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The King's Feast Interrupted

Helping Harriet organize the King's feast was going well until we reached the N'julm Bakery. There we ran into problem...a missing son and a new...
By Tamais, Nov 30, 2017 | |
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  1. *Note* This event was an oracle event. EM Topaz told us it could be completed until Nov. 27th and could be repeated as many times as you wanted. She explained that any time you see a wizards hat you will know there is a start and and end to an Oracle event. The Oracle key words are in bold print.

    Smiling, I read Harriet's message. She needed help to organize the King's Feast.

    "Greetings Everyone!" Harriet said.

    Ronan, Starlynn and Boomerang replied, "Hi."

    "Hello." Vixen Sonoma and Meili waved.

    "Hi, there Harriet." I added my greeting.

    "I have a rather fun task for you all this evening." Harriet grinned. "Directly from the King Himself!"

    "Cool." Cathy Earnshaw said.

    "I love fun." I smiled.

    "Good." Vixen Sonoma nodded.

    Sphinkter cheered "Yaaaa."

    Starlynn: yum!

    "Notice my hat?" Harriet showed modeled it for us.
    "I did, ooooo spymaster " I told her. "You will make a great spymaster."


    Harriet shook her head. " I have created this hat as a reward for tonight's winner! I will add your name to the hat and lock it down in our reward hall."

    "Winner?" I asked confused.

    "Yes, the first person to get to the final destination wins." Harriet

    Harriet went on to explain that we could talk to the town's people all week if we needed to. But that the first person to complete the list tonight would win.

    "King Blackthorn has declared the last Thursday of the Month a holiday!" Harriet told us. "He is calling this a Fall Feast. It is a time for celebration!"

    "Nice." Cathy Earnshaw said.


    Harriet contiuned. "The first person you need to see is Millie the Butcher's wife. She has the list."

    We found Millie at the Britain butcher shop.


    "Hi Millie, the King sent us." I explained. "Harriet told us you had a list for us."

    Millie the Bucher's Wife looked up. "Oh, oh hello yes I have the list here somewhere... obviously we are going to need turkey, oh and ham."


    "Turkey and ham." Ronan said writing it down.

    Millie the Bucher's Wife nodded. "Yes a few actually... nice fat ones if you can His Royal Highness enjoys a good honey ham."

    Honey ham? we looked at each other where would we find that. None of us had ever heard tell of it.

    "Honey Ham?" Grea asked.

    "Do you know where the beekeepers are? We will certainly need enough honey for 3 fat hams." Millie told us.

    "Which beekeeper? Grea questioned as there are several in the lands.

    "City of Spirituality I'm told. They do make the best honey. Good luck! This feast will be grand!" Millie nodded.

    I clapped my hands. " A grand feast. Oh boy."

    Millie the Bucher's Wife frowned at me. " Well, only if you hurry! We have a lot of work to do!"

    "Work." I sighed.

    "Yes please ask them to bring an order of 16 honey pots. Paid on Delivery!" Millie wiped her hands on her apron.

    "We will tell them what you need them to delivery." I assured her.

    Millie the Bucher's Wife shooed us out. " Yes please go tell them the order now, lest ye forget!"

    We found Enrico the bee keeper working near the bank in Skara Brae.

    "Hello." I greeted him

    Enrico the bee keeper looked up "Hi!"


    "Millie the Butcher's wife sent us for honey." Vixen Sonoma told him.

    Enrico the bee keeper frowned. "In order to fulfill all the orders I will need help."

    How can we help?" I asked him.

    "I need some wood! I use it to burn to make smoke to calm the bees while I take the honey." Enrico explained.

    "Where do we get the wood?" I questioned.

    "Yew wood...Shane is in Yew?" I asked.
    Enrico the bee keeper nodded. "Yes go now, tell him I need about 36 boards."

    Hurrying to Yew we found Shane working in front of the Yew Carpenter shop.

    "Hello Shane." I said

    "Hello." he replied wiping his brow.


    "We are helping to fill a list for the King's feast." I explained.

    Shane the Carpenter nodded. "Ah the beekeeper usually has a large order for me this time of year."

    "Here is the beekeeper's order." I handed him the note I wrote.

    "I also provide wood for the castle fireplace." He said looking at the order.

    "This time of year is busy. "Vixen Sonoma agreed.

    "Fall usually brings a chill to the air." Shane rubbed his arms.

    "Vixen Sonoma agreed. "The air does have a chill to it."


    Shane looked at the pile of wood he had cut.​

    Vixen Sonoma frowned. "I don't know if it will be that mild."

    "Check with the royal chimney sweep he works very hard around this time." Shane suggested.

    "Where does the sweep work? What is his name?" I pulled out my notes.

    "He works in the castle... his name is Dom." Shane the Carpenter picked up his ax.

    Finding a sweep in the castle was not an easy job. Who knew there were so many fireplaces. We finally found him in the council room.


    Lesser Deamon already talking to Shane."Shane sent us Dom." He was telling him.

