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The Tinker Situation Part Iii

By Drakelord, Jul 28, 2016 | |
  1. The Tinker Situation
    Part III


    Again the Town Cryer got Dezerai attention. It was time to meet the Commander at Serpent’s Hold. It had been quite all this week, no more Bots had been sighted, however she was concern as some of the city Governors were still absent and with no clear line of leadership in those cities she was concern that the city guards were slacking off. Not at Moonglow, she made sure to spot check the guards at odd hours and they were on their toes, so to speak.

    She quickly recalled to the War Room on Serpent’s Hold to await the arrival of the Commander. Looking around she was please to see that meeting was to be taken seriously by the presents of so many members of the Royal Guards.
    Commander Cameron: Hello!
    You see: Commander Cameron
    Shouts from all the guards almost drowned his next remarks.

    Commander Cameron: I am glad you all are here!
    Commander Cameron: Has there been any more robot sightings?
    Very quite when this question was asked.
    Dezerai: no
    Commander Cameron: I haven't had any reports of any
    Commander Cameron: Which means our culprit must be Renold

    Commander Cameron: We have him chained up in the dungeon under the castle
    Hatshepsut: good
    Commander Cameron: I am ordered today to go down and see if we can get any more information from him.
    Commander Cameron: This dungeon is a dangerous place
    Commander Cameron: Rumor has it it is haunted
    Commander Cameron: *chuckles*
    Commander Cameron: Regardless I request you escort me down to question the Tinker again
    Commander Cameron: I will gate us outside
    Commander Cameron: Lets go!
    Hatshepsut: lets go then

    With a leap, he quickly moved outside the War room to an area where he could cast Gate for those that were to escort him the Castle Blackthrone.

    All that enter the gate found them self facing the Guarded gate to the castle. All mounts are to left outside, but all can remount once they are in the lower levels under the castle. It is the same of any battle pets, none may enter the main castle court yard, but once under the castle a stable master will summon your pet to you.
    Commander Cameron: Renold the Tinker is west in a cell. Lets go find him

    ConquistaDora: this is no place to hide sir
    Commander Cameron: Lets question this tinker.
    Renold the Tinker: Yes, yes please let me go

    It was very hard to see and hear all that was going on inside that small cell, how so many winged daemons and dragons could fit inside such a small cell was no small feat. Dezerai crept as close as she could to see and hear everything around them.

    Commander Cameron: go on
    Renold the Tinker: I don't know how they could have become evil
    Dezerai: did you work alone?
    Commander Cameron: They most certainly are evil they've been killing the citizens at will!
    Renold the Tinker: Could they have become sentient?
    Commander Cameron: Sentient you say?
    Renold the Tinker: In theory it could happen. You would need the right amount of energy though
    Commander Cameron: And how do you get the energy? Where does it come from?
    Renold the Tinker: Yes, and perhaps the energy is being pulled from the earth with my pick axe...

    *The Pickaxe*?! Wait was it not taken into custody when the tinker was? Or did they dropped it at the mines when they took Renold in? Did a bot pick it up? Or was there an apprentice? So many unanswered questions.

    Commander Cameron: Where is your pick axe??
    Renold the Tinker: I left it at the mines! Go quickly! If what you say is true there will be little time to waste!
    Commander Cameron: the mines at Minoc?
    Renold the Tinker: Yes Minoc! That is the only place I could dig up the greater elementals! HURRY!
    Dezerai: you left that axe in the Mines??!!
    Renold the Tinker: I left it at the mines! Go quickly! If what you say is true there will be little time to waste!
    Commander Cameron: To the mines! I will gate us

    A gate was made in the halls of the prison under the castle and everyone quickly enter, most very quickly it seemed to her.
    Commander Cameron: Quickly everyone! Inspect the area

    Like fleas on a dog we all scatters across the area, seeing nothing up the mountain Dezerai rejoined the other near the tents only to stop in her tracks when she see an area with energy fields all around it and bots inside it.
    Commander Cameron: find the axe!

