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The Greedy Knight 2-23-17

By Drakelord, Feb 24, 2017 | |
  1. The Greedy Knight​

    Greedy Knight1.jpg
    Once more the RBG was rousted, with orders to report to Serpent’s Hold War room. Seems we were needed in Moonglow.
    Greedy Knight2.jpg

    EM Chimaera: *Waves* Evening everyone. Tonight is EM Ulric's first event. He will be on Chessy. But has a special event for us tonight. *smiles* stragglers :p Everything tonight has been prepared by EM Ulric. I'll be watching from the sidelines. But... I'll leave the rest to him
    *smiles* Alright friends. I'll leave it to Ulric see you all later. waves

    Thank you all for attending. As always, you can email me feedback. I will relay it to EM Ulric

    I had a problem with the journal this evening seems where I was standing I could not see what was being said and after moving over to the right side of the stage I was able to see Samuel speech.
    Greedy Knight3.jpg
    Samuel Klutz III: My father and his father both stood beside The Knights of Sacrifice for centurys. I advise the chief of the Knights of Sacrifice. He's a brilliant man if I say so myself. The knights of Sacrifice have been around since the creation of the city. Defending the gates. We also serve the citizens that call the city home. Many enemies have tried to break through our forces over the times. Now, How many of you kind citizens have been to Moonglow recently?

    Several raised hands

    Samuel Klutz III: Aye, it seems a few many of you have been recently.

    Drakelord: Careful of those words or my Niece will snowball you

    Samuel Klutz III: Well the recent problem has been... Dare I say. A batty nuisance? *chuckles at himself* It has turned into a serious matter as of late. Last week, a woman’s body was found at the south gate entrance.. It seems she had gone to fetch some water late at night and was attacked. The body was a sight I wish upon no one. Claw and fang marks so bad.. I was surprised to have found remains truthfully.

    Devil's Reaper: wolves?

    Samuel Klutz III: Come to find out, the culprit was a mongbat horde. But we have taken measures since then. We have stationed our most prestigous knight at the gate to patrol after dusk. His name is simply, Leon. Now my fellow citizens of the realm. Shall we go check on him?

    Belladonna: aye
    Drakelord: let's go
    Spotted Cow: Absolutely

    Samuel Klutz III: I thought you guys might say that. *smiles* Well battle ready yourselves! We leave in 3 minutes!

    Greedy Knight4.jpg

    Arriving at the city gates of Moonglow we were met by a force of very angry Mongbats. I know you are going to say, Mongbats? Simple kick them to the curb, you say, only these Mongbats were kicking us to the curb.

    Greedy Knight5.jpg

    Having to battle within the city put a huge strained on the mages as they could not summon and had to deal with the bats with combat spells. The bats in turn were also doing an area effect poisoning of all around them and the city guards were in full retreat.

    Greedy Knight6.jpg

    It seem were were not going to see any light from this tunnel when it just quit. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth we sought answers and clues as to how, why this was happening at this time of day and only at this location.

    Samuel Klutz III: Well since were here and all together now. Let me go over what our Knight, Leons, Responsiblities were. First off. We was to arrive promptly at dusk to the south gate. Any creatures, including mongbats. Were to be slain on sight! Were to be slain on sight! And skin the corpses. At dawn, he was to head to the bank and deposit the gold he had collected. Lets go talk to Oryon, the banker.

    Like an angry mob we all surged towards the bank

    Samuel Klutz III: Hello Oryon, how are you?
    Oryon The Banker: I am doing great Samuel, thank you for asking.
    Samuel Klutz III: Glad to hear that sir. So, myself and these kind citizens came to check up on Leon. How much gold has he deposited since appointed last week?
    Oryon The Banker: You aren't going to believe this but he has desposited 4,000 gold pieces.
    Samuel Klutz III: Whoa... I expected that Leon would have acquired much more gold than that in the last week.
    Oryon The Banker: All 4,000 pieces were deposited the morning after his first shift.. I have not seen him since.
    Samuel Klutz III: Why have you not told anyone of this?!?! We must go to the chief and get more details!
    Oryon The Banker: I've been very busy Samuel.. I do have a job here to do.. The gold does Not count itself!
    Samuel Klutz III: Oryon, I will make sure you are repremanded for your actions.. or lack there of!
    Agnes Wanderfar: *laughs*
    Oryon The Banker: I bid thee well Samuel. Be gone from my bank at once with your guests!
    Samuel Klutz III: I aplogize for Oryons harsh words. I will kill him later. ??!!

