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Tokuno Freezing

Rose was right. Saving her frozen flower garden was turning into a deadly affair. How could these ice creatures be in the warm lands of Tokuno....
By Tamais, Feb 22, 2018 | |
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  1. I saw them as soon as I recalled in...strange snow flurries surrounding the EM Hall. Not believing my eyes, I ran inside "Anyone else see strange snow flurries outside?"

    People, rapidly preparing to defend the hall, ran outside. Behind the building we found not only snow flurries but other ice creatures. The few creatures presented no challenge.

    1.jpg 2.jpg

    Shivering I went to the front of the building. There I saw a young lady talking to the others.


    Lesser Deamon motioned for her to go inside "Are you frozen?"

    Inside was warmer, but a strange chill began seeping in. Lesser Deamon escorted her to the front of the room so she could easily address us.

    "I-i am so sssorry." She stood shivering, "sseemss I have brought some wwith me-e."

    "Soo ccooldd" Rose's teeth could be heard chattering. "Pllease listenn, my dear friend Harriet ssaid you could helpp me.

    Cathy Earnshaw nodded ,"Aye."

    "My nname is Rose and as ssilly as it seems I am a florest. " she paused to rub her arms. "But usually not so cold. I thhink I've been cursed." she explained between shivers

    Sir Patrick gave her an encouraging smile.

    Shivering she smiled back. "Ass youu well know we haave had a cold winter this year. Well I went to Tokuno for the coldd season as the temperatures sseemed more moderate."


    Rose shivered, "It seems as though time if frozen as well."

    I frowned, "Not good."

    "Oh No!" Cathy Earnshaw gasped.

    Harriet nodded. "My blooms came upp and froze up."

    "So the blooms are frozen in time?" I asked a little puzzled.

    Shivering, Rose nodded. "Ooover one moons time they have nnot died oor produucded."

    "Bad for argiculture futures." commented Cathy Earnshaw.


    "They stand frozen in time and frozen literally." Rose explained still shivering.

    Strange I thought, so not only is the garden frozen by cold but also frozen in time. This could be a challenge.
    "Then we need to unfreeze them for you. " I looked around to see if others agreed.

    Demoss was ready. "Let me start my weed eater." He began sharpening his weapon.


    "And other cold creatures have startedded to spawn. Itt may not be safe much longer." Seeing we were not worried, she walked to the door. "Please come I will show you.

    Once in the city of Makoto-Jima, Rose lead us to her garden. It was close to the shore line. "As you see my garden is frozen."

    We not only saw that but creatures from cold lands...flurries, ice worms, ladies of the snow, and Ice Demoness and Demons. All of which were determined to kill us.

    8.jpg 9.jpg

    10.jpg 11.jpg


    13.jpg 14.jpg

    16.jpg 17.jpg


    20.jpg 21.jpg 22.jpg


    24.jpg 25.jpg

    27.jpg 28.jpg 29.jpg

    With the Defeat of the Frost King, the garden warmed up and the roses began to bloom...a strange ice blue. "Thank you all!" Rose called picking a rose. "Now it will warm up and my flowers will survive.

    "Your garden should be okay now." I told her with a smile.

    Rose opened a gate for us. "Thank you all for you help. Here is a moongate back."

    Trinidaddy bowed to her. "Anything for a pretty lady."

    When we arrived at the hall, we found a vase with a rose waiting. Its rich fragrance a filling the room. 30.jpg

    ***The drop for January*

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    I must have missed this one, lots of action shots I see, really COOL ;)