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The Party, Mail From Siege

  1. The Party, Mail from Siege

    Hello Father, Mother. All is well here on Siege, at times it can be hard and rough here, but today I can say we had fun. EM Hawker dreamed up a little Easter egg hunt for us. Below is my journal notes.
    You see: EM Hawker
    Kimi Mori: lovely colors you have Freja
    Mercy: *looks for a steak*
    Freja: thanks
    Delores Duende: *Waves*
    Delores Duende: hello
    A M A D E U S: hail
    EM Hawker: Hello
    Thring: Hello Hawker
    Magichands: hello :)
    Delores Duende: *Smiles*
    EM Hawker: This will be a small event, for fun
    Kimi Mori: *waves*
    Victim: greetings
    EM Hawker: no fighting
    EM Hawker: then a Role Play thing
    Victim: *(*
    Delores Duende: goody
    Mercy: no pets needed?
    Magichands: ^_^
    Kimi Mori: love that
    EM Hawker: no pets needed
    Mercy: cool
    EM Hawker: they will slow you down, best to get a mount though
    EM Hawker: speed will help you
    Mercy: thank you
    Kimi Mori: no fighting, no pets be mounted for EM event
    Delores Duende: we have to look for our snacks?
    Kuzan: all follow me
    EM Hawker: I will wait while, you all switch
    Malloc: the music sucks
    Victim: *snacks on a brownie*
    Delores Duende: I’m fine I like me
    Delores Duende: *Waves*
    EM Hawker: haha
    EM Hawker: this will be a bring a date thing by the way
    [Kimi Mori]: where is Richard and Hoffs :p
    EM Hawker: kidding
    Delores Duende: didn’t say that
    Victim: there I switched
    Kimi Mori: heheh
    EM Hawker: you all ready?
    Delores Duende: pretty horse
    A M A D E U S: thank you
    Delores Duende: ready as Ill ever be
    Magichands: same
    EM Hawker: ok
    Magichands: :p
    [Malloc]: switch for what
    EM Hawker: this will be a spring egg hunt
    Malloc: bleh
    A M A D E U S: :O
    Delores Duende: Oh cool
    Magichands: lol
    Malloc: good luck
    Victim: can i use a pig to help?
    Kimi Mori]: no fighting, no pets, mounts needed
    Delores Duende: if you want
    EM Hawker: you will have 15 minutes to gather as many as you can get. it will probably go fast
    [Malloc]: I will pass... he is not good at these things
    EM Hawker: the winner will be who has the most
    Armand: *hic*
    Kimi Mori: eggs?
    EM Hawker: these will be not an item you will want to keep, by the way
    Armand: *hic*
    Delores Duende: and where can we find these said eggs?
    Ru: inside chickens?
    Magichands: lol
    Armand: *hic*
    Delores Duende: hehe
    EM Hawker: ready?
    Freja: yes
    Kimi Mori: k
    Magichands: ready
    EM Hawker: they will not be in the woods
    Victim: yep
    Armand: *hic*
    Ru: they around here?
    EM Hawker: ok, opening gate
    Ru: or anywhere?
    Armand: *hic*
    EM Hawker: they are everywhere
    Victim: nope
    Ru: in the buildings
    Victim: ok you said in the woods
    EM Hawker: no, I said not in the woods
    A M A D E U S: I have tons
    A M A D E U S: all over
    EM Hawker: only in and around buildings

    EM Hawker: 9 more minutes
    EM Hawker: if any are left..
    EM Hawker: we will meet there not at the em hall
    Dark Star: um, what are we looking for : )
    Armand: lol
    Becca: what are we looking for
    A M A D E U S: oh hayyyy
    EM Hawker: jeweled figures, that look like eggs
    Victim: some eggs that I apparently can’t see
    Victim: if you say so lol
    A M A D E U S: I think maybe they are done?
    Kimi Mori: I think I got them all
    EM Hawker: that was 40 minutes of hiding lol
    Ru: I see one, but its too far away, think it rolled down a crack in the floor
    EM Hawker: meet up where the dev's meet and greets are
    EM Hawker: uh oh
    Victim: ok I see the problem, they are Jeweled Filigree not eggs
    EM Hawker: they look like eggs
    EM Hawker: sorry =(
    Magichands: well egg or no eggs... I'm blind lol
    Victim: not complaining, just got confused lol
    A M A D E U S: had to use ctrl shft
    A M A D E U S: easiest way to find them
    Magichands: tried... also circle of transparency but nothing
    Victim: yep but I was looking for "EGGS" not Jeweled Filigree"
    Magichands: hehe
    Kimi Mori: I think we found all the eggs where are we to meet?
    EM Hawker: meet at the meet and greet area. north west of town
    *Now Kimi got stuck when she had four large serpents around her and had to fight to continue on trying to join the rest.*
    A M A D E U S: we can’t talk in here
    EM Hawker: oh
    EM Hawker: how many do you all have?
    Kimi Mori: ya I think they all gone?
    EM Hawker: who won, and show me
    Delores Duende: 2
    Kimi Mori: 18
    Ru: 16
    Becca: I found none
    Joline Maza: 20
    Armand: Dident even tryed lagged to much
    Becca: *hand him the bag*
    Freja: where should we meet, was it not EM hall?
    EM Hawker: we north west of Serpent's Hold
    EM Hawker: near meet and greet
    Joline Maza: being in EM hall
    Ru: 17 yay!
    EM Hawker: did anyone beat 30?
    Freja: where is meet and great hall?
    Victim: sure, my one is the best one
    Victim: so I win
    [Thring]: Where'd everyone go?
    [Delores Duende]: north west
    EM Hawker: meet at em hall
    [Delores Duende]: follow me on map
    Freja: I only got 5
    Victim: *polishes his one egg*
    Delores Duende: 2 here
    [Joline Maza]: are those Jeweled Filigree normal to get?
    Becca: none for me
    [Joline Maza]: if not... I will keep them as soon to be rare.. :)
    Magichands: oh
    A M A D E U S: :O
    Magichands: the king
    Kimi Mori: Hail your highness
    You see: King Blackthorn
    King Blackthorn: I hope you had fun
    Kimi Mori: indeed
    A M A D E U S: indeed
    Victim: indeed
    A M A D E U S: lol
    Joline Maza: yes
    King Blackthorn: Amadues, I heard had won the hunt.
    Freja: thank you
    A M A D E U S: *blushes*
    To be continue at the Social Party, ♥

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