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The Pike Faire- 2/28/16

"King" Sev of Pike once again hosted the Pike Faire. This day's festivities included a dubious fashion challenge and a maze-building contest!
By Riyana, Feb 29, 2016 | |
  1. Self-styled "King" Sev of the gypsy town of Pike, located in the Avarice Mountains (notably the home of the dungeon Covetous), hosted the Pike Faire on Sunday, February 28th. Faire-goers from the world over gathered in the underground tavern in the fledgling town.


    Sev asked about the new Royal Guard commander and chatted with the gathered crowd for a while. He bragged about the mining operations that the Pike gypsies were undertaking and claimed that they had found some rare gemstones. Despite the unrest with pirates and villains about, he stated that Pike had remained unharmed.

    He asked the crowd to think of a new name for the bar during the night's festivities, to be voted on at the end. As the faire-goers wracked their brains he described the first competition. He had sent three gypsy traders out to Vesper and two each to Cove and Minoc, and participants had to find each gypsy and say "I want to impress King Sev. What should I wear?" and then return to Sev wearing all the pieces described by the seven gypsies.

    Several participants returned with incomplete outfits, and a great number simply stood at the entrance to Pike and did nothing, much to Sev's consternation.


    The pieces turned out to be a rather garish ensemble: a blue hat, green pants, pink shoes, red shirt, yellow cloak, gloves, and a bottle of alcohol.

    First to return with the proper attire and an alcoholic offerering was Ivy, followed by Red Snapper and then Murdock Redbone.


    With the winners announced, Sev summoned everyone back to Pike and announced that the next festivity would be competitive maze building. As previous maze efforts had proven frustratingly susceptible to cheating, Sev had rented a secluded beach from the Fire Island Casino and built a wall to separate the teams.

    The remaining faire-goers divided into blue and red teams and Sev explained the objective and rules.


    Both teams built furiously, and quite quickly two impressive mazes came together.


    However, only one could win. The red team, led by Brian DeSpell, was triumphant.

    (this image provided by @BrianFreud)

    Participants gathered outside and Sev asked for their bar name suggestions. He chose his two favorites: 'The Turn Pike' and 'Hole in the Ground' and asked everyone to vote on them. By popular vote, the Pike bar will henceforth be known as 'Hole in the Ground'.


    Sev then wished the much-thinned crowd a good night. The winners are expected to be immortalized on the Pike Wall of Winners.

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