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The Headless Rider Mystery

By Drakelord, Oct 2, 2019 | |
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  1. The Headless Rider Mystery
    Royal Guard Mission 10-1-19.jpg

    Sallied forth they did this evening, the RBG after being summon to the Warrior’s Guild Hall assembled to await its orders.

    You see: Gwendolen Kincade
    Gwendolen Kincade: Good evening, everyone. *of course all present replied, waves etc..* The Library of Scars and Fellowship forces in Vesper have requested the assistance of Royal Guard. It seems there have been some odd occurrences there. They do not have enough people to handle it themselves, they've been stretched thin because of the pirate problems. Are there any questions?

    Malag aste: Not sure I want to help the Fellowship rather shut them down... I don't trust them
    Vixen: I agree

    Gwendolen Kincade: I understand your concerns, but the Library of Scars has been protecting our roads for years. So, I'll send you to Vesper to help the Library of Scars.

    With those words a gate appeared* You see: De Snel

    De Snel: *salutes*
    Kittie: *waves*
    John: *salutes*
    Chikikiataka: *chitters irately*
    De Snel: You are the force from Britain?
    Vixen: yes
    maints magic: we are
    De Snel: Good. I'll get down to it. Normally, I'd give a clear mission briefing, but I don't know what's going on. One of Syria's boys was on patrol up to the hunter's huts. He made it back, but he was in bad shape. This merc, named Marc, asked for you lot. But I got cocky and sent my own people...they haven't come back.

    Vixen: how long ago was that?
    maints magic: "sighs" rescue mission now?
    De Snel: Marc is recovering at the healer's, but he mentioned strange creatures. This was over the last couple of days.
    Aridas: how many are missing?

    Kedias: Lots of strangeness about recently
    De Snel: Half dozen of my people plus the trappers.

    Vixen: should we visit the merc at the healers or go on?
    De Snel: You lot ready for a rescue and recovery mission?
    maints magic: show us the way
    De Snel: You lot ready for a rescue and recovery mission?
    InViSiBlE: let's roll
    Aridas: it's what we do
    De Snel: He was in bad shape. He should rest.
    Hope: yes
    John: Out of curiosity, where are your employers, the Fellowship?
    Vixen: let's go save lives
    De Snel: I got what info I could before the healers threw me out.

    De Snel: I think we should try an approach by land before using magic to get there first.
    Vixen: so toward the trapper huts??

    De Snel: I'll take point. *With those words we were led north over the bridge where we made first contact with can only be what may have caused the near death of the merc in the healers.*

    Royal Guard Mission 10-1-19A.jpg
    *Its here I lost connection so I lost a bit of the action but managed to log back in and catch the gate to the trappers huts.*
    De Snel: *Holds up a hand!* Wait!
    Delia: Guards! Help, a murderer!

    Heart-Breaker Cupid: Away with thee! Thy blows soft! Oof! That hurt! No, kill me not!

    *At the huts*
    De Snel: Search the huts.
    Kittie: There's a book on the ground..
    John: "Only thing I see is the note saying they made a run for the Shrine. But that is a long way off."
    De Snel: I sent a half dozen of my best.
    Kittie: Agreed, something about heading to the shrine.
    De Snel: And it looks like one was pulled out of his armor in pieces...
    *Armor, blood and body parts lay about*

    Royal Guard Mission 10-1-19 Book and fellowship armor.jpg

    Spoonman: the southernmost hut is a mess
    De Snel: Be on alert!
    Kittie: We should make a run for the shrine, post haste
    De Snel: More of these abominations?
    Royal Guard Mission 10-1-19 De Snel.jpg Royal Guard Mission 10-1-19 De Snel1.jpg

    John: *with a cynical smirks* Well I definitely understand why 'mysterious creatures' was the most-descriptive anyone could come up with.
    De Snel: I don't care how bright and colorful they are, bring them down!
    John: "We are seeing mangled variations on creatures associated with every season save the one we are in."

    De Snel: We need to make our way to the shrine. I will provide a gate. Hopefully, my people there will have answers. *Another gate*

    *The Battle at the Shrine*​

    Royal Guard Mission 10-1-19 shrine battle.jpg

    The Headless Rider
    Royal Guard Mission 10-1-19 shrine battle1.jpg

    *Its here we lost De Snel, how that happen I haven't a clue, one minute he there directing the battle, as I circle the Shrine he vanished. I was informed at the Warriors Guild Hall that he had been taken by the forces of the Headless Rider. I am sure, if the Headless Rider could, he would have smirked at our failures this evening. Not one life was saved from the forces sent by the Fellowship or Library of Scars and we lost De Snel!*

    *All was reported to Gwendolen Kincade who would insure that scouts would be sent in search of any clues to the whereabouts of De Snel, and that a force of the King's Royal guards would accompany the repair crew for the Shrine.*

    Thus ends this report!

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