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The Tinker Situation Part Ii

By Drakelord, Jul 21, 2016 | |
  1. The Tinker Situation
    Part II
    Dezerai was at her Office on Moonglow when she heard the town cryer shouting some nonsense about killer robots on the loose. She remember the situation before when she was briefed concerning these bots and some thinker in Minoc. During the Governor meeting she had also told the King the name of this Tinker. The King had said then that he would take steps to put this Tinker under guard as soon as possible.

    Leaving her office she walk over toward the Cryer to hear all the News.

    : Some of the latest news!
    : Wandering Robots at Yew Docks! Proceed with caution!!

    Knowing that the Yew Governor was unavailable she went ahead to scout the situation at the docks and send a report to the Commander. Arriving at the Yew Bank she sped off quickly to the Yew docks. Good God the size of the monster she saw.

    You see: Wandering Automaton

    Her fear froze her for a brief moment, and quietly she back off till she was clear of the area. Know that the Guard was to rally at Serpent’s Hold, she quickly travel to the War Room there awaiting the arrival of the Commander and the rest of the Royal Guard.

    Dezerai: Yew is facing grave dangers tonight, the commander must be alert as soon as possible

    You see: Commander Cameron
    Commander Cameron: We have some work to do tonight

    Dezerai: Commander I was scouting the Yew Area, there are Auto Mechs of some sort at the Yew Docks.

    Commander Cameron: By order of King Blackthorn himself
    Commander Cameron: That is good intel Dezerai!

    Commander Cameron: We will investigate that matter right after we complete the King's order. I need you to divide into groups. I will need strong men and women in both groups. One group will head to Minoc mines to investigate some strange objects there. The other group will go take the citizen of Minoc known as Renold into custody. We need to question him about the robots he has been known to create.

    Dezerai: Renold sounds less dangerous, (ya right)

    Commander Cameron: A month ago he claimed it was an accident. We need to find out how its done. Listen please. You must ask him to recreate his steps. To show you how it is done. If he refuses you are to escort him directly to the dungeon under Blackthorn's Castle. After he tells you everything he knows he will be remanded into custody until this force can be. In no way should you let him escape. We are also told that the mines at Minoc are not safe. Proceed with caution. If you have dragons please be prepared to heal them. I will gate us to Minoc. Find the man known as Renold!!

    Quickly all followed and enter the gate, several took off toward the tinker shop as that had been the last place we saw him at during the last time in Minoc. Others went across the bridge towards the mines to Investigate the strange objects that had been reported to the Commander.

    Commander Cameron: Search out Renold!

    Bless The Fall: found em, hes where we gated in.
    Renold: to find me?
    Bless The Fall: yar
    Renold: Whatever for? toys
    Dezerai: we need you to teach us show us how you made your toys, the automechs
    Amadis of Gaul: we bringing you in sir
    Renold: What have I done?
    Renold: *looks around confused*
    Renold: What are you all talking about
    Dezerai: remember the last time you face the guard? You were the one that made those Bots
    Renold: !
    Dezerai: now show us how
    Renold: The robots?
    Dezerai: yes
    Renold: *frowns*
    Dezerai: they are loose once more on the lands, we need to know
    Renold: oh my!
    Dezerai: how they are made to stop them
    Amadis of Gaul: then help us!
    Renold: gladly
    Renold: In order to create one I need to go to the tinker shop and grab my pick axe. Lets go

    With that all turn to follow this tinker, I am sure many were thinking, its a trap we are going to be fighting in 10 seconds, I heard Tamers all around ordering their pets to guard them as they followed along after this Tinker. Straight to the Minoc Tinker shop he went, going onto the one back room he retrieve his axe.

    (OOC) Waldo: Wait! I have an opportunity for you to make some gold!
    I found Waldo! What I win?

