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The Royal Spies Ride Again

By Drakelord, Aug 7, 2019 | |
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  1. The Royal Spies ride again​

    Magnus Grey: The Leader of the Royal Spies, reports directly to HRM.
    Sarah Paumera: Second in Command.
    Royal Spies 1.jpg
    As you know from our previous meetings the Royal Spies infiltrated the group know as the Fellowship. The last was a mission that led to the Brit Sewers, a big concern for our leader Magnus Grey. These are the continuous adventures of the Royal Spies.

    Magnus Grey: Hello all. Any news to report?

    *No news is good news?*
    Royal Spies 2.jpg Royal Spies 3.jpg
    Magnus Grey: Tonight, you will be continuing your work with the Fellowship. You are to use your new position to curry favor with Batlin, but also learn more about the group. There are signs that members of the organization have other plans than their stated motives. You are to work toward learning these. Any questions?

    Vixen: you think? of course they do, they smell as bad as the sewer last week.
    Glycerine: None.
    Vixen: no sir
    Magnus Grey: I will be providing a gate to the Fellowship Hall in Britain. Batlin himself requested you. Good luck.

    *A gate was made and we went thru it arriving at the Britain Fellowship Hall. Inside was the self proclaim “Lord” Batlin.*
    Royal Spies 4.jpg
    Batlin: How are you all this evening?
    Vixen: *gasp*
    Stewart Little: Good
    Kalenoir: very well
    Kittie: Good.
    Batlin: Are you willing to do the Fellowship's good work?
    Hope: yes
    Vixen: Oh yes sir
    Kalenoir: aye
    Stewart Little: yes
    Crystal Field: yes
    Ponce de Leon: always
    Hope: yes

    Batlin: I have two tasks for you. At two troubled Fellowship houses. At two troubled Fellowship houses. Minoc and Ter Mur. Elynor, head of the Minoc branch, requested strong people to help with a problem there. It is some volunteer work she arranged. I must ask that you also bring her a letter from me.
    Kalenoir: *listens attentively
    Crystal Field: we will
    Royal Spies 5.jpg
    Vixen: May I be the one to carry that letter Mlord?
    Batlin: But I must ask that you keep the box sealed.
    Vixen: *cross my heart* always Mlord
    Batlin: Sister Vixen volunteered, so she can carry this burden. The rest of you will be her honor guard.
    *Moves to the front to accept the letter*
    Vixen: *winks at kittie*
    Batlin: I will put it down for you.
    Vixen: I have it sir
    Kittie: *winks back*
    Batlin: Very good.
    Kittie: *waves to Crystal*
    Batlin: The second issue is in Ter Mur.
    Crystal Field: *smiles*
    *The letter is in a box, sealed, careful looks it over*
    Kittie: *waves to Timberale*
    Batlin: You must prepare the Fellowship House there for a visit from Princess Rhista and speak with her during the tour.
    Kalenoir: *listening
    Crystal Field: what do we speak about ?
    Batlin: Brother Quan is a good builder, but not the best speaker.
    Destinie Moon: Is the Princess expecting us?
    Royal Spies 5a.jpg Royal Spies 5b.jpg Royal Spies 5c.jpg
    Batlin: He has requested your help to teach Fellowship to Rhista. Hopefully, she will join us as a new sister.
    Destinie Moon: We shall do our very best to help her
    Batlin: Very good. I will give you a moment to prepare for your journey. And plan your good works of Fellowship.
    *moves outside casts unlock on the box and open to see the letter, quickly takes note of the message and attempts to re-lock the box, but the spell does not work. Lord Batlin cast gate, out of time will have to have faith the Gods will watch over all. Arriving in Minoc at the small fellowship house there*
    Vixen: Hail sister I carry word from Mlord Batlin
    Elynor: Did Brother Batlin send you?
    Destinie Moon: Yes Sister
    Vixen: there *places the box at her feet*
    Kalenoir: aye he did
    Elynor: *takes the box*
    Justin: Trust and Unity!
    Elynor: *notices it is open* Brother Batlin forgot to lock the message box. Strange...
    Royal Spies 6 box.jpg
    *comrades to the rescue*
    Justin: Oh no Sir!, what shall we do?
    Destinie Moon: He must have just been worried with much on his mind
    Kittie: *nods*
    Elynor: Mistakes happen, but we strive for unity!
    Destinie Moon: I know he is wishing the Princess to join us
    Elynor: Exactly! *reads the note*
    Destinie Moon: So that may have taken priority and he slipped
    Elynor: Brother Batlin is worried about the materials for the Fellowship Houses. Sadly, Minoc is behind on stone cutting. We have offered to help with a problem the mines have. So they can get back on schedule.
    Destinie Moon: Are they refusing help?
    Elynor: Minoc are a proud people, but they have welcomed Fellowship. We are welcome to help them here. Brother Batlin loves the marble from this town.
    Destinie Moon: Governor Tanda has met with you then? and has joined?
    Elynor: And a particular mine. So if you could clear out the trouble there, it would get those humble miners back to work!
    Royal Spies 7 Minoc.jpg
    Elynor: Will you show your worthiness?
    Justin: Yes, Ma'am! You can count on us, Ma'am!
    Hope: yes
    Destinie Moon: Aye, I am sure Governor Tanda would love to know as well of trouble in her lovely town
    Elynor: Very good. *waves toward a gate*
    Royal Spies 8 Minoc mines B.jpg Royal Spies 8 Minoc mines C.jpg Royal Spies 8 Minoc mines D ELYNOR.jpg
    *we pop out right in the largest area of mining of Minoc’s. And yes there was a huge problem there that was trying to kill EVERYONE!*

