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The Myrmidex Queen Vs. Zipactriotl - The Boss Fights

By Larisa, May 29, 2016 | |
  1. Now that you've completed either The Zealotry of Zipactriotl or Exterminating the Infestation Quests, it's time to kill the bosses!

    If you aligned with the Eodonians, you will have to kill the Myrmidex Queen.

    Her chamber is located to the north of Barrab Village in the sandy area.


    Once you enter her chamber, the queen will be in the middle. She will not leave the security of her nest.​


    During the battle, if you are too close, she will spit noxious goo at you, so watch out! This stuff is very difficult to cure.​


    Along with noxious goo, she will randomly throw egg sacs around the room, hatching into many many myrmidex larvae, drones and warriors. These critters are FAST! Out-running them is not an option...kill them fast because she spawns a LOT!


    Not only does she spit goo and throw eggs, but she will randomly drop rocks on you, dismounting and dazing you momentarily....as well as raising stalagmites from the ground, doing massive damage.


    Once she has been defeated, return to Rafkin in Geoffreys' Camp for your reward!

    If you aligned with the Myrmidex, you must kill Zipactriotl. His lair is located on top of the pyramid in The Valley of Eodon where the Macaws protect the gold foil.


    Double-click the idol to enter Zipactriotls' Chamber.


    Once inside, head in any direction, down the stairs to the main area where Zipactriotl is blissfully sleeping inside of a stasis chamber.


    You will notice several Stasis activators surrounding the chamber built with the parts that you had collected during your quest. There are seven in total. Each one must be activated to release Zipactriotl from his chamber. To do this, one person must stand on each side and flip both switches at the same time.

    Once all seven have been activated, watch out! Zipactriotl will be released and blobs will spawn from each activator!


    You MUST destroy all seven activators before attempting to kill Zipactriotl. If you don't, they will keep spawning the blobs, making it very difficult to destroy the boss! Target the middle of each activator, the moonstone power core, to destroy them and stop the blobs from spawning.


    Once you have destroyed all seven activators, it's time to kill Zipactriotl! He has several very nasty attacks up his sleeves.

    Every so often, he will teleport you to him, usually resulting in instant death! The nasty one, though, is when he turns your mana into pure energy...you'll see a blue glow surrounding him when this happens. When you see this...RUN! If you don't....he'll throw you either across the room or even on the upper floor! Again usually results in instant death.


    After a long, arduous battle, and many..many deaths! You are victorious!!


    Return to the tinker in Barrab Village for your well-deserved reward!

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