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The First Meeting Of The Black Watch

  1. News1.jpg

    I hereby request to join the ranks of Black Watch. I was a member of the RBG for many years here, (another name another time) but due to an absents from these fair lands, I never severed in the Black Watch. My pets and I wish to pledge our support and service to King Blackthorn and the Citizens of these fair lands. ♥♪

    Kenzie Mori

    These were the words she wrote in a book, then sealed before taking it to the Mailbox. Kenzie had just left the meeting. Far too few were there at this meeting she can only hope that when the Black Watch is called forth to action there will be more to protect our people. Me thinks it time for those older RBG members to dust off sword and shield and come out of retirement once more to help our lands.

    I wonder what the meeting will be like for those that wish to join the opposing side? Will their number surpass those at the Black Watch? Or will there be fewer? I hope it the latter and not the former. Plans are in the works to spy at this meeting when and if it is called.
    Black watch meeting.jpg Black watch meeting1.jpg
    She was a few minutes late getting to the meeting so missed the moment where they met the Commander of the Black Watch for the first time, a Season Vet, his name was Bhaltair. He to was an old Vet from those days of old.

    When questioned by Kenzie he also confessed being a member of the RBG;
    Commander Bhaltair: I was of a much lower rank during their previous days of glory so I spent most of my time shining the Commander's boots
    Kenzie Mori: *nods*
    Commander Bhaltair: what can I assist you with?
    Kenzie Mori: when will there be the first reward ceremony
    Commander Bhaltair: in three months time
    Black watch meeting2.jpg Black watch meeting3.jpg
    During this meeting, we all also sought to discover the ID of the leader of the opposing side, a shadowy figure, who seem to be just as powerful if not a bit more then our new Commander. This shadowy figure: sought to sway all to his side with offers of fame and fortunes. During this meeting an object was dropped by this shadowy figure, fearing that it may be cursed or a trap item the Commander moved it, and use skills far greater than her’s opening a gate to wear the shadowy figure may have gone.

    All were instructed to keep alert and seek clues or information, returning with it! With that clearly in mind, we all enter the gate and were attacked by lost souls of this lair. The battles were swift, a few of those there died, but were quickly res and healed, the lost souls were not to return. Those with heads on their shoulders sought the clues and information the commander has ask about, many did not, far to many also had these clues stolen from their open pack, seems we had a few kleptomaniac present. Well, that is one way to get the points needed for advancement in the Black Watch, steal the clues. Those that were able to retrieve clues turn them over to the commander as quick as they could.
    Black watch meeting4.jpg
    A few notes: There will be four reward ceremonies a year.

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