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The Hunt For Trinsic Jones Part Ii 5-27-18

By Drakelord, May 29, 2018 | |
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  1. The Hunt for Trinsic Jones
    Part II

    TJ Event.jpg

    Word quickly spread, the Royal Guard was needed once more. Where? Serpent’s Hold War room. Everyone was moving to the benches awaiting for someone to step out and explain this current summons.

    The Lantern on the stage kept him in the shadows so we really had no clue who was there till he steps forward, his true identity revealed to us then. “General Franz Fremont”. The last time we spoke with him was during the attempt to located Trinsic Jones and that dang book of the Ancients.

    General Franz Fremont: Greetings and Well met! I am very happy to see you all here today! Royal Guardsmen and citizens alike! It has been some very interesting times lately disturbing really with Trinsic Jones acting the way he has I fear he may be out of the reach of sanity.

    That book he has been researching has corrupted him. We have had people looking into his whereabouts and I have been given by scholars a device that may help us, this device can tune in to the gates he has been using recently and finds the locations

    I think with this device.... We can finally find where he has been hiding and where he has been going.

    Also, there have been reports from some concerned citizens of missing people. When the King has asked the governors, they knew nothing.

    (NOTE) There had been no sighing or reports from the city guards or town cryer about any missing people, had there been any word what so ever then you can rest assured that any City Governor that had received such a report would have been the first to report this, yet ever governor presents that the Governor’s Meeting had nothing to report except the current trade and balance of the city’s treasury.

    But with further inquiry. It seems the missing have been those mostly forgotten. The poor and sickly. What I want to do, is go to the last whereabouts of Trinsic Jones and see if we can tune in to where he has been going and follow his trail

    Are you all with me?

    Of course, they were with him, who in their right minds says “Let me check my appointment schedule, or Sorry I have a doctor’s appointment, can I get a rain check? Ney shouts of Yes, Aye, and Lets Go filled the Room. With a long look around his next five words started tonight’s adventure.

    We will go to Trinsic

    Stepping off the stage his next words were a command, not a request.

    follow me

    With those words, he led a parade of people outside the War room. Outside he used the device, then opened a portal for the sandbar island of Trinsic. Even a blind man could see the signs of traffic here, not just sheep, cow, deer, no something else had been here.
    TJ event1.jpg

    Daemons! A quick battle took place, a good thing for us these were not very strong Daemons, had they been stronger, a question we did not wish to get an answer.

    He (Trinsic Jones) summoned the portal not too far from this spot. Lets see @uses device in the area* erm one moment friends

    Another portal for us to enter, this time we found ourself in Ter Mur at one of the Holy Temples of the Gargoyles. Once more signs were everywhere, Daemons had been here.
    TJ Event2.jpg
    Let's see what we can find here hmm. Still can't get a reading *uses the device again* OK
    I think we may be close. let's go outside and let me use it again

    *makes electronic fizzle sounds*

    Suddenly we were under attack once more, these took a bit longer to dispatch, the puppet master was sending stronger ones for us to face.

    is that last demon disappearing?

    One final attempt with the device one final portal, this time we found ourself deep within a cavern, we had found the forgotten!
    TJ Event3.jpg
    Another huge battle with evil and good took place there, the good won, but with a huge price, Trinsic Jones was no more!
    TJ Event4.jpg

    Oh no! Trinsic! Please head back to our meeting place for debriefing!
    TJ Event5.jpg
    Back at the War Room the General took our debriefing and filled us in on what information he had as well. Trinsic Jones was dead, and a Lich had taken his body and soul for his own use. Court Mages were able to give all a quick image of the Lich that had taken Trinsic from our World. One could feel the air turn cold when we ALL saw this Lich true form. A new enemy had been born this day. We all felt we would be seeing this one more in the future, When? Only time will tell.
    TJ Event4a.jpg

    Tonight’s Drop is on Displace at the Reward Hall.
    TJ Event6.jpg

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