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The Ghost Ship Celeste

[Reporter’s Note: This article covers three EM events which lead to the conclusion of the Ghost Ship Celeste story arc: An Ancient Evil held on...
By WildStar, Jul 24, 2016 | |
  1. [Reporter’s Note: This article covers three EM events which lead to the conclusion of the Ghost Ship Celeste story arc: An Ancient Evil held on April 29, 2016, Strange Brewing held on May 11, 2016, and A Plan is in Place held on May 25, 2016.]

    An Ancient Evil


    Stanley the Archmage: “A few weeks ago, a man by the name of Francis gave me a book and tattered scroll…from the ghost ship Celeste. Now, after inspecting, and researching the scroll, I made an astounding discovery. The scroll itself is not written in any necromantic language after all…it is something older…It is written in the language of the wisps! It took me a few days to translate the writings, and runic symbols to understand their meaning. The tattered scroll is actually a fragment of the dreaded Armageddon spell and it was in the hands of the Celeste! Comparing dates in the Town Crier, to when the ship went missing…[missed text] attempted to cast that spell…they all fall into place. Captain Enrico of the Celeste was actually an agent of the Followers of Armageddon. Or so it would seem. A few days ago, I was visited by Francis again. He came to me with a warning…that his fence Mikhail was looking to reacquire the parchment. He must have learned what he had recovered somehow. Earlier today, I spied a few ships moored off the coast by my farm. This was most unusual. Remembering Francis’s warning, I set up some defenses around my farm. That’s when they started to approach the shoreline. I headed here as quickly as I could. Would you be able to help me defeat these mercenaries? And secure the safety of the parchment?”


    We headed to Moonglow and found the farm house under attack by orcs. Their leader, UkNubg the orcish warlord, demanded to know where the scroll was. UkNubg and his orcish forces were defeated and scroll was secured. Stanley made the observation that it “was very odd… orcs to be in the employ of a fence…Someone must want this scroll badly…”

    Fragment 2.jpg


    We returned to the Counselor’s Hall.

    Stanley the Archmage: “I only hope King Blackthorn can help us with this scroll. His castle may be a better option for safe keeping… As a matter of fact, he has requested my presence in the next few days in order to help come up with a plan for dealing with the Celeste. And perhaps the newly found knowledge of this parchment. My goodness, what a battle. I hope the farm can recover. Old Haven….I hope no one has been hoarding blackrock. (The room went strangely quiet.) Well then, I must head back to my farm to clean up some things…corpses mainly. Thank you again citizens! Until we meet again.”
    A Note 2.jpg

    A Note.jpg

    Strange Brewing

    Stanley 1.jpg

    Once again, we meet Stanley at the Counselor’s Hall.

    Stanley the Archmage: “Unfortunately, It seems like every time I see you all, it’s nothing but bad news… Tonight, I was hoping you could help me locate a dear friend of mine. Silvius Belmont, the alchemist See, Silvius packed up everything and left Moonglow in a hurry a few months ago… Said he had some important research to do. And that he would keep in touch. He also mentioned he would not neglect his duties with the Mages Council in Moonglow. But alas, we haven’t seen him since he left, nor heard anything from him. He mentioned seeking out a rare magical reagent, located in the jungles South of Trinsic. But, that’s all I have to go on. Would you all be able to help me? Excellent! I will gate us to the location around where he said he would be searching… Follow me please.”


    We located where Silvius Belmont had been camping. There we found a journal which contained his research notes and vials of crystal volcanic ash.
    Vials of Crystal Volcanic Ash 2.jpg

    Vials of Crystal Volcanic Ash.jpg

    The journal lead us to continue our search in Skara Brae. In the Shattered Skull, we encountered A Hooded Stranger sitting in the tavern.