    Elynor: Very good. Minoc will appreciate our work here. Worthiness precedes reward. It is a process toward a greater unity. I believe work can go forward here.
    Duncan: I hope that Batlin will not judge you for the problems here.
    Destinie Moon: *whispers to Kittie* I think we need to talk more.. sister

    Elynor: I'm told you will do our work in Ter Mur next.
    Kittie: *nods*
    Martyna Z'muir: Wait...
    Elynor: Wait?
    Martyna Z'muir: these miners were working on materials for the fellowship, right?
    Elynor: Yes, marble and stone for buildings.
    Martyna Z'muir: Mmhmm. Curious. Since these were obviously caddellite elementals.
    Elynor: We must build more Fellowship houses so all have a place to learn and meditate. Any other questions? I am but the humble steward of Minoc.
    Martyna Z'muir: *rolls her eyes*
    Elynor: If there is nothing else. Strive for Unity!
    *another gate another fellowship location, this is Ter Mur*

    Quan: Brothers and Sisters from Britain! We have a problem.
    Crystal Field: oh no
    Vixen: what is is it Brother?
    Quan: Princess will be coming to tour soon, but we are not ready...
    Destinie Moon: What is it we need to do to finish
    Vixen: oh? what do you need still??
    Quan: Cleaning has been an issue.
    Vixen: cleaning??
    Quan: There is an issue with strange creatures making a mess.
    Vixen: oh??
    Destinie Moon: *looks around* what creatures
    Quan: The Wingless and I can clean. But we cannot fight the creatures.

    Vixen: where may we see these beasts?
    Destinie Moon: How are we to make a good impression on the princess if we cannot keep it clean
    Quan: They are trapped in a storage room.
    Crystal Field: of course there is a creature . *smiles* point the way. We will rid you of the foul beast
    Quan: They seemed like they were drawn here by something.
    Destinie Moon: Maybe food?
    Quan: I do not recognize them.
    Duncan: So they're trapped....You sure they're still a problem?
    Quan: Well, they make a lot of noise and mess and they could get out..

    Destinie Moon: So we round them up an relocate them
    Quan: And some of them catch fire.
    Kromwell Farland: whoa
    Vixen: oh? fire??
    Destinie Moon: catch fire?
    Quan: We tried to scare them with flame and one went BOOM!
    Crystal Field: ah so cold will kill them?
    Destinie Moon: Alright now I am curious
    Destinie Moon: please show us
    Kromwell Farland: hmm
    Royal Spies 9 Ter Mur Quan B.jpg
    Quan: Very good. I will open the door. You fight it!
    Duncan: It?
    Vixen: hehehe
    Quan: We are not sure.

    *Strange Void Plague emerged from that storage area. It was not a fun battle as we took heavy damage from the attacks.*

    Quan: *directs the wingless to clean* Brothers and Sisters, we will clean the inside for the Princess. You must be ready to greet her! I see her Royal Guard. Strive for Unity!

