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The Search For A Cure

A Vesper healer has made some progress toward a cure for Governor Ivy's mysterious illness... but he needs help finding the last piece of the puzzle!
By Riyana, Sep 25, 2016 | |
  1. On Saturday, September 25th, volunteers from around Sosaria answered the call from Elaine Covedweller, daughter of Governor Ivy Covedweller of Vesper, to assist in the search for a cure for the governor's mysterious ailment. The group assembled at the Vesper Auction House and quickly made their way to the Healer of Vesper.

    Screenshot (118).png

    Robert the Healer met them there and ushered them in to see Governor Ivy. The governor was coughing a great deal and was mostly incoherent, seemingly unable to recognize her visitors.

    The healer explained that he believed her illness was a some kind of bloodborne curse that probably had something to do with her captivity in close quarters with strangely behaving, frenzied dragons. He determined that a transfusion from someone with compatible blood--an immediate relative typically being the best candidate--was her best chance for survival, but unfortunately none of her three children proved a match.

    Elaine told the group of volunteers that she was unaware of any other immediate family, but hoped that by reading Ivy's autobiography (which she wrote to introduce herself for the first gubernatorial race) they might find some clues.

    Screenshot (119).png

    A copy of the book was easily located in the bookshelves on the first floor of the Vesper Auction House. Unfortunately, details of Ivy's early life and possible relatives were nonexistent. The only lead they found was that she'd woken up with no memory in front of the Ironwood Inn, so that was their next destination. Elaine went to check Willow's progress on her research, leaving Victor to lead the group down the road to the inn.

    Screenshot (120).jpg

    At the Ironwood Inn, they met an innkeeper called Gus, who as luck would have it, had moved to Trammel when the world split and had previously worked at the Ironwood Inn in Felucca.

    Screenshot (121).png

    At first he was uncertain what he was being asked, but it turned out that he did remember Ivy. He said the she had come to the inn remembering only her first name, and that he had dubbed her "Covedweller" because she had a "Covish look about her". Despite the passage of many years, she stood out in his mind because the day after she left, one of the waiters found a crate in the woods just outside of town that he suspected may have held clues about her identity, but he was unable to find her again.

    He told the group that he'd put the crate away and forgotten about it for years until he saw Ivy again as governor, but before he could approach her to discuss it, "King" Sev and his band of gypsies set up camp behind the Ironwood Inn. When they left, a number of Ironwood Inn inventory items--including the crate--vanished with them. The next stop, naturally, was the town of Pike.

    Screenshot (122).png

    Self-styled sovereign of gypsies "King" Sev was not there, much to the consternation of the young gypsy Stevie, whose wagon was not far from the entrance to Pike. Fortunately, after a bit of probing the investigators found that Stevie had the crate, which she happily turned over to Victor. The writing on the crate and the manifest within were both barely legible, but seemed to indicate a fishery.

    Stevie told them that the metal plate she'd removed to donate for reuse on the Pike Wall of Winners had indicated origin in Cove. Cove resident Ashlynn was not familiar with any fisheries in Cove, and they concluded that it was most likely the Felucca side of Cove. The group moved on to to the Minoc moongate and followed the lead.

    At the Cove dock in Felucca, the group found a lone old woman named Viola Stonefield fishing. They found that she ran the Stonefield Fishery many years ago until her daughter had disappeared while making a delivery to the Ironwood Inn. Her daughter, Ivy Stonefield, matched the description of Governor Ivy Covedweller, and when the group revealed their intent, Viola immediately agreed to accompany them back to Vesper to determine if the two were one and the same.

    Screenshot (123).png

    While the governor remained incoherent, Viola immediately recognized her as her long-lost daughter. She promptly volunteered to do whatever was necessary to help Ivy, and Robert quickly took some blood and went to work.

    Unfortunately, while Robert found that Viola was definitely a relative, she was not quite a close enough match for the procedure to work. It was then that Viola revealed that there could be another candidate: Ivy's younger half-sister:

    Screenshot (125).jpg

    None other than the infamous Holly Bloodhand! Viola was unaware of either of her daughters' reputations, and was dismayed to learn about her younger daughter's misdeeds.

    Robert ushered the group out, as Ivy clearly needed rest. Viola thanked everyone for finding both her lost daughters, pleading with them to find a way to convince Holly to help Ivy.

    This left the investigators pondering how they might persuade--or entrap--Bloodhand into cooperating. The likelihood that Bloodhand would help the governor she has hounded and harassed for some years now seems dim--but it may be her only hope.

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