    Samuel Klutz III: Lets go report these findings to the chief. He is normally due Northwest of here! Hail Chief Giggey
    Greedy Knight7.jpg
    Chief Giggey: Ohh Samuel, my humble advisor, stand up! What a crowd you have with you tonight.
    Samuel Klutz III: Aye, we have just come from Oryon at the bank... I have some troubling news about Leon
    Chief Giggey: Do you now? And what might that be...
    Samuel Klutz III: Leon only deposited his gold he collected one morning this week.. Something must be wrong
    Chief Giggey: Go to his post at the south gate.. Hopefully you will find him there.. Safe travels friends..
    Samuel Klutz III: Thank you Chief Giggey. We will bring honor to the Knights of Sacrifice
    Greedy Knight7b.jpg
    Quickly we all moved towards the South gate

    Greedy Knight8.jpg
    All we found there was Deshevled Subrey.

    Deshevled Subrey: *crying hysterically* Greedy Knight8b.jpg

    Samuel Klutz III: Uh oh.. Lets see why Subry is upset. Subrey, whats wrong?
    Deshevled Subrey: My lover is the issue *sniffles* he has gone mad!!
    Samuel Klutz III: Im sorry to hear that.. what is his name?
    Deshevled Subrey: Leon sir.. His name is Leon
    Samuel Klutz III: *gasps* Well my friends and I are looking for Leon.. Can you tell us what happened?
    Deshevled Subrey: I will try.. Leon has a great soul but he has become corrupt I believe.. Its the gold!

    Greedy Knight8c.jpg Greedy Knight8d.jpg
    Samuel Klutz III: What do you mean, its the gold?
    Deshevled Subrey: Exactly what I said! The gold he's been collecting has turned him into a creature!
    Samuel Klutz III: Thats just silly! He's a noble Knight! Where did you see him last?
    Deshevled Subrey: I saw him at dusk, just south of here.. He had a group of mongbats following him..
    Samuel Klutz III: You're upset. Go home, get some rest. We will take the matter into our hands
    Deshevled Subrey: I will try sir.. Safe travels to you and your friends.. You will need it..
    Samuel Klutz III: Well that was erie... Lets head due south and see what info we can gather.

    We did just that, let say we were not prepared for what fell on us.

    Samuel Klutz III: We must kill Leon! Kill the corrupted knight! Seems the gold got the best of him.

    Greedy Knight9.jpg
    Samuel Klutz III: He has been slain! Great job citizens! It seems Leon let the gold get the best of him. Its been a long adventure. Lets get back home.

    With those words a gate was ready and we all returned to Serpent’s Hold War room.
    Greedy Knight10.jpg

    Samuel Klutz III: Well I would like to thank everyone for helping me tonight. I couldn't have done it with you guys. Well I must be on my way.
    Briar Rose: Thank you for protecting Moonglow.
    Samuel Klutz III: I will look for Ulric
    Belladonna: Good Bye Sam :)
    Drakelord: Be you blessed
    Spotted Cow: How could he be a Klutz and he didn’t trip over his own feet once
    Greedy Knight11.jpg
    EM Ulric: Well hello again everyone
    Purist: yello
    EM Ulric: How did tonights adventure with Samuel go?
    Belladonna: deadly
    Clym of Clough: Horrible
    Spotted Cow: Plenty of death robes. Almost perfect
    Aeryn Devinas: poisoningly

    As you know this was not his home shard, he was here to train so I did not expect to see a drop since we had one, I was pleased to see it was a green back pack that made Mongbat sounds when open, good show EM Ulric. I hope to see more such events on his new shard soon.

    Thus ends this report.

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