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The Forgotten Servant

A joyful night, discussing the new Artisan Festival, was ended with the appearance of the Light Knight. A strange creature from another...
By Tamais, Jan 5, 2017 | |
  1. Several of us had gathered at the hall to discuss the Artisan Festival that had begun. The crafters sharing what they had learned about it.

    Suddenly the hall grew brighter. Looking towards the front of the hall, I saw a blinding figure. Shielding my eyes I was able to tell it was a knight.

    The Light Knight addressed us. "Greetings."


    Turning around to face him, all Sake could say was "Wow"

    "Oh Cool." added KYD.

    Others added their greetings.

    Dark Elves: hello
    Vixen Sonoma: Hail
    walas young: hi
    angel: hi
    Thalia: Hail
    Sphinkter: Hail
    TOTO: Hail
    Ollie Tabooger: Word Up

    The Light Knight smiled and introduced himself. "I am called Acceb. I come to you from the other side of light."

    "So...you're from the dark side?" AeLie asked.

    "It is difficult to speak in your words." The Light Knight hesitated before trying to explain. "Where I come from light is dark, right is wrong, Good is Evil."

    Interesting I thought. "So how can we assist you?"

    Trying to look at me, The Light Knight shaded his eyes. "It is very hard to see in your light"

    Sake nodded in agreement. "You're very hard to see in our light too." Others agreed.

    "I can help you." The Light Knight continued. The shadows have gotten through to your world."

    Shivering, I looked around at the shadows in the room. "How?

    "There is a rift. " The Knight explained. "Between here and there.

    "That is not good." I replied worried. "And you can help seal it?"

    The Light Knight nodded. "I have come to help you...to help you put it back."

    Hum, I thought to myself. I doubt he would do it for free. "And what do you want in return?"

    Ignoring my question he continued to explain. "Here the shadows have no substance. Where I come from the shadows are beings. Beings that live."

    He paused seeing our puzzlement. "They do not belong here in corporal form...the mass of shadows."


    "I will take you to the rift." the Light Knight began to move towards the door. "All I can do for solid objects go right through me.

    "Lead the way." I stood.

    Sphinkter joined me. "To the rift."
    "Wait, you didn't explain what you wanted in return. "I said pausing.

    The Light Knight stopped. "One who is on my side does not belong. In exchange for my help, will you summon him back?"

    "Yes," Several replied.

    "Good, I will take you...show you the passage." The Knight opened the door. "Please follow, I will open a portal." He began to concentrate.

    When a pink portal appeared, we carefully went through.

    "Towards your dungeon of Despise." The Knight said leading us.

    Arriving at the passage, we were greeted by a fierce storm. Hidden in the rain shadow dwellers, who didn't hesitate to attack.


    Slowly we battled our way to the valley. Fighting Shadow wryms and shadow dwellers, with only a few deaths along the way.
    Though the rain was heavier in the valley, the reaper shadows were easy to see and defeat.


    "This way humanoids." The LIght Knight lead us to wall by the Despise entrance.

    There we found a rift, one that seemed to drink in the light. Coming out of it...bugs, Heartless the executioners and their shadows.






    Running to find a healer, I remembered why I hated bugs. I soon joined by others. I decided that since those bugs didn't like my EVs. it would be safer to stand back and heal.

    Standing by the mountainside, I saw another bug come out of the passage. It walked by me as if it didn't see me.


    Curious, I approached it. "Greetings, who are you?"

    At first it just looked at me, then attacked.

    As the flammable goo covered me causing my clothes to burst into flame, I made a note to myself. Rain is handy and never, never talk to bugs!

    Soon even it's shadows joined the battle.​



    As it's shadows joined the battle, not even the healers were spared.

    "Help, a murderer! I heard my friend, Waldo the healer shout. "Help! Come quickly! Protect me.

    By the time, I reached him. I found others forming a circle around him. Sighing in relief, I joined him healing his protectors.

    As another storm rolled in, so did strange creature...Coldhearted and his Shadows.

    As I went to heal the mages, tamers, and warriors, the rain once more began to pour.

    Suddenly, I felt cold rain running down my back. Looking down, I found that Coldheart had cast a spell removing my clothing.

    Running to find a rock or tree to hid behind. I paused to shout, "Coldheart that really was heartless." As the world went grey, I made another note for myself. Don't stop and yell at monsters when naked.

    "They are mean friend, on this side." The Light Knight called to me as he joined the battle.

    With the Light Knight's help the battle was finally won. Looking around he asked If the creatures had a last stopped coming. "It seems to have calmed."​

    "No clue." Vixen Sonoma answered.

    "I hope so." I said putting my boots back on.

    "Yes." River told us after checking the area.

    "Seems that way." AeLie added.

    We returned to the rift. All was quiet, even the rain had stopped.

    "The one on the other side." The Light Knight pointed to the rift. "I believe he belongs on this side."

    "He can stay there. " I muttered to myself.

    Hearing me the Light Knight frowned. "I thought we had an agreement, maybe the language is wrong."

    "No, we did." I sighed. "You were going to teach us how to summon him." I pointed out. "and the rift is still open."

    "Seems like you are the only thing left here from the other side." AeLie commented.

    "The Dark one returns." The Light Knight studied the rift then turned towards us. "He will need to be defeated again."

    "Who are we talking about?" Asked Vixen Sonoma puzzled.

    "He is a servant of the one you call Traccor." the Knight explained. "Some lost spirit that says he is forgotten.

    "We remember Traccor. Not easy to forget the deaths he caused." I commented. "But aye, his servant was."

    "What you call forgotten we call remembered. He is remembered in our world." The Light Knight told us. "Please, to force him through him through the rift, everyone call forth the memory of Traccor."

    Battles and deaths I didn't want to remember. "Hum, do we have to?"

    "I will enter the rift. CALL FORTH THE MEMORY OF TRACCOR!" and he disappeared into the rift.

    Just then Waldo hollered something is on the island.

    After reassuring Waldo, I hurried to join the others.

    The creature had left the island and was moving towards land. I never caught a glance of it so quickly was it surrounded and defeated.



    After the battle, began the chore of clearing away the left over monsters.

    Vixen Sonoma had gone to check the rift. "Rift is closed." She told us.

    "Good," I smiled in relief. "We didn't want that left open for sure." I could only hope that was the last of Traccor's minions.

    Returning to Britain, some of us went to the pub. Quietly we drank our ales. Then lifting our mugs, we gave a silent toast to those lost battling Traccor.

    Special thanks to EM Topaz for getting the last piece of Traccor's armor for the shard. The drop was his arms.


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