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The Return

Investigators into the workings of a shady figure discovered a threat to the very fabric of the ether... and an old friend thought lost!
By Riyana, Aug 17, 2015 | |
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  1. On Sunday, August 16th at 7PM, Sosarians from across the realms gathered in Britain to investigate a shady figure who had been seen skulking about various mage shops. As predicted the figure appeared, and he had an interesting tale for the investigators. He claimed to be a wizard who needed help with a difficult task. While he freely admitted to "taking liberties" with the stock at several mage shops, his story was intriguing enough that the assembled crowd agreed to help him.

    The shady figure stated that he had witnessed two powerful figures leave Britain through a magical wardrobe, traverse a long tunnel, and then attempt to cast a powerful greater moongate spell--but that their departure had not gone as planned.


    The spell trapped one of them at the site of the spell and created dangerous tears in the ether through which a deadly void creature had already entered the world. The shady figure wished to replicate the spell to close the rifts and hopefully free the trapped mage. He had been unable to obtain the greater void essence required for the spell from the shops he pilfered, but he believe that the large void creature would provide the essence that was the key to the spell.

    First he led the investigators to Dungeons Ice, Fire, and Deceit, where each of the smaller void tears were quickly dealt with and sealed.


    With the smaller breaches sealed, he then led them to the Hidden Valley, where the investigators were battered and bruised by the huge, spider-like Ararchnaia the Void Born! This creature was very powerful, but fortunately the assembled investigators proved up to the task and eventually slayed the horrible creature, whose death yielded a number of peculiarly hued roses.

    (this image provided by @brianfreud2 -- thanks!)

    The beast was slain, but the task was not yet complete. The mysterious man then led the much-thinned, battle-worn group back to Britain. There at the warrior's guild he led the investigators through a magical armoire into a tunnel... at the end of which they found a frozen and trapped hooded individual.


    After staving off some more attackers, the shady figure cast the spell to complete the moongate and vanished, not to be seen again--and the trapped man was freed. To the delight of the remaining investigators it was none other than EM Dramnar, who announced that he was back on Chesapeake to stay!


    Freed from his magical imprisonment, EM Dramnar led the group back to the Hall of Commons for a more relaxed discussion. He chatted with the group for a while, fielded questions, received an impromptu group hug, and showed interested players into the sealed gypsy town of Pike before retiring for the evening.


    Welcome back, EM Dramnar!


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  1. old gypsy
    PROS - Exceptionally well-written
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