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The Crimson Dagger Part 1

Reporter’s Note: This article covers the first three events in the Crimson Dagger story arc which is made up of the following EM Events: The...
By WildStar, Oct 9, 2016 | |
  1. [Reporter’s Note: This article covers the first three events in the Crimson Dagger story arc which is made up of the following EM Events: The Crimson Solstice (6-15-2016), Finding Silvius Belmont (6-29-2016), and Vintner’s Vintage (7-13-2016)]

    The Crimson Solstice (6-15-2016)

    When we were investigating the Ghost Ship Celeste, we learned of the existence of a group called the Crimson Dagger. We meet up with Merusan the Alchemist at the Counselor’s Hall in Britain.

    Merusan Paperdoll.jpg

    Merusan Alchemist: “I was…chosen to take up Archmage Stanley’s quest in finding Silvius Belmont and the affairs of the Crimson Dagger and then there are those two thieves…Francis and Jayce. They came to me the other week with some dire news…in the search for the Crimson Dagger. Jayce feels he has located one of their doyens…in this very city… Jayce had spoken with me and seemed to feel that they are setting up shop in a warehouse in Eastern Britain. As a thief, he was naturally using the place. He mentioned that he saw several people enter, but few emerge. I feel this would be a great place to start looking for clues to the Crimson Dagger and the whereabouts of Silvius.”

    Britain Entrance.jpg

    It did not take us long to find the entrance. However shortly into the area we encountered three columns with a painting on each before a solid wall blocking further exploration. By carefully looking at them, we discovered the secret password needed to move beyond the wall. The paintings read when properly deciphered: First – To gain entrance; Second – say the masters name; Third – the puppetmaster.

    Three columns.jpg

    Shortly after encountering some early defenders of this hideout, the master of it, Michael the puppetmaster, confronted us. After we had progressed further into the hideout, Michael wanted to know why we were there. We told him that we looking for the alchemist, Silvius Belmont. He revealed that the Crimson Dagger was also looking for him and that he had been contracted to make a special elixir for the organization, but had not delivered it yet. Michael further stated that our locating the doyen was a problem as it was no longer secure and summoned more defenders.

    Michael the Puppetmaster.jpg

    As we dealt with the additional defenders, Michael took steps to ensure that their secrets would be inaccessible to us. After he was done, he made a revealing comment that “”M” will not be pleased with tonight’s events.” He further stated that this was not going to stop them as their plans were already in place and that there were many other doyens spread throughout Britannia.

    Journals Unreadable.jpg

    After we killed Michael, Merusan asked us what we had discovered. We relayed what we had learned and told him that some small mushrooms called spiritcap that had been there at the beginning of the battle were now missing. Merusan was going to continue to follow the clues and had return to Moonglow.

    Finding Silvius Belmont (6-29-2016)

    Once again we meet up with Merusan the Alchemist at the Counselor’s Hall in Britain.

    Merusan the Alchemist: “If you remember from your last meet, we ventured into one of the Doyens of the Crimson Dagger. Unfortunately, we have little to go off of…. On where to look. I think Trinsic itself would be a good place to start asking questions. Let’s head on over to the provisioner, and see if they know anything… or remember seeing…Silvius.”


    We spoke with Markos the Provisioner at Britannia Provisions and he revealed that Silvius Belmont had been there several months ago and had spoken of a hut in the jungle west of the city. He also told us that Silvius had been interested in a large quantity of reagents and that he referred Silvius to Vera the Mage of Encyclopedia Majicka’s just down the road.


    Vera revealed that she had seen Silvius and that he had almost bought all of her entire stock of reagents. She was curious and he eventually told her that he was working on some experiments and was looking for a rare reagent, which he called Crystallized Volcanic Ash. He said that it was highly explosive. He returned to Trinsic after his hut was destroyed seeking more reagents but she had not restocked her supplies yet. He was looking for somewhere secluded to continue his studies and she mentioned to him an abandoned cave northwest of where his hut had been.

    [Reporter’s Note: I missed some action here due to someone... *coughs*Merusan*coughs* saying we needed to go east, so some of us ended up at the Hidden Valley.]

    EM misdirection.jpg

    Agents at cave.jpg

    At the (correct) cave, we encountered agents of the Crimson Dagger, who appear to have discovered the same information that we had. Inside the cave, we found a small lab and Merusan discovered a tattered journal on one of the Crimson Dagger Thugs. One of the last entries in the journal indicated that Silvius was planning on traveling to Yew to see the monks at Empath Abbey regarding the Spiritcaps.

    Small Lab.jpg

    Merasun at cave.jpg


    We traveled to Empath Abbey and find a monk that had spoken with Silvius, Randolph the Monk. Randolph said that he just seen Silvius this morning and that Silvius had been in the area for a few weeks. Silvius was looking for more information on mushrooms Randolph had not seen before. He was eventually able to information on them. Spiritcaps are highly toxic but the effects take a week or two to be seen. It effects the liver and kidneys causing organ failure. Randolph told us to look in the farmhouse to the south for Silvius.

    Remain of Silvius.jpg

    At one of the farmhouses far south of Empath Abbey, we discovered the remains of Silvius Belmont. Near his body was a bloodied katana and a journal that he had written while in Yew. He spoke of Randolph the monk and how helpful he had been. However, in his last entry he suspected that Randolph had poisoned him.

    Merasun at farmhouse.jpg

    The Vintner’s Vintage (7-13-2016)

    We meet up with Francis of Vesper at the Counselor’s Hall in Britain.

    Francis Paperdoll.jpg

    Francis of Vesper: “Ah! Greetings everyone! *smiles* Been awhile since we’ve spoken. That blasted ghost chip… Merusan, asked me to help you tonight. Merusan…I am not quite sure about him…Jayce was searching his study… and found something… A crimson-colored dagger… I don’t think we can continue to trust Merusan anymore… What is rather odd, if he is in fact involved with the Crimson Dagger, why is he helping? *ponders* Well, I hope we can find some clues tonight. A few weeks ago, the remains of Silvius Belmont were found in Yew. Silvius seemed to believe that he was poisoned by a monk at the Empath Abbey. Jayce cased the place out for a few nights and seems to think there is a hideout underneath. Inquiring with the innkeeper… the same monk has been renting a room… for quite a long time. I’m assuming this is where we need to look. Everyone ready? Follow me. I’ll open us up a gate.”

    Yew Entrance.jpg

    We headed to Empath Abbey and went to the location where we had last seen Randolph the Monk only to discover that he was not there. In the room next to where he had been standing, we found a mysterious hole. Descending into the hole, we discovered a lush garden under Empath Abbey where they were growing spiritcaps and other mushrooms. We fought our way into the hideout and discovered Miska the Vintner behind a bar with a sign that read “The Crimson Garden”.

    Mishka the Vintner.jpg

    Miska told us that the ale was safe but gave a vague warning about the wine. He revealed that Merusan was an honored member of the group and the leader of one of the hideouts, but for a reason unknown to them had decided to turn against them. It was Merusan that had revealed the location of the Britain and Yew doyens with the help of Frances and Jayce.

    Threat to Merusan.jpg

    Miska threatened Merusan, Frances, Jayce, and us then revealed that a shipment of poisoned wine was headed to Trinsic. After we defeated Miska, we passed on the information about the shipment to Francis of Vesper. Inside the hideout were clues that confirmed the shipment to Trinsic and indicated that they had plans for New Magincia.

    New Magincia Globe.jpg

    Baja Shard Reporter​

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