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The Black Watch ~ May 27th 2017

By Larisa, May 28, 2017 | |
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  1. Commandar Bhaltair called another secret meeting of The Black Watch...this time to award those who courageously volunteered their services.


    ~I have always believed that service is it's own reward. That we do what we do because the realm demands it of us. That we protect, defend and fight because it is simply the right thing to do.

    And yet, it is good to recognize dedication to duty, to recognize valor, and to recognize even those who toil quietly behind the scenes.

    This night we will honor some of our number...I invite all of you who have applied to join the Black Watch to form an orderly queue.~

    One by one, the commander called the names of those brave enough to join the Watch, giving each a sash to denote their rank.


    After all sashes were handed out, The Commander asked everyone to follow him upstairs, where he revealed the uniforms to be worn by The Black Watch, expressing that the Crafters of The Watch study them carefully as the uniform was to be worn at all Black Watch events.

    ~When at an official function, such as guarding the governors council, you will be expected to be in full uniform.~

    Once they had seen the uniforms, The Commander led everyone back downstairs to continue the celebration....but was quickly interrupted by a messenger sent by the King.


    ~The king has sent this message, milord! He needs you to savagely protect ruins!...I mean...the savages are being attacked in the ruins! Protect them!~

    The Commander postponed the celebrations and quickly led the Black Watch to aid the savages against this most vicious attack.


    After hours of fighting back the minions that threatened the savages, the city was once again safe, The Black Watch victorious.

    Until the next meeting...stay sharp...be wary....and congratulations.

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    Serving Stratics for over 10 years, Reporter for the Origin Shard and keeper of secrets.

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  1. Lord Nabin
    Sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for taking the time to write this up!
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