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The Rescue Mission

By Drakelord, Oct 29, 2015 | |
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  1. [​IMG]
    As you know we failed in our attempt to rescue the Commander from the veil a week ago. We were to try one last time, "Royal Guards Assemble".

    Your leader is still unaccounted for. I was told to put that to you delicately. Was that delicate enough? The forest is once again settling down. Except for a few stray liches. I believe your leader is on the other side of the Veil. I will give you a clue. (Now here I had hope it was to be Eodon). Since you helped us. The key to finding Cameron is on the dark Facet. Cameron will be found on the dark facet. But I don't think you will be happy with what you find there. (No we were not) Good luck finding him. It may cost you your life. (it did) He is in a place where the reason for death lurk. Don't let them find you. I will take you to the place he was last seen. You may be able to find your way from there.

    With those words she led us outside and open a gate to where we had been twice before. Once there we were told to seek a way to cross, and like a mob we went in ever direction except the right one looking for this tear, rip, opening in the veil. Finally words were shouted, we had found the way across. Only we could not cross? It was not a gate, or door, someone suggested a word perhasp like opensaysme. Then a whisper in the wind and Camio spoke in our minds.

    Try saying Felucca at the tear of the veil.

    Those nearest the rip spoke the word and vanished from sight. Other quickly move closer, again speaking the word they too vanished. Soon we were all across! I will not bore you with words here, for there was no time to speak for as soon as we were across we were in a battle for our lives. Throughout the battle we could see a ghostly figure of our commander, none could touch him, yet he spoke with us, ordering us to leave this place, orders we all refused to obey. (What could he do? Court Marshall us?)

    It was a mad crazy battle there, warriors, mages fell left and right. Pets died, all sought to rez, heal as fast as they could. Only to be swept under the advancing horde of the evil that was there. After whiched seemed a lifetime of fighting we were begining to see less and less of the evil that lurked here. Till finally the last one fell! We have done it! We defended Death's minions in their own lair! Our Commander was coming with us to the land of the living!
    Inside the Castle's Throne Room.
    Greeting Kingsguards. You have fought valiently! Thank you for bringing back the Commander even through the worst of troubles. You have fought an impressive fight. I will work to ressurect and heal our Guardsman Commander Cameron. And each and every one of your names is being recorded for promotions. That was very well done. I will tend to our Commander! Be safe!
    With those final words HRM dismissed the guards. Our mission was over.[​IMG]
    Thus ends my report.
    Sergeant Drakelord

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