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The Royal Spies

By Drakelord, May 12, 2016 | |
  1. The Royal Spies

    Rumors had spread that the Royal Guard was in need of some Spies. What it got was by far not what I am sure the King was looking for this evening. I sent Theresa (THB) to check the security of this meeting.

    Commander Cameron: Attention Royal Kings guard! Meeting in 20 minutes in Serpents Hold!

    That the word we received this evening that started this very first hush hush meeting of the Royal Spies.

    Commander Cameron: I have placed runes in Luna and At the West Britain bank that will teleport you to the meeting!
    Commander Cameron: Meeting in 10 minutes in Serpents Hold!
    You see: Commander Cameron
    Purist: hail Commander Cameron!
    Commander Cameron: Hail
    Commander Cameron: *paces impatiently*
    Purist: Looking stunning as always!
    Commander Cameron: Thank you
    Theresa: Hail commander
    Commander Cameron: Greetings
    Commander Cameron: Have you all made sure the rest of the Guard knows to come tonight?
    Commander Cameron: *looks concerned*
    Commander Cameron: Well, they have five minutes
    Commander Cameron: Then we proceed without them
    Commander Cameron: I have a lot on my mind tonight
    Theresa: rumor has it something about Royal spies?
    The Commander was very concern for a few minutes till more folks arrived.

    Commander Cameron: This is good
    Commander Cameron: Good good I like to see more guards heeding the call
    Commander Cameron: Tonight is going to be something different
    Commander Cameron: I will give those running late another minute
    Commander Cameron: Alright
    Commander Cameron: The King has called a regrouping of the royal spy commission
    Commander Cameron: *shakes head looking concerned*
    Commander Cameron: The royal spies will meet once a month
    Anguis Domitor: regrouping sounds ominous
    Theresa: I agree

    Commander Cameron: We will be called upon as needed to gather intel for the Royal guard and the King

    Commander Cameron: In the interim those who take on the call of the Royal guard will be expected to keep their ear to the ground and their eyes ever open.

    Commander Cameron: As we are learning of new enemies of the state
    Commander Cameron: your questions will be answered as time progresses

    Commander Cameron: What we need now is a commitment from you the guard

    Commander Cameron: This may not be for everyone
    Commander Cameron: There will be much killing and you may have to do things that you find morally... questionable
    Commander Cameron: For the greater good of course
    Commander Cameron: It is dangerous
    Commander Cameron: You will be the front line and the initial contact of those who wish to harm our world or our king

    Commander Cameron: You will indeed need to heal and res each other more than our usual missions as there will be very few people with the knowledge of where we will be.

    Commander Cameron: The locations and missions will be on a need to know basis. Many times healers will not be hired to join us
    Commander Cameron: I will be your direct contact between you and the king

    Commander Cameron: Tonight we will be headed to our meeting place
    Commander Cameron: I have selected this location because of it's remote location and lack of spying eyes
    Commander Cameron: There is a problem though
    Commander Cameron: The building is... well haunted

    And was it ever haunted and it still is as the Royal Guard did not completely clear the building of the undead. Many of the Guard was still inside fighting when there was a recall of the forces outside, all returning to the War room. Many of the Guard still in battle deep inside the Keep did not know of this for several minutes

    .Commander Cameron: Which is why it is vacant and no one goes there
    Commander Cameron: It will need to be cleared out
    Commander Cameron: By us of course

    Commander Cameron: It is a Keep deep in Ilshenar, and of late an ancient spirit named Akkarath has been uh, well presiding over the undead there. We will destroy him of course and his minions

