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The Diamond Of Despair, Shamino's Grief Pt.1

Following Hawkwind's instructions, Shamino returned once a again to Castle Salle' Dacil . There they hoped to find the final gem, the diamond of...
By Tamais, Sep 27, 2015 | |
  1. Love Sonnet I

    by Beatrix *

    Shamino, valiant adventurer,
    Adored from mine earliest
    Magnanimously, thy presence
    on all dost
    Infinite love!
    By life thou dost devour. Non-fading and delicious,
    Our charming love,
    Sweetest power​


    Shamino Salle' Dacil looked at the gathering...their faces battle hardened. Hawkwind was indeed right, the Royal Spies willingly answered his call. He had felt relief when Hawkwind had told him the last gem, a diamond, had been found. At last Minax would be stopped. But his heart had dropped when he found that the gem was in his castle. After Mordain's war, he returned only to find destruction. Since then he had not been able to return to it and his one love, Beatrix. What had she thought when he disappeared...heartbreak... grief...hatred? It had been so long ago...another life time. He shook off those thoughts. I must focus on the quest at hand. He turned back to the gathering.


    "Hawkwind told me you would come to help gain the last gem." Shamino gave a small smile, "It has been found in my castle." He paused...his eyes filled with grief.

    "Are you okay, Lord Shamino?" Leningrad asked? "Why do you grieve?"

    "Ah, you have not read the accounts of my life." Taking a deep breath he told his story.

    "500 years ago my sweet Beatrix and I were to be married. Her father, King of the White Dragon had blessed our marriage by giving me Castle Salle' Dacil. Eagerly waiting our marriage, Beatrix had taken rooms in my castle." voice choking up, he paused, "Alas our marriage was not to be. Mondain started terrorizing the lands."


    "The battles were long and fierce. When the Shattering shifted the continents, I was trapped with my forces here in Britannia," he paused in thought. "When I was able to return, both castles had fallen and all were dead. Now only ghosts of the past wander the halls."


    That is now the past. Hawkwind told me yesterday that a landslide has opened a way back to my castle. There in my castle the last gem, the diamond of despair, would be found. My grief...strong... made me want to decline the quest. But, Hawkwind reminded me the gems were our best hope to stop Minax."


    "Yes, lead us and we will follow!" As one the Royal Spies shouted.

    The lines in Shamino's face lessened. "Thank you, let's go and find what ills await us." He lead them out of the castle.


    "Be ready for battle." and he opened a gate.

    Heeding his warning, the Royal Spies prepared. Stepping through, they found a hoard of goblins waiting.



    The goblins were no match for the Royal spies for the battle was quickly over. They found Shamino studying a strange pillar.


    "Even here, Minax's magic is corrupting the lands. I fear the battle would have been harder if Hawkwind hadn't limited the magic." Walking away, he turned to look at the pillar.

    Before long they reached the spot that Hawkwind had spoken of. In front of a small ruin was a dark hole. Picking up the rope that Hawkwind had left, Shamino lowered it.


    One by one the Royal spies followed him into the unknown. Reaching the bottom they found they were in a small cave. Looking around they saw ghosts guarding the entrance to the castle.




    "What! No this can't be!" Shamino cried out in surprise. In front of him the ghost of his sweet Beatrix appeared.


    Unable to face her...he hurried to the passage.

    Her sad eyes followed his passing... turning to the Royal Spies, spoke.


    "You must protect him." she pleaded, "The ghost of my father is waiting for him. Driven mad by his anger, he slaughter all he found...guilty and innocent. He's vowed to destroy Shamion for his betrayal.

    Fearing the worse, the Royal spies hurried into the passage. They found Shamion looking at a wall. "They must have put this up to stop the goblins." He began striking it.


    Together the Royal spies began their assault on the wall. Dragons pushing, warriors striking it and mages hitting it will spells.




    The wall fell at last, only to reveal another. Wall by wall they force their way into the castle.



    Breaking through at last,they found they were in a small room. Suddenly a door slammed open... a castle defender rushing out to attack. Hindered by the size of the room, the battle was deadly.



    To their disappointment, the room lead no where. Turning around they returned to the entrance to the cave. Once more they were stopped by a wall. Using what they had learned from the first walls, this one quickly fell. At last they were in front of the castle gate.


    To be continued

    *Sonnet taken from book
    found at Castle Salle' Dacil​

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