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The Fellowship, The Paws, The Sewer

By Drakelord, Jul 31, 2019 | |
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  1. The Fellowship, the PAWS, the Sewer​

    Magnus Grey: The Leader of the Royal Spies, reports directly to HRM.
    Sarah Paumera: Second in Command.
    Royal Spies HQ.jpg
    As you know from our previous meetings the Royal Spies infiltrated the group know as the Fellowship. The last was a Fun in Sun event. These are the continuous adventures of the Royal Spies.

    Magnus Grey: Tonight, you will continue your infiltration of the Fellowship. I believe you will be working in and around Britain. This is helpful since you may learn more of their operations and plans in the city. You will be meeting with Feridwyn of the group. He is running their new poorhouse near Paws. You are to maintain your cover and keep law and order in and around Britain. Try to gather information about the Fellowship but also get in the good graces of the group's members. Any questions?
    Royal Spies HQ1.jpg
    *Of course there would be questions. Sneak and peek mission? Kill them all? etc..*

    Magnus Grey: Good luck with your investigation. I will gate you.
    Royal Spies HQ2.jpg
    *entering the gate we quickly found ourself just outside the main city of Brit.* A quick glance around we could see that there were several people, Peasant of Paws, in the area, we later learn that these poor souls had nowhere to go during these trouble times. It's here we were to meet a follower of the fellowship, Feridwyn.*
    Fellowship soup.jpg
    Feridwyn: Welcome, recruits to the Fellowship Center for Paws! Tonight should be rather simple. We will prepare food for the people of Paws. And learn more about the road Batlin took to found the Fellowship. If you could give me some space in front of me. Please give me room.
    Fellowship soup1.jpg
    Kromwell Farland: im not a great cook
    Feridwyn: After his time as a mercenary in Jhelom, Batlin came to Britain. He had spent much of his money recovering from his time at war. And he was almost broke. He asked the good people of Britain for food. But with strife and famine being coming at the time, they said they would not share. Almost forced to eat ants, Batlin found a big pot in the garbage. It was dirty, but he scrubbed it clean. It was a sturdy pot. He filled it with fresh water and a few good stones over a roaring fire. Some people came to watch the stranger and asked what he was doing.

    Ponce de Leon: sad
    Feridwyn: "I'm making Fellowship soup". They looked in the pot and saw only water and rocks. They laughed and stayed to watch.

    Kromwell Farland: thats mean
    Feridwyn: As he was stirring the pot, Batlin said "This soup will be great, but some carrots would help." An old guard laughed and played along, giving him a bundle of carrots from his lunch. Thank you, friend for the carrots, the carrots gave a nice smell, and Batlin told a story to the gathering crowd about his time as a mage. A small child asked if he could help with the stew! So Batlin had him go fetch an onion. A mage said the smell reminded him of his mum, so he gave some root herbs. Pretty soon, all of Britain was gathered around that pot. Batlin, the soul of generosity, shared his Fellowship soup with the crowd. It was the best soup they had ever had! And the lesson is, friends?

    *Of course all had something to say, but-*

    Feridwyn: Strive for Unity! Together, we make the world better! *stirs the soup*
    Fellowship soup2.jpg
    Komor: That's a great story, but it's a scam, which is appropriate for your group.

    Feridwyn: You...
    Komor: *glares* Forcing us to work long hours for scraps of food is not charity. It's cruelty! The Fellowship is full of liars! I'll never join, even if I starve to death!

    Feridwyn: Worthiness precedes reward.
    Komor: Thieves hiding behind the pretense of charity! *kicks over the pot of boiling water* Now it's fit for some of the friends I brought!

    *With those words rats, huge rats from the sewers of Brit raced to eat the soup and anyone foolish to remain near the spilled soup* It was a quick battle.

    Feridwyn: Oh my! This is the third time Komor has caused a scene. And those vermin... Will you all help me, friends?

    Hope: yes
    Vixen: 3rd time and you have yet to report it to the crown??

    Feridwyn: One of our number is looking into how the rats are getting into Paws. Would you work with him and stop this?

    *of course*
    Feridwyn: Very good. I will go get him.
    Iolo: Hello, Fellowship Friends!
    Hope: hello
    Vixen: Hello
    Iolo: *winks* How about you come with me where we can chat? *hums*

    *Iolo lead us away from Feridwyn and further explained his presents*
    Iolo: Some of you know Iolo the Bard, but right now, I am undercover! It is very exciting. But if you would keep it hush hush. So I'm looking into this "rat" problem.
    Tanda: couldn't you pipe them out of town?
    Iolo: The Fellowship is also building stuff in the sewers. So I figured I would hunt some rats into the sewer and take a look. *winks*
    Tanda: sounds like a plan

    Iolo: Are you willing to be part of the Fellowship Rat Patrol!
    *of course we were*
    Iolo: I found a way into the sewers then!
    Vixen: near here??
    Tanda: other than in Britain proper?

