. The Davies' Locker allows you to get the coordinates for the general location, which then can be plotted on UOAM or UO CART. How you may ask do I do this? First off decode the map, once decoded, double click on the Locker, a menu will appear, add the map the locker using this menu and then read the coordinates, remove your map and using your UOAM or UO CART go dig it up. Have Fun!

    Special Thanks to Queen Mum and all those that work so hard at the Library to keep it open for all to use!

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Tamais
    "Fantasitic donation"
    PROS - Great information for both thunters and fisherman
    CONS - none
    What a great addition to the library. Thank you for letting everyone know about the donation of the Davies' Locker.
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