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The First March Madness Race

I was excited to when I overheard Tamais read the announcement of a March Madness race out loud. Little did I know, racing though IIshenar would...
By Tamais, Mar 13, 2017 | |
  1. Finishing the carrot that Tamais gave me, I heard her say "Oh boy, this is going to be a blast, a race through Illshenar. I hopped over and looked up hopefully.

    Looking down she laughed, "Sorry little one, llshenar is no place for cute bunnies. You need to stay here."

    Ha, I thought. Stay here and miss the fun. Besides, I'm not a cute little bunny, I'm a brave warrior. I stood on my hind legs and batted at the cat...then jumped in her pack.

    When we arrived, I peaked out. Wow, the room was huge and full of people. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. In front, a person was talking.

    "Hello," EM Topaz." Tamais greeted. So that purple robed person was EM Topaz...what is an EM, I wondered.


    "You may choose to help or hinder your opponents." EM Topaz explained," I am wondering how long it takes you guys to run a gauntlet of clues and NPCs."

    Jahajx Jov smiled. "Amazing race style."

    EM Topaz nodded. "To make sure no one did recall, I set it all up in llshenar. All clues are centered in Ilshenar."

    I glanced up at Tamais. She was muttering, "Great, time to see how many paragons eat me."

    Paragons...eating her...now I wasn't so sure about my plan to follow her. Of course, being small and fast, I bet they couldn't catch me.

    Hearing Tamais, EM Topaz laughed. "Sometimes you will find a book or an item of clothing on the ground."
    "Its not very hard other than running from place to place." She continued. "I will be here timing you and in general chat in case something breaks."​
    Good, she will be using that magical talking system. I can use what the people say to get to the places first.

    "Can we use the moongates?" Jahajx Jov asked.

    I climbed out of Tamais's pack. I knew how to use those strange blue lights. They helped me get to vegetable patches.

    "Yes you will have to use the moongate." EM Topaz replied.​


    Eeek traps, I shivered. I hate traps. Once trapped in one, Tamais saved me and took me home. Wait dragons? Tamais told me stories about dragons. I pictured myself saving her. What were dragons compared to cats.

    "Beware of the dragons," EM Topaz warned. "Or kill the dragons for fun. Or lure then dragons to block your opponents. So long as you are not luring onto the players. Just block their path...but not when an active player is there." She looked sternly at the people. "Don't outright try to kill them. Because that's just not cool. But an NPC is not a player."

    An NPC, what are those? Do they help bunnies?

    "Mostly I think you guys will help each other." She smiled.
    "Are there any questions? She waited a moment. No one spoke up. "Okay Clue number one." she suddenly stopped. "Oh, oh wait...back up...some hints before we start."

    I wiggled my nose in joy. "I loved hints."

    "If I say "start from the top" EM Topaz explained. "think about what's at the top of the mountain.... or maybe the top of the gate choices...that is a clue. Anyhow...back to your clue.

    I frowned this was a problem. Tamias's spell let understand what people said. It didn't let me read. I hopped back into the pack.

    "Hmmm 2 choices." Mylene pondered.

    Ronan agreed. "Northeast of Compassion below the deamons...

    Or central Ishenar in the volcano." Mylene finished Ronan's sentence.

    "Part of the clue was start from the top..." Ronan said thoughtfully. "So Compassion."

    People started to get up. "By the by the way, I should have told you may want to get a book to write the answers in. There are 7 words you are trying to gather." EM Topaz added.

    "At the first location you may need to stick around until he shouts them. She paused. "Go, go, go. First one to turn in a correct book wins."

    Tamias jumped up and ran for the door. Recalling to a blue light she went through.
    Arriving, she reached into her pack for the book.
    Shocked to feel me, she put me on the ground. "Silly bunny, better stay close."
    We soon found a pretty dragon. While she hurried back to the shrine to be resurrected, I questioned it.​


    "You are on the right track, little one. "The dragon told me before reaching down to eat me.

    Quickly I hopped to a bush and hid. While it looked for me, I quietly hopped away. Hopping from bush to bush I came to a passage. I stayed close to the wall, blending in. At the top was a person. I hopped to warn him. Ignoring me, he kept shouting.

    While thinking, I cleaned my whiskers...dungeon filled with blood. Doesn't sound like a good place for a bunny. I hopped back to the blue light and waited.

    Soon Tamais arrived, picked me up, and stepped into the light.

    A brave warrior bunny, to protect her, I lead the way. Deep in the dungeon, we found another dragon. This one whispering "Clue here is somewhere."

    Blocked the left path, I lead her down the right passage. Finally we found the man. Sighing, Tamais went for one. I stayed hidden while she went to get one. At last she came back and gave him the saw.

    We carefully followed the path down from the Chaos Shrine. Frequently she stopped, hiding from the strange creatures. Down the path we found a book.

    Peeking out of the pack, I watch for danger. Seeing another dragon, I warned her before she walked into it.​


    Using my disappearing trick, she was able to get around it. Coming at last to a beach, we found another person.

    Recalling to a blue light, she rubbed my ears trying to remember which light to take. Stepping through, we hurried to a bridge. Staying close to the water we arrived at the dungeon with no trouble.

    Such a large dungeon, with nasty dead things, deamons, and other deadly creatures. While she waited at the entrance, I sneaked around until I found another dragon.

    I turned and went the other way. Tired from the hiding and hopping. I questioned the man.

    While thinking, Tamais would talk to me. I was glad I had paid attention.

    Knowing the way, the trip back to the entrance was quick. Telling her what he said, she put me in the pack where I fell asleep.

    Waking me, she took me out of the pack. I wiggled to be put down.

    Tamais left me with the pixies while she went to get the clue. Lush grass under my paws, I played with the pixies. Laughing they tickled my ears, gently pulled my whiskers, and climbed on my back.

    Much too soon, Tamais returned, picked me up, and stepped into the blue light.


    The Meer, their village full of grass to hop in and flowers to smell. Tamais let me down and we raced to the village.

    I arrived first at the man. Questioned, he told her he needed a ingot. For some strange reason, Tamais had one in her pocket. Handing it to him, he gave the next clue.


    Now I'm a brave rabbit, but giant spiders scare me even more than dragons. Dragons will talk to you, while deciding whether to eat you or not. I've met some very nice dragons.

    Spiders are quick to catch you in those sticky webs and eat you.

    I stayed hidden as Tamais made her way through the reaper forest and into the spider cave. Luckily she didn't have to go far. Hiding from the huge black widow, she let me get the next clue.


    Back outside, she shook her head, "Just when I thought the worse was over...Exodus." she told me. "The worse dungeon of them all."

    Boy, was she ever right just getting there was enough to turn my hair white. Again she used my trick as we searched room after room.


    Some help he was, neither of us seen any thing out of place. We continued to search the rooms.

    Stepping on the loose tile, it took us to EM Topaz and the others.​

    "So it took an hour and 15 minutes for me to get 3 place winners: #1 Jahajx and Tone Deaf of (Eh?) #2 Mylene of (MHC) and #3 Ronan of (GTO)." EM Topaz announced.


    Tamias and I cheered and congratulated the winners. While deadly, race had been a blast, even for a brave little bunny.

    Reported by Esther Bunny

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