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The Citizens Of The Land Have Spoken

  1. The Citizens of the Land have spoken
    Siege here are your Governors

    For the City of Magincia we have Morgan Ironfist
    City Treasury Balance 101,995,072
    Current Trade Deal: Guild of Assassins

    For the City of Skara Brae we have Natalia Marais
    City Treasury Balance 41,000,396
    Current Trade Deal: Bardic Collegium

    For the City of Yew we have Leawyn II
    City Treasury Balance 98,292,399
    Current Trade Deal: Guild of Arcane Arts

    For the City of Britain we have Starcon
    City Treasury Balance 33,617,985
    Current Trade Deal: Bardic Collegium

    For the City of Jhelom Pending King’s Choice
    City Treasury Balance 49,583,175
    Current Trade Deal: Warrior’s Guild
    Note: anyone wishes to be governor of Jhelom petition the King, (EM Bennu) you must be Adored in the city loyalty.

    For the City of Vesper we have Victim
    City Treasury Balance 51,038,395
    Current Trade Deal: Bardic Collegium
    @Victim of Siege you can quit stuffing the ballot boxes now ;)

    For the City of Minoc we have Blind Otto
    City Treasury Balance 14,378,967
    Current Trade Deal: Order of the Engineers
    I was shocked to see Blind Otto found the stone, maybe the City Herald help out with you getting warmer, warmer, colder, freezing, warmer, warmer, hot, hotter. I am sure he will change the Trade Deal ASAP.

    For the City of Trinsic we have Sarah
    City Treasury Balance 39,898,614
    Current Trade Deal: Guild of Arcane Arts

    For the City of Moonglow we have Talia
    City Treasury Balance 24,093,011
    Current Trade Deal: Bardic Collegium

    If it still says Governor Elect on the stone that means the elected governor has yet to accept the office on the stone. Please be sure to do asap.

    I am 26 words short on the 300 words require to post an article. what else is there to say except congrats to the winners, be sure to post your current trade deal on your BB at the banks along with any personal message you wish to leave your Citizens.

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