    Commander Cameron: I would say at least once a month you will see this brazier. When you see the brazier here in the Royal Guard meeting area you will know the Royal Spy Regimen has been called to duty.
    Commander Cameron: There will be a secret word. That will teleport you to our hideout. It will change frequently. So that we can keep our secret unknown to others. Tonight we go clear out the keep.
    Commander Cameron: To be teleported tonight what word shall we use?
    Theresa: LIES
    Many others shouted out words as well, none were picked by the Commander.
    Commander Cameron: Very well. The word tonight will be ghost. Speak it near the brazier to be teleported to our hideout. I will place it in the back of the room.
    The Commander leaps from the stage, setting the brazier at the back of the room. Several rush forward to be the first to cross. Theresa stood and watch as many leap to follow till finally when she saw an opening around the brazier she spoke.
    Theresa: ghost
    This was not the War room it was the woods of Ilshenar. All that happen after was lost to poor Theresa, a narrow passage through a mountain pass lead the force to a huge keep at the top of the mountain. Within this keep was an army of undead. Ney not a ghost buster mission this was a mission to stay alive now. Theresa was wishing her sister Kat had come on this mission. but she did the best she could with casting the EVs and healing others that had fallen in the battle outside this keep.
    Akkarath: Begone! This is my home!
    Akkarath: You have no permission to enter!
    Akkarath: I call upon my undead horde!!
    Oh No! So many fell during this battle. Theresa as well earned a few dead robes this evening.
    Moxxi: do we have a purpose or just run around like chickens with our heads cut off??
    (((you are supposed to be clearing out the building like Cameron said at the address)))

    Theresa: Now the Maids are going to have a hard time with all this blood

    Moxxi: never gonna happen with those shadow fiends
    Skeptamystic: exactly
    Kara: ya they nasty
    Dreadnaught: is that a paragon tormented? oh come on
    Moxxi: SCREW that shadow fiend! :)
    Skeptamystic: thats just ridiculous lol
    Whitefire KotR: this is an unholy place!
    Theresa: you guys know we have to clear the upstairs as well
    Fenn: Help! Come quickly!
    Fenn: 'Tis a bloodbath!
    Fenn: Protect me!
    Fenn: 'Tis a bloodbath!

    Commander Cameron: Well done everyone! Continue to make sure the building is clear!

    This was the last order we saw as we went deep inside the Keep on the 2nd floor, there was no recall.

    SIDEWINDER: Was there a drop? A question I could not answer as Theresa was still deep within the Keep with others on the 2nd floor trying to clear it.

    Hulk Hogan: I got drop lol
    Beastslayer: got a protector of the battle mage
    Kara: banshee call here
    Moxxi: thats a boss drop, not em drop
    Tharion: banshee call as well
    Drea de Matteo: Channeler's Defender
    Dreadnaught: I got a slither
    ConquistaDora: GLADIATORS SASH

    Clym of Clough: just another low hit point boss that half didn't even see til dead, (Yep Clym you are right. Several folks were on the 2nd floor thinking we had to clear the building).
    Tharion: always nice seeing Sonoma playing though. (I agree).

    Now here is where it really gets lost. There was no recall order given, so several folks had not a clue that it was over. They were still deep within the Keep fighting the undead. So did we complete the mission? This one votes Ney. The keep is still haunted and the maid service needs work.

    Back at Serpent's Hold War room.

    EM Willow: The boss was just a regular event boss so it didn't have any mods or anything
    Theresa: we still have people there
    EM Willow: It was just a primeval lich
    Clym of Clough: all Sonomans raise their hands that were at the event, heh
    SIDEWINDER: ya i noticed
    Joyce: is em event over
    EM Willow: I thought you might enjoy something different from crimsons
    SIDEWINDER: anyway it was fun
    Beastslayer: i got drop protector of the battle mage =P
    Theresa: I was there (Can I ask for a t-shirt)
    Tharion: Aye
    SIDEWINDER: have a nice evening!
    Tharion: and yes its over
    Kara: Thank you
    EM Willow: I make an effort to make sure you all have fun
    Charly Dont Surf: first event Clym?
    Venom: there was an event?
    EM Willow: Goodnight
    Kara: night
    Beastslayer: Thank you
    Clym of Clough: yes Joyce, while I was helping you kill the rotting corpse, everyone else killed the primevil lich

    Thus ends this report

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