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The Crimson Dagger Part 2

[Reporter’s Note: This article covers the whole Crimson Dagger story arc which is made up of the following EM Events: Trinsic’s Secrets...
By WildStar, Jan 16, 2017 | |
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  1. [Reporter’s Note: This article covers the whole Crimson Dagger story arc which is made up of the following EM Events: Trinsic’s Secrets (7-27-2016), The Mine of Madness (8-24-2016), and The Crimson Constrain (9-14-2016)]

    Trinsic’s Secrets (7-27-2016)

    We meet up with Francis of Vesper at the Britain Counselor’s Hall to continue our investigation into The Crimson Dagger. During our last encounter with them we learned of a shipment of poisoned wine to Trinsic and unnamed threats to New Magincia.

    Francis Last Hideout.jpg

    Francis of Vesper: “Well if you remember from a few weeks ago, we sacked the Crimson Dagger hideout in Yew… And from clues gathered, the bottles of poisoned wine were headed to Trinsic. After, well actually a short time searching, Jayce and I found the entrance to the Trinsic hideout. Lets say my knowledge of history, and Trinsic helped. We also had a chance to meet with Merusan… He is definitely the one inside the Crimson Dagger, well destroying it from within… He mentioned this is the last hideout in the mainland… But not the LAST hideout… *scratches beard* We should keep our eyes open for any more clues tonight. Back to how we found the place… If anyone remembers the tales of an occupied Trinsic by Jou’nar. The building he set his alters up at… That was the first placed we searched. And got lucky, for once. A few old cranky flour-boards gave the entrance away. Shall we go and investigate? I’ll open us up a gate, follow me please…”

    In Trinsic.jpg

    Trinsic Entrance Normal.jpg

    In the northwest corner office, we discovered a hole along the west wall. Francis warned “Do be careful down there… there is a pretty foul order…”

    Malik the Herbalist.jpg

    We had only been in the hideout a short time before we were discovered by Malik the Herbalist.

    Spiritcap Garden.jpg

    As we had found in the other hideouts, there was a garden of Spiritcaps. However, here they were dying and had caused the forces defending the hideout to become ill. This illness had not just affected the vines and trees in the area, but also the human defenders of the hideout.

    Malik Final Battle.jpg

    After we defeated the remaining forces in the hideout, we engaged in a final battle with Malik the Herbalist.


    Once he was vanquished, Francis asked if anyone had discovered any clues in the hideout. Based on what we found, it was believed that Merusan was in New Magincia.

    Note Magincia Mine.jpg

    Uncut Diamonds from New Magincia.jpg

    Francis of Vesper: “My goodness… The clues seem to point to New Magincia and a lost mine…. Old Magincia gained its wealth from a hidden mine… It must have been found again. *ponders* I’ll ask Jayce to do some, err snooping later this week, and see if he can find anything. I have a feeling we are getting close to the end of this wretched cult… I can only hope. *half-smile* Well then, I thank thee for your help in ridding the mainland of this menace. Until we meet again my friends!”

    The Mine of Madness (8-24-2016)

    Once again we meet Francis of Vesper at the Britain Counselor’s Hall.

    Francis Hooded Paperdoll.jpg

    Francis of Vesper: “Ah! Hello my friends! How are you this fine evening? Ah yes… the disguise. Seems the Guard has been looking for me lately… I am but a humble mage! Well then, as you may be aware, Jayce and I have found the location to the Crimson Dagger’s…Hideout in New Magincia. I half-expected to run into Merusan himself while searching… But no such luck. It seems we are almost at an end with the Dagger and their hideouts. The New Magincia one is overseen by Merusan himself… I do expect some treachery involved… What do you say? Shall we go and investigate its depths? Follow me then, I shall open us up a gate.”

    Magincia Entrance Overall.jpg

    Emerald Elemental.jpg

    Inside the mine we encountered various elementals, such as Diamond, Emerald, and Ruby. Finally Merusan the Alchemist appeared. As we moved further into the mine, we found Tormented Crimson Dagger Thugs defending the mine.

    Merusan Final Stand.jpg

    Merusan the Alchemist: “So close to the end, and the end of my misery! Ah…such a long, and painful journey. But you all, you have played the hand nicely. It’s too bad the cards were marked. You see… This entire time, I wanted an end to the Crimson Dagger. What better way than from within… I let you know of their hideouts. I let you ambush them. But alas… there is but one left. And then, only then will the Dagger be destroyed. Bucanner’s Den and Mikhail the Fence. I believe you already know him? Yes? Oh, but it benefits all of Britannia! Now then… Please… Give me a death worthy of honor. I will see you on the other side!”

    Merusan’s last wish was granted and we returned to Britain.

    Francis in Britain.jpg

    Francis of Vesper: “I hope Merusan can finally be at peace. Perhaps knowing that we are putting an end to the Crimson Dagger…. I can only hope. Like he had mentioned… There is only one hideout left… Bucanner’s Den *strokes beard* I don’t know if I’ll be able to get into there… They know me… I’ll think of something I’m sure Jayce and I will come up with something… I must be off for the evening… seems we’ve stirred up the guards… Until next time!”

    After the Governor’s Meeting (8-26-2016)

    Our investigation into The Crimson Dagger was getting too close to the final hideout and the leader of the cult, Mikhail the Fence. As a result, the Governors were attacked after their monthly meeting with the King just outside of Castle Blackthorn.

    Attack Governors.jpg

    There was a note on the ground which read “..ake them out as they are leaving the monthly meeting. -M”.


    The Crimson Constrain (9-14-2016)

    We meet Francis of Vesper at the usual place to make our final move against the Crimson Dagger.

    Mikhail to justice.jpg

    Francis of Vesper: “Thank you for making it out tonight! Tonight, we put an end to the Crimson Dagger! Their last hideout is in Buccaneer’s Dun. Jayce and I haven’t had a chance to check out the area… I fear that too many townsfolk there may know us already. But the best place for us to start the search is in Mikhail’s hut. I have met him there a few times…to fence some things, and get appraisals. I can only assume that the entrance to their hideout is somewhere close. I must also warn of Mikhail… Oh my.. Mikhail has a clan of orcs in his employ, so we may encounter some resistance. What do you say, will you help me and finally bring Mikhail the Fence to justice? Very well. Follow me please, I’ll open us up a gate.”


    Shortly after our arrival in Buc’s Den, Bahg’Ug the Orcish General and his assassins attacks us. While we were defeating his troops, the General slipped away to warn his boss of our arrival.

    Hole to Cavern.jpg

    Inside the hideout we encountered Crimson Dragger Elite defeating it.

    Crimson Dragon Elite.jpg

    Once all of the defenders were taken care of, Mikhail the Fence appeared.

    Mikhail the Fence.jpg

    Mikhail the Fence: “You destroyed us… why? The power vacuum you’ve just created.. Do you know what they’ll do? Well, I suppose there is no way out of here… I hope the orcs made it away with it… Very well then…”

    Mikhail the Fence was killed and we returned to the Counselor Hall in Britain.
    End of Crimson Dagger.jpg

    Drop Description.jpg

    Baja Shard Reporter

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