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The Stolen Artifact

By Drakelord, Feb 1, 2018 | |
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  1. The Stolen Artifact​

    An urgent request was sent for all to assemble in the courtyard at Castle Blackthorn. Court Mages had set up a special gate in Luna so that all could quickly travel to the location. Our wait was a short one as the famous treasure hunter “Trinsic Jones” appeared before us.
    Trinsic Jones Adventure inc Stolen Artifact 1.jpg
    It seemed he was in need of our help in retrieving a stolen Artifact, a very powerful scroll that could change the appearance of the one that cast the spell.

    Trinsic Jones: Greetings friends

    I am so happy that you have come! In fact, I am grateful.... you so... The Trinsic League of Explorers has been hard at work collecting many artifacts around the globe.

    One such artifact was being transported to our headquarters in Trinsic when it was ambushed by bandits. The artifact that was taken was a scroll holding a very powerful spell that can turn the caster or anyone around him into anyone or anything.

    He could, in essence, replace someone in power and take his place long enough to steal all of his wealth without anyone the wiser if he so chose. Or even use it to turn an entire town's population into rodents and hold them for ransom.

    My scouts have been hard at work trying to find a lead for us and they have given me a possible location to where the scroll may be held. I need your help with this task will you be brave and help the League once more?

    (Of course, we were not going to turn down a request such as that, the Kingdom was in danger)

    Wonderful news! Let us head across the bridge and I will open a portal for us.
    Trinsic Jones Adventure inc Stolen Artifact 2.jpg
    Once across the drawbridge of the castle moat, a portal was open to take us to the location the scouts had found. The camp was empty, there was evidence that they had been there but had left. However, the bandits had left eyes on this camp and our party came under attack almost as soon as we had all arrived.

    Trinsic Jones: ahh yes here it is hmm let's see what I can find


    It appears they were waiting for us. While the ambush took place I managed to find clues
    To another possible location, I will open a gate to the next location

    (I did not get a picture of the 2nd Camp)

    Trinsic Jones: Looks as thou bloodshed took place here. I have another possible location for us to investigate.
    Trinsic Jones Adventure inc Stolen Artifact 3.jpg
    a tented camp? looks like they were just here.

    (Clues found here led us to a deep cavern, here we found the leaders of these so-called Rat Bandits. A hard battle took place inside as well as outside the cave. But in the end, the RBG was successful in defending the bandits and recovering the ancient scroll).
    Trinsic Jones Adventure inc Stolen Artifact 4.jpg
    (There was a drop tonight)

    Trinsic Jones Adventure inc Stolen Artifact 5.jpg Trinsic Jones Adventure inc Stolen Artifact 6.jpg

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