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The Trickster

[Reporter’s Note: The Trickster Story Arc is made up of the following EM Events: The Trickster on 9-28-2016, Skara Brae Souffle on 10-19-2016,...
By WildStar, Jun 4, 2017 | |
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  1. [Reporter’s Note: The Trickster Story Arc is made up of the following EM Events: The Trickster on 9-28-2016, Skara Brae Souffle on 10-19-2016, and The House of Tricks on 10-28-2016]

    The Trickster (9-28-2016)

    Richardson Speaking.jpg

    Richardson the Guard: “Ah! Hello everyone! How are you doing this fine evening? *smiles* I come to you tonight, asking for some help… A few nights ago, a few farm houses were vandalized…. Now normally, the guard doesn’t take this matter up… Such petty vandalism… not for the guards to follow up on. So it’s just myself this evening, and well, if you would be so kind to me… The crimes started late at night last week… Garbage thrown... food refuse… red paint splattered. I am not exactly sure why the farm houses were targeted… or by whom. The farms outside of Britain, as a matter of fact. What say you? Shall we go and investigate? Follow me please, I’ll open us up a gate.”

    At Farmhouse.jpg

    Once we arrived at one of the farm houses, we could see that it was as bad as Richardson had described.

    Follow Footprints.jpg

    We soon found footprints and proceeded to follow them on Richardson’s instructions. They lead us to a farm field where we encountered a lich named The Trickster.

    The Trickster.jpg

    The Trickster: “I did some decorating! You all brought this upon yourselves! For too long have you mocked my kind in the month of October! You dress like us… Act like fools…! Skeletons, zombies…pfft You dare mock the undead?! You will be punished!”


    With that last proclamation, various large deadly spiders suddenly appeared.

    Fun Halloween.jpg

    Richardson came upon us after we had killed all of the spiders and filled us in on what he had discovered and we reported what we had learned about the Trickster.

    Richardson the Guard: “Whew I inquired with the farm owner down to the South… He said something about a lich… This Trickster… It seems like he has escaped into the night… I don’t think this is the last we will see of him. Did he say why he vandalized the houses? Hmmm Must not like our costumes. Well, after tonight’s events, I think the guard will be helping us!”

    Richardson Notes.jpg

    We returned to the Counselor’s Hall where we finished up the night’s business.

    Richardson the Guard: “It seems we have a new foe for the Halloween season… Spiders this evening… Hmm I will send a report to the Captain, and see if he can send some additional guards. After tonight’s events… there should be no question! In the meantime, I ask that you keep an eye open… Perhaps we can catch this.. Trickster before he causes anymore harm. Very well, I must complete my report, and submit it to my Captain.”

    Skara Brae Souffle (10-19-2016)

    Call for help.jpg

    Richardson the Guard: “Ah! Greetings! How is everyone this evening? *smiles* Thank you all for heading my call for help. It seems this “Trickster” is at it again. A few weeks ago, he trashed some farm houses outside of Britain. Just the other day, it was reported that a farm house in Skara Brae was vandalized... He seems to have a grudge against humanity during the Halloween season… He mentioned something about how we like to dress up as undead, and mock him during the season. He has been sighted around the area in Skara Brae. Will you help me, and investigate the scene? Glad to hear!”

    Skara Farmhouse.jpg

    The Trickster was waiting for us upon our arrival at the farmhouse.

    Trickster Pretty.jpg

    The Trickster: *evil laugh* It’s very pretty, isn’t it? Oh, the farmers were terrified! Oh… do not worry… I brought some Halloween candy for all!”

    Candy Corn Elemental.jpg

    Very quickly we learned what he meant by “candy” – Candy Corn, Melted Chocolate, Pixie and other candy named Elementals suddenly appeared around us. Eventually we defeated them. The Tricksters was overheard saying something about a haunted house and undead friends during the battle.

    Haunted House.jpg

    Richardson the Guard: “Which way did the clown go? It looks like he evaded us again. Did I hear him mention something about a haunted house? Hmm… Undead friends? I suppose we should head back… perhaps something is in store for us next week… A little bit closer to the day of the dead…”

    Next Week.jpg

    Back at the Counselor’s Hall, Richardson discussed the night’s events.

    Richardson the Guard: “Candy elementals… interesting… I’m not quite sure what to expect at this point from the Trickster… But as he said… something is in store for us “next week”. And he mentioned undead friends... I am not sure what to expect… I must go and alert the other guards of what has transpired tonight. Thank you again for your help this evening! Safe travels!”

    The House of Tricks (10-28-2016)


    Richardson the Guard: “Ah! Greetings everyone! How are you all doing tonight? One more task before we can rest. I have done some investigating in regards to The Trickster in the past week… We were able to track him to outside of the Cove graveyard. It seems he has a sort of “haunted house” set up for himself… He really does not like Halloween… I poked around, but was chased off… Tis a rather dark and dreary area… I don’t think it would have ended well if I had ventured forward… I’ll take us to the entrance of his place… But I must warn you all… What happens down there… I cannot be held accountable for. What do you say? Will you help me put an end to this vile menace?”


    We arrived at the entrance to the haunted house and proceeded to enter.

    Halloween Reapers.jpg

    The first line of defense inside where spiders and black and orange colored reapers. We slowing made progress thru the ghosts of many creatures that we had encountered before on previous adventures. We finally made it to the center of the house and encountered The Trickster.

    Simple Request.jpg

    Safe Halloween.jpg

    At Rest.jpg

    Richardson the Guard: “My goodness! Well… he’s finally at rest! I will take us back to safety at the hall. One moment.”

    Many Thanks.jpg

    Back at the Counselor’s Hall, Richardson wrapped out the night’s events.

    Richardson the Guard: “Many thanks for your help this evening in doing away with that vile beast! I must be off for the evening.”

    Portrait of an evil Harlequin Picture.jpg

    Portrait of an evil Harlequin Label.jpg

    Next Event Hint.jpg

    Baja Shard Reporter

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Amber Witch
    "Great Report WildStar!"
    It's nice to have a report that allows you to understand the flow of what happened during the course of a multi-night event.
  2. Lord Nabin
    Fun Read! Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Well Done in fact.