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The Battle Of Mistas

Happy to see Harriet once more, I saw she didn't look well. I wondered if she should be leading us into battle. Especially since so few had...
By Tamais, Sep 15, 2017 | |
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  1. I hadn't seen or heard from Harriet since our last adventure and was very worried. At last the summons came to meet again. I could tell that she hadn't been well...the effect of her long captivity.

    "Greetings Friends. Is this all we have?" she asked in surprise.

    Frowning, Flasath looked around, "OH."

    Liv "Hail," Liv and Sphinkter replied.

    "Hi," Mitch PTX added.

    "I apologize for not being available recently. " Harriet explained. "I was hospitalized by the King's Mages."

    "Are you doing okay?" I asked concerned. "I have been very, very worried about you."

    "Thank you, Tamais, I am getting better." Harriet smiled then shook her head. "But I am afraid I expected more adventurers this evening."

    "They are trying to find out why the Minoc mine has collapsed." I explained, "I received a message they are coming to join us."

    "That is how they were able to cast incognito so effectively." Harriet told us. "We have also found that the Zealot known as Atgoni seems to have been working alone."

    I frowned. "Hum, that doesn't sound right."

    "We cannot find a connection yet between he and anyone else." Harriet shrugged. " But he was seen in Ilshenar and we are ordered to investigate."

    "We are ready." I assured her .

    Harriet nodded and continued. "It seems his harness of electrical power comes from lightning storms and because of his lack of foresight the electrical power is causing atmospheric storms."


    "On our adventures, we are warned to watch for static." Harriet said." That is a sign a tempest or other weather anomaly is nearby."​

    "Oh!" Cathy Earnshaw exclaimed in dismay.

    "And I didn't bring my weather gear." I shivered hoping the others would find us in time.

    Harriet frowned at me. "It is going to be serious and indeed the crowd here is smaller than expected."

    Looking around I saw only a couple more people had arrived.

    "So travelling will be necessary only if we can stick together." Harriet warned. "Heed my words. "Stay close."


    "Harriet motioned for us to gather our things. "Who here can gate us to a moongate?"​

    "I can." I replied. "Would Luna be good?"

    "Very good please Tamias." Harriet followed me outside.

    "Thank you Tamais." Harriet stepped out of the gate.

    "You are welcome my lady." I bowed.

    "Where to?" Longtoothz asked.

    "From here we should go to Ilshenar at the Justice Shrine. " she lead the way through the gate.

    "Please stay close. I cannot gate us." Harriet warned when we arrived. "So it is up to us to stay nearby each other...Please." She glanced at me.

    I blushed, she knew how I wandered off to find myself lost.


    Harriet pointed to the road. "Let us go south from here."

    I stay closed as we walked down the road. Soon we came to the place where we had first fought Juka. Some were still there.

    "Juka!" Harriet shouted. "They must know we are coming!"

    "Aye." Cathy Earnshaw agreed preparing for battle.

    The battle was quick as there were few Juka. I couldn't help wonder were they lookouts? I followed Harriet looking for more.

    "Hum, look at all the headless." She wrote it in her notes, "I wonder if this means anything?"

    "Strange for this area." I said.

    "Well at least they cannot sound an alarm." Cathy observed smiling.

    Laughing, I ran to catch up. Passing through the canyon, we were attacked once more.

    "Dragoons?" Harriet studied on of the bodies.


    "I will summon a healer to stay outside here to heal us." She began to mediate. Soon one arrived. "Thank you Sheldon."

    "Yes, thank you Sheldon." I greeted him. Sheldon was an old friend. He often had the occasion to resurrect me.

    Harriet stopped at the gypsy camp and to greet another healer.


    "We will know where our healers our through this journey." Harriet told us. "We have bank service here for emergencies."

    We continued up the road. Harriet stopped us at the bridge to the city.

    "Stay close friends. This is going to be a big battle. She nodded a greeting to those who had joined us. "Remember we are here. There is a bank and healer near by. Let's head in and see what we face."

    We had barely reached the road when Harriet shouted. "Golems! Lets drop them!" and so began the battle of Mistas.

    The golems were quickly dispatched. Crossing the bridge we entered Mistas.

    "Let's charge forward. Keep another fighter in your sights. Harriet urged. "OH Dear!" Danger afoot!"

    We were quickly found by strange Electrical defense drones.

    7.jpg 8.jpg

    While healing, I heard a familiar voice...Ategoni The Zealot​

    " So you have found me!" He shouted at us. "The sky opens up with the TEMPEST."

    "Of course we did." I replied. Then I noticed dark energy vortex appearing...Tempest and Flurries.

    10.jpg 11.jpg

    "Just proving my power here." Ategoni the Zealot held up a dragon statue. " I have harnessed the power of energy and placed it inside this statue! I can now summon ancient Dragons!"​

    "So you are the one who has been doing that!" Seeing him start to rub the statue, I ran to reach him. But before I could, he vanished. Behind me I heard the roars of great and ancient dragons and their summons.

    13.jpg 14.jpg

    16.jpg 17.jpg


    19.jpg 20.jpg


    22.jpg 23.jpg


    25.jpg 26.jpg
    Suddenly the air filled with static electricity. A thunderous blast announced the arrival of a Ball of Pure Energy. Around us electric vortexes formed.


    29.jpg 30.jpg

    On and on we fought. No sooner was one dragon defeated than the energy orb summoned two more.
    After the battle I looked for Harriet. Like Ategoni the Zealot, she had vanished. Hoping she had returned to Castle Blackthorn. I left for home...the smell of burning going with me
    Looking in a mirror, I saw a soot covered face framed by black straw looked back.

    Taking off my singed cap, I found the straw was the remains of my long hair. Sighing, I reached for a pair of scissors.

    The reward from the event. Decoration only...it does not summon ancient Dragons.


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