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The Atlantic Trinsic Pec Event With Screenshots

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  1. Hello everyone,

    We just had a wonderful Trinsic event with the help of the PEC and I took some pictures of it I thought would be worth sharing with you guys.

    This is the first event in the storyline, there will be more in the future although dates for future events have not yet been decided.

    This is from right before the event started when we were all hanging out in front of the Trinsic main entrance. Quacklebush provided us all with some alcoholic beverages while we waited. PEC Wraith drank some of the alcohol as you can see ;)


    Governor Cauchemar of Trinsic took a moment to thank everyone for answering the call for help Trinsic had sent out, in anticipation of the attack that was about to occur. (and as you can see Quacklebush drank some of the alcohol as well) ;)


    Suddenly, the city was attacked by Evil Swamp Creatures who looked like giant slime monsters and the defenders valiantly leapt into action to defend the glorious City of Trinsic. Governor Cauchemar fought alongside us yelling battle commands and words of support, inspiring us to fight harder.


    The enemy retreated to a cave hoping to escape us, but we quickly followed them into the cave and kept fighting to make sure they could never harm the City of Trinsic again.



    After fighting our way through the caves, we emerged on the other side at the Trinsic Mage Guard Tower, where we found some guards who were very happy to see us and informed us that the Evil Swamp Creatures had been summoned by mages who had planned on taking over the City of Trinsic.


    With the help of the guards from the tower, we were able to find the evil wizards and put a stop to their wicked plans once and for all!


    After the fighting ended, and all the evil wizards had been vanquished, PEC Wraith appeared to congratulate us on our valiant efforts to save the City of Trinsic from it's attackers. Governor Cauchemar thanked everyone for helping defend his wonderful city, and hinted that although the battle is won, the enemy might try to attack again in the future and if that happens he will need PEC Wraith and all of us to come back, and once again help protect the City of Trinsic from its enemies.



    Thank you to everyone who came to this event! It was very fun and I look forward to the future events in the storyline. Everyone is welcome to attend Trinsic events and enjoy the fun! :)

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    About Author

    Captn Norrington
    Captn Norrington is a 21 year veteran of the Atlantic shard in Ultima Online who enjoys helping the community and running auctions. He is also a Stratics Forum Moderator.
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