    *Iolo leads us to an area behind one of the small huts there and there is a large hole in the ground there.*
    Iolo: Down the hole!
    *It was like falling into wonderland only it was the sewers, the smell alone was enough to gag all of us. we quick tied articles of cloth over our mouth and nose to reduce the spell somewhat.*

    Iolo: Oh my!
    Mutant Sewer Rat: Tchiroch rok tiktytrraptotrech. Ottryketttcho. Ccki tukkachu ittchu.
    Tanda: Corp Por - Energy Bolt
    PrincessMononoke: An Lor Xen - Invisibility
    Vixen: Corp Por - Energy Bolt
    Mutant Sewer Rat: Rraptty tchitchakachrrep.

    *It was a running battle as we moved deeper and deeper into this dark, smelling gagging place, if anyone suggest a visit to the Brit sewer for an adventure, run do not walk to the nearest exit far from them.*
    Iolo: *plays a lute*
    Stella: Corp Por - Energy Bolt
    Sarai: Forul Solum - Enemy of One
    Jennifer-Marie: These enemies of mine ... bring them here and slaughter them before me.
    Iolo: This reminds me of a story of Dupre and a duck.

    *Now there a tale I love to hear sitting with a strong ale after a good bath*

    Mutant Sewer Rat: Oof! That hurt!
    Gunther von Weez: Consecrus Arma - Consecrate Weapon
    Hope: In Corp Ylem - Nether Bolt
    Mutant Sewer Rat: Chirechtakuk ckoruch!

    Komor: You attack us in our home?! Are you determined to take everything from us?
    Angry Beggar: * Angry Beggar stumbles around in confusion and pain. *
    Hope: In Corp Ylem - Nether Bolt

    Iolo: This is mucky work. Reminds me of a story about an old pair of boots... But time for that later... There are two Fellowship structures being built down here. Two tunnels. I think we split up and check them out. Sound like a plan? *winks*

    Malag aste: Ok... where are they?
    Janieha Emberlyn: yup
    Kittie: sounds like a plan to me!
    Iolo: Good investigating!

    *We spit our forces half one tunnel half another*
    Iolo: Watch your backs! I see eyes in the walls... Someone is nearby...
    You see: A Living Legend
    You see: Uncle Blue
    You see: Tanda [CMC]
    You see: Gunther von Weez [VonW]
    Vixen: all kill
    Kittie: Go Get 'em!!

    Vixen: * You are in extreme pain, and require immediate aid! *
    You have been poisoned!

    Revenge: that it?
    Iolo: Take a look around the room. Take a look around the room. We probably shouldn't spend too much time poking around here. But we will keep an eye out for more Fellowship secrets...

    *returning to the Royal Spies HQ*

    Vixen: We are all in need of a bath my report will be short, we saw we killed we returned
    Magnus Grey: How was your infiltration?
    Glycerine: Great!
    Magnus Grey: A bath?
    Vixen: yes the Brit sewers
    Magnus Grey: Britain Sewers?
    Vixen: yes
    Magnus Grey: *frowns and looks at the secret exit*
    Vixen: they are closer then you think
    Tanda: Komor and some resistance are there but the Fellowship is building something
    Magnus Grey: Any reason for the Fellowship being in my sewers? Sorry, I mean the King's sewers.
    Tanda: nothing that is readily identifiable
    Magnus Grey: It is good to know they are up to various projects beyond their obvious buildings. How are things in Paws?
    Tanda: People are hungry and angry
    Magnus Grey: You mentioned resistance? *nods*
    Tanda: Yes this fellow kicked over the soup pot that the Fellowship was "making"
    Vixen: Komor you wish to speak to if you can find him
    Magnus Grey: *listens*
    Vixen: that will be you source
    Fallen Angel: Didn't we just kill him?

    *Did we? The sewer is a vast large underground mess of tunnels who knows if we did or not, we did kill something?*
    Tanda: The rats invading Paws are coming up through a small tunnel
    Magnus Grey: I'll make sure Paws's rat problem is closed off.
    Vixen: also Iolo was there undercover
    Magnus Grey: Don't want anyone getting sick. Iolo? Undercover? How was that working out?
    Vixen: he is the one that show us an art route to the sewers from Paws
    Magnus Grey: *nods* I will make sure someone keeps an eye on him.

    Vixen: if there nothing more I need a bath
    Magnus Grey: Very good, Vixen. You've earned it. Good night everyone!

    *Vixen then cast gate taking her pet and her to the Buc’s Den Bath house.*

    Vixen: *scrubs really hard*
    Vixen: *wash dragon down*

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Tamais
    Lol first time I've seen a dragon take a bath. Those sewers are terrible. Last time I went, I just burned my clothes. Interesting that Lolo is undercover it is great to see him back.
    I am so glad you are reporting these events. Now they won't be lost or forgotten.