    Princess Rhista: Kal!
    Malag aste: Vendui' Princess
    Princess Rhista: Are you the Fellowship members for the tour?
    Vixen: Yes
    Crystal Field: yes
    Princess Rhista: *looks around recognizes many faces and gives a slight smile*
    Vixen: *winks back*
    Crystal Field: *smiles*
    Princess Rhista: What can you tell me about the Fellowship?
    Kittie: *ears go back*
    Princess Rhista: *listens*
    Duncan: We strive for Trust, Worth, and Unity.
    Destinie Moon: *stiffens a bit and shuffles my feet looking at the princess*
    Crystal Field: and we try for unity
    Justin: Trust and Unity!
    Martyna Z'muir: *Mumbles: "And fail at all"*

    Princess Rhista: Very worthy sounding things?
    Duncan: And we have total trust in our leader and founder, Batlin.

    *here I hope Duncan had his fingers crossed behind his back*
    Princess Rhista: Total? Impressive.
    Crystal Field: well trust and unity are worthy
    Duncan: "You've no idea how impressive, your grace."
    Royal Spies 9 Ter Mur Quan.jpg
    You see: Fanatic of Circles
    Destinie Moon: *Glances at Kittie and Vixen*
    Duncan: Are they attacking?

    *As quickly as they appeared they vanished. It seems they did not wish to attack with the Princess as a witness.*
    Martyna Z'muir: *whispers to the princess: "Don't believe everything you hear."*
    Kittie: *nods to Destinie and stands guard*

    Destinie Moon: Be observant always princess
    Crystal Field: we are not here to preach . Just to perhaps get you to consider *smiles*
    Kittie: *whispers to the Princess* .. "Please.. be weary.. *frowns* I don't trust them at all..
    Princess Rhista: *nods*

    Duncan: Who are these, your grace? *gesturing to the prisoners*
    Destinie Moon: *smiles to the princess*
    Princess Rhista: Fanatics of the Circle. They are hard liners who believe strongly in Singularity.
    Duncan: Ah. I remember them.,
    Princess Rhista: I guess they didn't wish to attack their princess. Many believe that our ties to humanity are a boon. But some believe we are losing who we are. The Fellowship with its openly differing philosophy stands counter to this.
    Vixen: we also have those within the Human, Elf, Meer that also believe such trash

    Princess Rhista: True. We cannot simply wait for the Void to claim us.
    Crystal Field: but there must be balance between all the virtues no one is greater than the other. Unity and trust is important
    Princess Rhista: But I do not believe the crown will be joining the Fellowship at this time.
    Royal Spies 10 Ter Mur.jpg
    Vixen: *nods*
    Duncan: We cannot force our betters, your Grace. *bows*
    Kittie: *nods*
    Destinie Moon: Well we did tell them we would do our best
    Princess Rhista: Tell your leader I appreciate his work in Ter Mur. And I look forward to more of his letters.

    Destinie Moon: and that we would talk to you and maybe later when things go a bit better we will be able to show you more.
    Kittie: *mutters.. "he's not MY leader"*
    Destinie Moon: *smiles and bows my head and winks at the princess*

    Princess Rhista: I will return you to Britain before I go. Perhaps we will meet again.
    Kittie: *nods*
    Royal Spies 11 Debriefing.jpg
    *The princess opens a gate, thinking we are returning to Britain I was shock to see it was inside the Lair! Now her parting words make some sort of sense, “Tell your leader I appreciate his work in Ter Mur. And I look forward to more of his letters.”*

    Duncan: So Vixen....What was in the letter?
    Destinie Moon: They are even more intense then the last time, how deep are you an Vixen now in with them
    Vixen: she knows of the secret lair *gasp*
    Martyna Z'muir: I think the Fellowship is mining caddellite in Minoc.
    Vixen: In the box was a letter that said something to the affect of the City of Britain aquire special material forged ties with the Brit mining company
    Destinie Moon: Oh joy so they are looking to "help" Britain next
    Duncan: Thank you.
    Destinie Moon: They haven’t seem to of spoken with the Gov of Minoc, which is a bit disturbing

    Magnus Grey: Vixen, that book you had James copy... *oops did I do that*
    Duncan: I got some samples. "From the ore and the runoff." Oh also....We found these in Ter Mur. On some odd monsters. Best look at these too.
    Magnus Grey: I will have an alchemist take a look. They can tell us what we need. What they are.
    Duncan: Librarian’s probably right. Goes with the note. *gestures*
    Martyna Z'muir: What did Duncan find?
    Duncan: Just some samples from the ore.
    Vixen: that book

    Duncan: To confirm your suspicion.
    Magnus Grey: So mysterious mining in Minoc for materials bound for Britain?
    Duncan: To the untrained eye just some fertile dirt.
    Deavous: caddelite
    Vixen: remember the project in the sewers??