    Renold: opens catenate to retrieve axe
    Renold: Here we go
    Demonix: fancy schmancy axe

    Renold: Lets go to the mine. I will explain everything
    Dezerai: he has a pickaxe says we need to go to mines

    Like a Pied Piper Renold led us all back to the Minoc mines. To the area just outside where the workers had put tents, forge. There was now some energy fence running along a area of it..
    Renold: I Tweaked it a little so it digs up Greater Ore Elementals. You have to use this axe. And it digs them up. Then I take the ore off of the bodies of the greaters. I use the ore and the energy field to electrify it and give it energy then it is an electric robot but they are not sentient that I know of

    Dezerai: How do we stop them?
    Renold: just bolts and ore. Would you like me to dig up a greater elemental to show you?
    Moxxi: yes. FiXXXeR: YA Midnight: aye Demonix: as long as its not valorite
    Renold: I usually have friends with me. Be careful they are strong! I cannot kill them by myself lets go to the mountainside I will dig one up to show you.
    With those words he led all towards the mountain where he used his pickaxe, it did not take long for this axe to summon an Element from the mountain. His first one was an Dull Copper. It quickly fell to the attacks of the guard..

    Renold: Get the ore and put it down near the energy fields. You need one ore from every kind of elemental

    You see: A Greater Copper Elemental It too fell before the attacks of the Guard.

    Renold: I will keep trying to dig up more
    One after another he dug up. A Greater Bronze Elemental, A Greater Agapite Elemental, A Greater Golden Elemental, A Greater Verite Elemental

    Renold: You are all very strong! Wow I should have gotten you to help me a long time ago.

    A Greater Shadow Elemental, A Greater Valorite Elemental. This last one took the longest to drop.

    Renold: well done. Lets gather around the energy fields. Well done everyone. I am going to start tinkering.

    He began to work the ore with his tinker tools, crafting parts of all, he soon had all he needed, then he begin placing the parts together.

    Renold: Ok now I just have to place it near the energy
    You see: A Sentient Automaton. Quick as cats after a mouse the guard attacks.

    Moxxi: Renold, Im not so sure these robots are "safe" to be creating
    Dezerai: I agree
    Renold: Well you seemed to kill it easy enough
    Demonix: maybe you should hand over your pickaxe
    Renold: I will try to tweak my inventions some more
    Dezerai: the average citizen has no chance against that
    Moxxi: I doubt the King himself would approve of them
    Renold: I am sure we can make them useful. It just needs a little more work.
    Moxxi: have you found no way to control them by command?
    Renold: Not yet
    Domanos: we need to take pick axe away
    Dezerai: there are more at the YEW Docks. DID YOU MAKE THEM?
    Renold: Hu?> No I haven’t been to Yew in years
    Moxxi: then you should consider not making any more until further word from the King.
    Renold: Can you gate us to Yew? Lets go see

    Quickly a gate to Yew was made, all following this Pied Piper with the pickaxe. I am sure many were thinking “No don’t go to Yew, take him and his axe to Blackthorn Castle and toss both in the deepest dark hole you can fine there”. Once in Yew we all moved to the Yew docks, where;

    You see: Wandering Automaton. This one fought like a dragon would, with flame area attacks all around it, causing injuries and damage to armor and weapons.

    Renold: Mine look like golems. No no that certainly wasn't anything I made.

    With those words said, Renold was remanded into custody, and the Guard returned to the Hall on Serpent’s Hold where Commander Cameron gave them a final briefing before releasing them that evening.

    Commander Cameron: Renold has been remanded into custody. No more robots should be made. If he is the sole culprit

    Dezerai: that is indeed good news
    Commander Cameron: If anyone else is making automations we will find out. Governors please keep your citizens aware.
    Dezerai: yes sir
    Commander Cameron: Check the cities and all known robot locations
    Domanos: `tinker?
    Commander Cameron: Let us know of any sightings. The Tinker will be questioned right away. Very curious that he said he did not make the one in Yew. If he didn't then who did??
    Dezerai: *nods*

    Commander Cameron: We will meet again next week
    Dezerai: an intern? (OOC the word I was thinking was apprentice, but I knew that the Commander wanted to wrap this party)

    Commander Cameron: Perhaps Dezerai, Perhaps. We will see what we have learned and discuss it next week. Save travels guard!!
    Dezerai: as you as well.

    (OOC, there was no drop this evening. Overall it was a fun and entertaining event. Be sure to turn in your reports in at the EM Hall mailbox.)

    Thus ends this report.

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