    Hooded Stranger.jpg

    Stanley the Archmage: Pardon me sir…
    A Hooded Stranger: *hic* Yes? What can I do for you?
    Stanley: I am looking for a friend of mine…
    Stranger: What makes you think I have seen him? *drinks ale*
    Stanley: Im just asking if you know, or have seen anyone named Silvius Belmont
    Stranger: Sorry friend, I have not seen this Silvius you are talking about…. *hic*
    Stanley: You don’t look like you are from around here…
    Stranger: Oh yeah? What’s it to you? You don’t look like the type to be asking questions yourself…
    Stanley: Calm down there. We don’t want any trouble
    Stranger: *hic* I have a good mind to clock you one! But seeing these… friends of yours…
    Stanley: Again, have you seen Silvius?
    Stranger: Well, I suppose I may know a thing or two about this Silvius you are looking for.
    Stanley: What do you know about his whereabouts?
    Stranger: I am his contact… He was supposed to meet me here, with his research… But I am still waiting…
    Stanley: I see Who exactly are you working for?
    Stranger: Who’s my employer? Hah! What a rather rude question to ask me…
    Stanley: Im getting rather upset with your lack of cooperation…
    Stranger: I tell you what *hic* Go and meet my “employer” for yourself… Farm… Outside of town.
    Stanley: Which farm? There are a few
    Stranger: *evil* laughter* Take care now… Stanley. *vanishes into thin air*
    Stanley: Hmm Rather odd fellow Let us go and check the farms outside of town

    Crimson Dagger Agent.jpg

    We found the Hooded Stranger’s “employer”, a Crimson Dagger Agent, at the far southern farm. He was not alone and we battled him and his Crimson Dagger Servants and others. Eventually we defeated his forces.

    After Battle.jpg

    Stanley: “I only hope these… assassins didn’t get to him. I surely don’t think they did, otherwise, that man at the tavern would not be waiting… I think we may have to cut our losses for the evening. The trail of clues has gone dry. I suppose I could spend some time studying Silvius’s journal. It might offer some more insight into what he was working on or perhaps where he has gone to. Hmm or perhaps taken yes It must have been quite the elixir that he was working on *grumbles* Alright then, I thank thee for all of your help this evening citizens! I am sure this is not the last we will be seeing of those assassins…”

    A Plan is in Place

    Tonight we met Francis of Vesper at the Counselor’s Hall.


    Francis of Vesper: Ah greetings Baja! How is everyone tonight? Well, I trust some of you have read the news… The Celeste was scuttled a few days ago. Unfortunately, most of the crew had already escaped via rowboats to a small island. Archmage Stanley had performed a necromantic ritual on this island…to draw the Celeste into a trap. When she approached the Royal Navy flanked her from both sides. Unfortunately, it is unknown if Stanley survived the ordeal… Many undead were drawn to the island after he performed the ritual. The remnants of the crew as well, are trapped on the island. This is our chance to finally put an end to them! Are you willing to come and help fight? If you’ll follow me, I’ll open us up a gate to the island.

    Eiffel Island.jpg

    We found ourselves on the island known as Eiffel Island where we were attacked by Undead Deckhands. As we headed southeast, we came upon the site where the ritual was performed.

    Ritual Site.jpg

    Clues continued to lead us southeast until we found the remains of Archmage Stanley.

    Remains of Archmage Stanley.jpg

    It appears that Stanley survived the ritual but was killed and then dismembered by the undead drawn to the island. While we had been fighting the undead, Francis had been ….scouting ahead and had found a hole in the ground which lead to a cave underneath the island.

    Hole to a Cave.jpg

    Cave 1 .jpg

    In the cave, we encountered and defeated more undead members of the crew - Undead Servants, the Shadow of Captain Enrico and then eventually Captain Enrico himself.

    Captain Enrico.jpg

    Further proof that Francis of Vesper needs to be watched carefully occurred during the battle in the cave. I personally observed what happened.
    Trust Francis 1.jpg

    Trust Francis 2.jpg

    Back at the Counselor’s Hall, EM Obsidian let us choose from two options for future story arcs: “Shall we pursue the Crimson Dagger Assassins Cult? Or shall we go after Francis the Thief and Jayce?” We choose to go after the Crimson Dagger Assassins Cult.

    Drop - Soul Sepulcher.jpg

    Baja Shard Reporter

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