    While inspecting the area of the energy fields several members come under attack by a bot, then another bot, then another and another. Soon every guard member presented is in real trouble. Because of the area, summons cannot be used and it is here that Dezerai moves to the shadows and sends a request to Drakelord to join the battle with his Dragon.
    Commander Cameron: What is happening here!?
    Commander Cameron: this looks to be terrible magicks
    Castor Troy: where is everyone?
    Deadly Poison: Minoc mines
    A Charging Automaton: We Are One

    TOTO: All Follow Me
    TOTO: Corp Por - Energy Bolt
    Drakelord: Corp Por - Energy Bolt
    Garglamesh: Consecrus Arma - Consecrate Weapon
    Sammie: Consecrus Arma - Consecrate Weapon
    Kara: In Vas Mani - Greater Heal
    Hatshepsut: Kal Vas Flam - Flame Strike
    Hulk Hogan: Corp Por - Energy Bolt
    Res Here: Guards! Make haste!
    Misty Mystic: Nyraxle - Word of Death
    Amadis of Gaul: Kal Vas Flam - Flame Strike
    victolia: Corp Por Ylem - Bombard
    Drea de Matteo: Corp Por - Energy Bolt
    Kara: all kill
    Drakelord: all kill

    Commander Cameron: Well done everyone!

    Finally the last bot fell and once the dust settle we were able to get a look at the enclosed area where the bots had been coming from.

    Commander Cameron: I will teleport down and get the pick axe
    Commander Cameron: there is a hole here in the field
    He moves to the “what looks like a metal table” to examine the axe.
    Commander Cameron: looks at it

    Warning others not to follow him
    Commander Cameron: You all may not want to be down here
    Commander Cameron: You all may not want to be down here
    Commander Cameron: This area may be boobie trapped!

    An Evil Automaton: Don’t come back until you or them are dead!
    You see: An Evil Automaton (Guardian)
    Once more all are under attack, many fall, healers rush forward to assist with the healing.

    Res Here: Thou hast strayed from the path of virtue, but thou still deserves a second chance.

    An Evil Automaton: Onward! To battle!
    An Evil Automaton: You will burn to a pile of ash!
    An Evil Automaton: Kill or be killed my minions!
    An Evil Automaton: Attack! Crush! Smash!
    Demonix: * Demonix begins to spasm uncontrollably. *
    Drea de Matteo: Kal Vas Flam - Flame Strike
    An Evil Automaton: Don’t come back until you or them are dead!
    An Evil Automaton: Kill them! Kill them all!
    An Evil Automaton: Stomp them to dust!

    Slowly the troops were winning, as more and more bots fell the Automaton grew even more angry, shouting, screaming, kill them, kill them all.

    An Evil Automaton: Kill or be killed my minions!
    An Evil Automaton: Don’t come back until you or them are dead!
    An Evil Automaton: Britain is ours! Victory for Despise!
    As the last of its Minions fell the Guards turned its attention towards the Evil Automaton.

    wait!? “Victory for Despise?!”

    At one point, during the battle, this evil automation moved across the waters leaving the area under Minoc rule towards an area under Vesper. Many were attacking it as it was it moved across the waters on the Minoc side while others raced to the Vesper side to deal with it there once it made land fall.

    In the end the Royal Guard won this battle, but at great cost to all members.
    Image10.jpg Image12.jpg
    Whitefire KotR: damn
    Skeptamystic: any drop?
    Blood Rayne: ya
    Lucia: very pretty thank you!!!
    ConquistaDora: ya big blue thing
    Garglamesh: yup if you didn’t get stuck in walls you did
    Kara: that boss was over the top

    EM Willow: I asked for 15 but Mesanna posted today about the guaranteed drop system so there is probably more than 15
    EM Willow: The boss was a little too hard this time eh?

    I don’t thinks so. but not being able to cast summons in a guard zone does hurt.

    Drakelord: did not get one my self I died just as the Boss did
    EM Willow: Last time was too easy
    EM Willow: We will have to find a middle *laughs*
    Kara: Boss was somewhat..over the top!..*laughs*
    EM Willow: Well its more fun when it lasts longer than when it dies so fast. So there's at least that
    ConquistaDora: Thank you EM Willow for the adventure
    EM Willow: Thank you all for coming
    Drakelord: good night Willow and thank you
    EM Willow: I am going to put this baby in the reward hall and clean up my mess!


    Thus ends this report.

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