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The Search For The Imposter Bloodstone

By Drakelord, Mar 31, 2016 | |
  1. The Search for the Imposter Bloodstone
    The town crier, (Humphrey The Crier: Imposter Sighted! Emergency Meeting), begin putting out a warning order for the Royal Guard to meet, all present in Serpent’s Hold received a grand surprise when Commander Cameron walked across the stage.
    Drakelord: Hail, Commander
    Commander Cameron: *coughs slightly*
    Charly Dont Surf: Hail
    Commander Cameron: *salutes his fellow guard*
    Thrud: HAIL!
    Demonix: howdy!
    Clym of Clough: Greetings Cameron, great to see you!!!
    Mufasa: hello
    Anguis Domitor: Hail
    Fisner: Hail
    Commander Cameron: Greetings. I wish to thank each of you for the role you played in getting me the cure
    TOTO: Hail

    Many stood and saluted the Commander, all present were very happy to see he was fit enough to travel from the Castle to Serpent’s Hold.

    Kara: feeling better?
    Commander Cameron: As you see I am not in full uniform, I will not be able to go with you this evening.
    Commander Cameron: But it is of great importance that we follow up on this lead immediately
    Clym of Clough: We understand
    Commander Cameron: You are on your own at this point so follow rank and treat those with higher rank as you would if I were there
    Fisner: yes sir
    Commander Cameron: I need you all to check this information out. There is a farmer
    Commander Cameron: I will take you this far
    Commander Cameron: We will see what he has to say
    Commander Cameron: *coughs*
    Commander Cameron: *breathes heavily*
    Commander Cameron: The farmer said he was contacted by the man he believes to be the imposter Bloodstone
    a rat: lets do this thing
    Commander Cameron: We will question him
    Commander Cameron: Be warned he fears for his life for giving us information
    Commander Cameron: So do not frighten him or we may not get anything from him
    Commander Cameron: I will gate us
    Commander Cameron: *jumps down carefully*
    Commander Cameron: We go to Moonglow

    We could see evening opening a gate was very taxing for our Commander, but he managed to get it and we quickly set off to Moonglow. Once there we all followed him to the Farmer’s Market to meet with our informer and question him on the whereabouts of the Imposter Bloodstone.

    Commander Cameron: to the farmers home

    Inside the Farmer’s Market the Commander begin to question Max the farmer.

    Commander Cameron: Max have you seen the imposter?
    Commander Cameron: Hmm he is afraid
    Commander Cameron: We seek the man named Bloodstone
    Max the Farmer: Yeah, I have seen him. He tried to pay me to bring him fresh produce from my farm
    Commander Cameron: He paid you then? for food?

    Fisner: lots of flapping wings' (I so agree with you on this)

    Max the Farmer: He is in a hidden location, I am not sure I should tell you, will my family be safe?
    Commander Cameron: We will protect your family Max
    Commander Cameron: Where is the imposter? Your family is safe
    Max the Farmer: He is in a hidden location, I am not sure I should tell you, will my family be safe?
    Commander Cameron: Yes safe
    Max the Farmer: Well if my family will remain safe I will give you the location
    Commander Cameron: What is the location man!
    Max the Farmer: He's hold up in the lighthouse I would check there for him
    Commander Cameron: To the lighthouse!
    Commander Cameron: I will gate you
    Commander Cameron: Lets step out
    Drakelord: Lost lands?

    As soon as we all enter the gate to the Lost Lands, the Guard came under attack not only from the local riffraff but some hire muscle that the imposter Bloodstone had there. Seem we now found out the reason he wanted that Unicorn horn, as it allowed him to summon some really nasty stuff and sic it on the Guard.

    Image8.jpg Image10.jpg
    The guard finally reach the lighthouse and sought clues to the whereabout of the imposter, talk about shock when we found him yet could do nothing to him, some shield or magic protected him from all of us. Yet his minions could still hurt us. So one sided I must say. I hope that the next time we meet this imposter that we have an ace up our sleeve to get pass that shield he had.

    Leanna Lynn: this army has never been defeated, you will fall
    Bloodstone (imposter): try if you must!
    Leanna Lynn: don’t say you weren’t warned when you reach the other side
    Leanna Lynn: do you happen to have any salt?
    Bloodstone (imposter): haha! I hear death
    Bloodstone (imposter): I have mastered it! I have mastered the summon balron spell!!

    Image12.jpg Image14.jpg

    Leanna Lynn: you wont be any harder
    Bloodstone (imposter): how about multiples??!
    Bloodstone (imposter): *casts a mass summoning spell*
    Leanna Lynn: that or put some salt on your head
    Leanna Lynn: my dragon likes his fresh meat salted
    Drakelord: How about dropping the shield of Invul and let our pets have fun with you
    Again and again the guard fought summon after summon and Bloodstone’s break came when he summoned a crimson dragon to battle the guard. During the battle with this monster and its brother Bloodstone made good his escape. A search of the area failed to turn up any clues of where he may have gone. So the search for Bloodstone goes on.

    Thus ends this report

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