    Magnus Grey: How did things go at the Fellowship houses themselves?
    Martyna Z'muir: Could also be blackrock, but the elementals looked more like caddellite.
    Duncan: I'm thinking' you're right. Think cadellite's more versatile.
    Destinie Moon: Some night share that looks like it was covered in caddelitte dust.
    Magnus Grey: We haven't found anything yet, but there are old tunnels we haven't been able to access.
    Vixen: well I was almost caught but the quick thinking of my comrades saved the day
    Kittie: *nods*
    Magnus Grey: Smuggling this letter out was a risk, but worth it.
    Duncan: *gestures*
    Duncan: I'll have John stop in and' get a copy for Tanda.
    Magnus Grey: Any other information I should pass on to the King?
    Kittie: I know, as much as we should be "going along" with everything, I refuse to openly say that I am 'with' them and their mantra.

    Fallen Angel: `Bout time
    Magnus Grey: I understand.
    Duncan: Rhista's declining their invitation for now. Seems we weren't worthy. Don't know if that'll last forever. I think Batlin's better looking then us.
    Magnus Grey: Rhista is being cautious. That's good.
    Kittie: *nods*
    Magnus Grey: If she joined, it could greatly destabilize Ter Mur.
    Destinie Moon: I think we did good at being both talking to her about it secretly and talking about them in a positive light
    Vixen: after that "kissing the feet of Batlin* I really feel the need for a drink
    Kittie: I think some of us.. *ahem* talking with her, may have helped sway that decision.
    Magnus Grey: *nods*
    Martyna Z'muir: Maybe she should join it... work it from the inside.
    Kittie: That's a dangerous game. One too dangerous for a Princess.
    Duncan: We're doing' it...
    Magnus Grey: I will ask the King if he wishes to speak to her as well.
    Destinie Moon: Specially if he were to show up while we were talking to her
    Kittie: If something happens to her.. what will happen to her people?
    Malag aste: I agree especially after they had us killing those who left the pirates
    Martyna Z'muir: Life is dangerous. This is Sosaria. We're invaded by evil inter dimensional forces regularly...

    Magnus Grey: Rhista is the heir to Ter Mur and Zhah's only daughter. I will pass on your suggestions to the King.
    Martyna Z'muir: She held of a daemon for centuries.
    Kittie: *nods*
    Magnus Grey: And he will consider how to proceed. Rhista has my respect, but I also worry about the Fellowship. After what happened a few years back...

    Kittie: If she's not with them, she's also against them.. Which also puts her in a dangerous situation.
    Martyna Z'muir: Most people don't remember that.

    Destinie Moon: Yeah but then again so are we *smiles* just from the inside out
    Kittie: True, but we're under the guise that we're with them. She wouldn't be

    Destinie Moon: Aye well if worse comes to worse
    Martyna Z'muir: She could be.
    Destinie Moon: I will actively Not be
    Kittie: *shrugs* .. It's a tough situation.
    Magnus Grey: I think Rhista will have a part to play.
    Martyna Z'muir: Ter Mur must have an intelligence service

    Vixen: for our side I hope
    Magnus Grey: But she will likely show some of her mother's personality and choose what she believes over our suggestions.
    Vixen: *nods*
    Kittie: Very true.
    Magnus Grey: Ter Mur's intelligence is not as well organized as we are. Not that I have looked into the matter...
    Martyna Z'muir: Or thats what they want you to believe... *winks*
    Kittie: Well, if she's open to saying she's against them, you can bet I'll be standing beside her.
    Vixen: *nods*

    Kittie: Openly.
    Vixen: yes I as well
    Magnus Grey: I understand.
    Kittie: *smiles to Vixen*
    Magnus Grey: I will make sure you get assignments in and around Ter Mur if that becomes a worry. Good work tonight!
    Vixen: *nods*
    Kittie: *nods*
    Magnus Grey: You gathered key information on the Fellowship and learned more about its membership. I release you.

    Mission over!

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