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The Void Pool

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  1. The Void Pool

    SIEGE PERILOUS had held a record for the number of waves completed for a very long time, a record that was not broken until last year on Asuka Shard, 11-23-15 a record breaking number of waves set was 252.

    Today players of Siege took that record back. Siege Perilous is a melting pot of players from all over and having a date and a time that would work for all of these players was the first bump in the night to cross. Then there was the fact that there were players that might try to sabotage this event and use it to raid the players that were conducting this event in Covetous. Being that Siege is set in a Felucca rule set, this was something that could have been done very easily.

    Steps were taken to ensure that this event was kept a secret from most PvP players and guilds. A date was posted on an open forum for such a event but canceled as it would invite those they did not wish to attend, that was the reason given but in secret they planned, private chats, messages in guild and alliance.

    Skilled crafters, (in secret) made weapons, suits, jewelry for individuals that were to participate in this event. Individuals worked very hard training skills to meet the requirements for this event. A date was picked and a time was set for all to meet.
    ImageDL6.jpg ImageDL14.jpg

    O dark thirty, today, they met. Most were from GIL, but there was several trusted players from other guilds, all alliance members. Parties were made up, breaking them down with Tamers, Archers, Mages, Bards, Crafters. Extra bandaids, arrows, potions, orange leaf were made available for all.

    Once ready a gate was open for Covetous and all quickly moved into the choke area where they would take their stand. Tamers and dragons out front, mages and bards and archers behind them. For hours they battle, none taking any long breaks, a quick run for a drink, or a nature call. All snacking, if dinner was called, where they were, we did not notice as they remained on station with all the rest.

    Sometime around nine hours they finally hit the count of the waves where they could say “We did it, the record was ours once more”. 255 waves!!!
    ImageDL12.jpg ImageDL16.jpg ImageDL18.jpg ImageDL22.jpg ImageDL24.jpg
    EM Hawker was presented to send in a screen shot for us.

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Tamais
    PROS - Fantastic piece of history
    wow, great team work. Great to see this reported. Pictures in color had to be hard with those waves. ;)
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