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The Caerleon Guard Outpost

By Drakelord, Oct 25, 2016 | |
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  1. The Caerleon Guard Outpost

    A check of your map will show a lonely outpost along the Britain-Vesper road. Just an old wood tower that saw little dangers or threats to the kingdom as most attacks to Britain had been from the Sea. But with the finding of the lands of Eodon, there was now another threat, this from underground.
    guard outpost1.jpg

    The normal detachment here was no more then 11 or12 soldiers, 2 or 3 normal guards, a sergeant in charge and one or two messenger with swift horses. No one thought to have charges runes to the city being so far from areas where attacks on the city would accrue. Ney they were there to keep the road safe for the would-be travelers, monk, merchants that used the road between these two cities. About the only dangers, this tower faced were the occasion highwayman who tail would flee if he was to try anything at this tower.

    guard outpost2.jpg
    The tower is located at the roads edge within the township of Caerleon, map coordinates are 42o 32‘N 43o 22‘E. Its current occupants may object to your present, ney there may be one or two that will be glad to see anyone there, the one rat that hides in the wood pile as there are a few stray cats running lose, and the Dread Spiders at the top of the tower. Be watchful of the Bats as well.

    There is only the one grave at the tower, sometime before the tower’s defense’s fell a lone treasure hunter stumbled in, all they were able to get from him before he died from his wounds was something about digging a chest up and being attacked by Spiders.
    guard outpost.jpg
    This is my admittance to the “10TH ANNUAL FALL-O-WEEN DECO TOUR & CONTEST”. The Guard Tower will be set to public till after the 5th of November. Feel free to drop by.

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Tamais
    PROS - Nice story and decorating
    I love how you have not only created a deserted guard outpost but have a well thought reason for it. Thank you for the map so i can come see it.
      Captn Norrington and Drakelord like this.