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The Zealotry Of Zipactriotl- Alligning With The Myrmidex

By Larisa, May 28, 2016 | |
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    As with the Eodonian side, you must first declare your allegiance to the Myrimidex and enter into the pits to battle the Eodonians.
    The Myrmidex Idol is located on the south end of Barrab Village.


    Once you have finished the battle in the pits, return to the tinker to accept the quest.



    All hail our Myrmidex overlords! Now that the Britannians and the rest of the Eodon have been stopped from their offensive against the Myrmidex, it is time for the Barrab to restore the Myrmidex to power! Long ago the Kotl came to Eodon. Their technology was far advanced and they built many creations. Before long they decided they needed servants to tend to them beyond the metal giants they called *Automatons* and so they created the Myrmidex. The Myrmidex would not stand for their oppression and rose up against their reptillian masters! The Kotl unleashed a great weapon called Zipactriotl to abolish the Myrmidex. In time the Myrmidex were once again a threat. The alien technology of the Kotl has spread throughout the realm in the eons since their arrival - we must recover that technology so we may release Zipactriotl and destroy it once and for all! The time is now for Myrmidex rule with the Barrabian at their side! All hail the Myrmidex! All hail the Barrab!


    The tinker tells us that we must travel to four cities to acquire the components needed: Vesper, Jhelom, Britian and Moonglow.

    Off to the Horses Head in Jhelom to speak with the ship captain!

    *Arr! The seas have become a wretched and dangerous place - a myriad o' creatures be tormentin' me ships. Can't have it! Can't have it one bit - what's that? Myrmidex. *He pauses and thinks for a moment as he sits back on the stool. Maybe I heard of em, maybe I ain't...I'll tell ya what, ye go and clear some o' the creatures that be plaguing the seas and maybe I tell ya what I know about them Myrmidex.


    The Captain wants us to go kill 10 Water Elementals, 10 Sea Serpents, 10 Deep Sea Serpents and 5 Krakens in the South Britannian Sea...so off we go to the southern docks in Jhelom to set sail.


    Sailing around the Island of Jhelom seems to be the best area, if you travel too far you won't get credit for the creatures you kill. Having fishing nets helps a great deal on this leg of your journey.

    Once you've killed the allotted number of sea creatures, return to the Captain to receive a special message in a bottle.


    If you do not have a sextant, now would be a good time to purchase one. You can purchase them from any tinker. Now, crack open your bottle and extract the SOS....you have the same chance at getting an ancient SOS with these as you do with the normal ones.

    Now it's time to hop back on your boat and find that shipwreck! The item you need will be inside the chest that you fish up.


    Once you've acquired the Stasis Chamber Regulator, head on out to the Lycaeum in Moonglow to pick up your Stasis Chamber Power Core from the Collector of Oddities, located in the middle of the main area.


    Next, head on over to the Tinker's Guild in Britain to find the Golem Maker.

    Ha ha...he he...hoo hoo...yes yes...it's all coming together now if only...*the tinker pauses and looks up* Myrimidex did you say? Oh yes, we are most certainly on the same page here! I assume my Barrabian colleague sent you? Of course he did! I'm almost ready to begin tinkering on the Automaton - but I need some supplies first. You collect those supplies and I'll give you the Stator you seek. Long live the Myrmidex! Long live the Barrab! Ha ha! He he! Hoo Hoo!


    The gears can be bought from the tinker, if you don't have any ingots, you can obtain those from any blacksmith or from golems when you fight them for the other items you need. The power crystals and Clockwork Assemblies can be obtained from Golems, and the Exodus.

    Once you give him the items he needs, he will reward you with the Stasis Chamber Stator.

    Next and final city is Vesper to the Shimmering Jewel.


    In the back room, you will find the gemologist.

    Hello there, looking to buy? Sell? Perhaps a pearl necklace for your lover - or maybe a fine ring to accompany your finest evening wear? We've got it all - just let me know what we can do for you and I'm sure we can accommodate! Activator? Stasis Chamber! Why I haven't an idea what you are talking about! *leans in and whispers* Not so loud - can't be too sure who's listening in these days. Listen, if you want to get your hands on that item I know where you might be able to find one. I was able to acquire a treasure map that'll get you where you need to go but I need something first. My supply of prized gemstones has run low - you bring me those gem stones and I'll supply you with the map to what you're seeking.


    Once you have gathered the gems needed, return to him, mark them as quest items and turn them in. In exchange he will reward you with a map.


    At this point in your journey, you must seek the assistance of a Treasure Hunter. Depending on the level of the map, you will need a certain level of cartography to decode it. On my quest I acquired an Adept map which requires at least 81 points in cartography to decode it.

    Place your map into a Davies's Locker Map Table for the coordinates to make finding your treasure easier. Head out and dig it up! Inside you will find the last item you need.


    Once you have all 4 items, head back to the Barrab village to speak to the tinker again. You are now ready to fight the mighty Zipactriotl!​

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