    Dom stood up. "Oh good you spoke to Shane! He provides logs for our fires!"

    "Are there a lot of fires?" I asked.

    "Oh yes, in the fireplaces and in the stoves too!" Dom nodded.

    "Ah, I had forgotten the stoves." I told him.

    Dom the Chimney Sweep laughed "Yes we have in house cooks for almost everything."

    "Almost everything? What don't they cook here?" I asked in surprise

    "Everything, except for breads and sweets we order those through a bakery in Nu'Jelm" He explained.

    "That does make sense, Which bakery?" I questioned.

    The bakery is owned by Mr and Mrs Pierce. They make the finest breads and pasteries anywhere." Dom smiled.

    "The best anywhere?" Lesser Deamon seemed unconvinced.

    Dom the Chimney Sweep nodded. " Yes, can you do me a favor and run out there and let them know the Feast is Thursday."

    "I can't wait for Thursday." I said.

    Dom the Chimney Sweep smiled. "Yes this coming Thursday the whole city will eat like KINGS for a day!"

    I laughed. " I love eating like Kings."

    "I can't wait to eat their breads! Please head to Nu'Jelm and remind them of the date." Dom licked his lips thinking of the breads.

    "We will remind them of the date." I assured him

    "Yes this Thursday. Thanks!!" Dom went back to cleaning.

    Loving pasteries, it didn't take us long to find the Pierces. Mrs. Pierce was sitting outside the shop loudly sobbing and crying into a tissue.

    12.jpg 13.jpg

    Mr. Pierce was in his shop. Even from the door I could tell he was furious.


    "Hello. " I said safely from the door way. "Dom sent us.wanted us to remind you that the feast is Thursday." I told him.

    Mr Pierce the Baker nodded. "Dom is a nice kid, hard worker. I like that. Unlike my lazy son."

    "We are to remind you the feast is Thursday." I told him.

    Mr. Pierce glared at me. "Yes I have gotten the order for the Fall Feast from King Blackthorn I will try and get it filled."

    I backed up. "I know you will get it filled in time."

    "I could use some help but that no-good son of mine has gone off somewhere." Mr. Pierce told us.

    "If he is somewhere close, we can go find him." I offered, "Doesn't your wife help?"

    Mr Pierce the Baker sighed. "Yes, his mother is just distraught so she is no help either. I am not sure I can get this done."

    "I saw her outside. She is very distraught." I remembered how hard she was crying.

    Mr Pierce the Baker nodded "Yes she is a wreck, that boy of ours has run off to join some cult or something."

    "A cult?" I frowned another cult...not good. I didn't want to be the one to tell the king.

    "I suppose it's a cult. Some new God worship or something they are calling it a church." Mr. Pierce said thoughtfully.

    A church or a cult?" I asked.

    Mr. Pierce the Baker scowled. " They call it a church but it's a cult. He's gone and I've got no help with this huge order."

    Ronan stepped up. "Could we help?"

    "We can try to find him." I looked at the others. They nodded.

    "So far I don't think they have left the city." Mr. Pierce told us.

    "So he might still be in the city?"

    Mr Pierce the Baker nodded. "Yes I believe he... they, are somewhere in Nu'Jelm still."

    "If they are still in the city, we will find them." Ronan assured.

    "Yes thank you for looking please send him home." Mr. Pierce said hopefully.

    We decided it would be faster to divide up to search the city. News soon came from Ronan and Starlynn. They had found the cult in the grave yard.
    After several teleports, I arrived on the roof. "Wow! so many people in this cult." I found Milo standing in the middle of the group.
    17.jpg 16.jpg

    Milo Pierce didn't seem to hear us when we called his name. He was in some sort of trance.

    Nothing we tried would get anyone to talk. Entranced, they repeated over and over 'Om"

    "Om" why did that sound familiar. After some discussion, someone remembered it was the mantra for the shrine of Spirituality.

    I hurried home for my rune books then recalled to the shrine. To my surprise I was alone with the cult leader. I was relieved when the others joined me

    18.jpg 20.jpg

    Since I arrived first, I approached the person. "So you are the leader of the cult?"

    "Cult is such a ...dirty word. I prefer "church." She replied.

    I frowned. "A church?"

    "Yes I run the Church of Spirituality are you interested in joining?" the leader asked.

    I might be interested in joining." Lesser Deamon replied trying to get more information.

    The Cult Leader smiled. "Grab a robe and chant the mantra for a while... I will decide when you are ready."

    "Ready for what?" Lesser Deamon frowned.

    "Don't worry your pretty little head about that yet. The Cult Leader winked.

    "We came for Milo. Not to join." I told her.

    "Who? Sorry I don't keep track of names." the Cult Leader turned way and refuse to say more.

    Seeming it was useless to try talking to her, we went to a tavern in Britain. Over drinks we decided not to tell Mr. or Mrs. Pierce of our failure. We decided to meet later and try again.

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