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The Ghost Ship Of Vesper

By WildStar, Apr 5, 2016 | |
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  1. Ghost Ship.jpg

    The ghost ship Celeste at the Vesper Docks

    Francis of Vesper'.jpg

    Francis of Vesper: “Well, it is unfortunate that I come to you from Vesper with some bad news…A few nights ago, I was conducting some business near the docks, and a strange sight was spotted. On closer inspection, with the aid of a spyglass, it was revealed to be a ship named the Celeste. Now, what is strange about this ship… it had been reported missing, or lost at sea over… [one hundred years ago.] And now all of a sudden she has come back… Rumors, and folk lore painted a picture of a cursed vessel, but none have seen her since. As she drew closer to dock, an eerie fog crept in from the sea…almost surrounding the ship. Shall we go and see what we can make of the ship? Alright, follow me, and I shall open us a gate there.”

    On arriving at the Vesper Dock, we encountered the crew of the Celeste – Undead Deckhands and Merchants. After defeating the crew of the ghost ship, Garrett the First Mate appeared.

    Garrett First Mate.jpg

    Garrett the First Mate: “Puny mortals… I see you have made good work of our minions… *evil laughter* Do not take this the wrong way, mortals… You have actually done the crew a favor! *evil laugh* You see, we are not fighting you willingly. The Captain he has cursed us. We must obey his orders… whatever they may be. Unfortunately, most of the time, it involves battle and slaughter of mortals like thee. Now mortals, My captain orders me to do away with you!”

    Killing First Mate.jpg

    Upon the death of Garrett the First Mate, the captain of the Celeste appeared on the ship – Captain Enrico.

    Captain Enrico.jpg

    Captain Enrico: “*growls” Not Garrett! This is not over! Not by a long shot!” My undead crew will return! They will have your heads! *sinister laugh* Bwahahah”

    With that final word, Captain Enrico vanished. As we were leaving the dock, we encountered Francis.


    Francis of Vesper: “My goodness! Is everyone alright? Well then, I will take us back to the Hall. Was anyone able to recover anything from the vessel? Perhaps we can obtain some clues to the Celeste from that book*…and where she has been in the past one-hundred years…and why the Captain and crew are cursed…Hmmm I suspect we will be seeing more of the Celeste and her Captain, Enrico. I would advise to travel safely, if you plan on sailing. Odd, they all seemed to be of an undead sort. Well then, I must head back to Vesper, and survey the situation.”

    After a quick change, EM Obsidian appeared and players had a chance to get an EM sash.

    * The drop from Garrett the First Mate was a logbook of the Celeste.

    Baja Shard Reporter

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  1. Tamais
    PROS - Fun read
    CONS - None
    OooO a ghost ship. Sounds like a fun event. Can't wait to read about the next adventure. :)