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Tour With Em Topaz Part 3

This is the last part of the Lake Austin Tour. We finished up by visiting several player towns. Sadly one of them has lost most of the buildings...
By Tamais, Oct 3, 2016 | |
  1. Evidias and friends in Jhelom(Oracl Event)

    Tamais : this is one of the few places where Evidia and Agaris are


    (Conversation using key words)
    Tamais : hello
    Agaris: Ah, you tell Dahlia she better not be giving Evidias any ideas.
    Tamais : ideas
    Agaris: I heard about her plan to sneak someone inside the Blood Flagon... this gawd awful potions.
    Tamais : potions
    Agaris: Why don't you try drinking one of them, leaves an awful taste in your mouth.
    Tamais : yep never take one of her potions
    Agaris: Why don't you try drinking one of them, leaves an awful taste in your mouth.
    Tamais : we also have captain Corian in a building. Captain Corian was the leader of the royal guard.
    Mylene: adama too
    Tamais : these Governor Garion wants to have stay
    Tamais : again shard history
    Mylene: Adama is still to north

    The Bears Den(Player Home)

    EM Topaz: The Bears Den?
    Mylene: one of my houses
    <12779495>Tamais : this is the last one of the Rivenmyst village
    <12779495>Tamais : Keira is one of their members
    Mylene: Arwen, the original Rivenmyst had a house south of here on river
    Mylene: last we saw Arwen she told me she was getting treated for stage 4 skin cancer
    TaEM Topaz: Oh no
    Malakhi: eww
    Tamais : and haven't seen her since
    Tamais : i heard the same
    EM Topaz: I went to the dev meet and greet last night
    EM Topaz: So it should be worth having some bod vendors soon
    Malakhi: that b interesting I have a billion bods
    EM Topaz: and Mesanna said they are working on tweaking the bod system
    Tamais : nice that system needs work
    Skara Belomos(Player Town)
    Tamais : has about 4 buildings
    EM Topaz: This one?
    Tamais : yes
    <12779495>Tamais : unfortuantly they are all private
    <10414493>EM Topaz: ah
    <12779495>Tamais : and i've never meet the owners
    <12779495>Tamais : always worry when I pop over here it will be gone



    Cara's and Angelis's
    <12779495>Tamais : just two really neat houses
    <12779495>Tamais : they have been here for about 10 years
    <12779495>Tamais : and are copies of each other
    <12779495>Tamais : great examples of how to make a castle



    <26337376>Mylene: they did a good job matching the NPC neighbors' architecture
    <10414493>EM Topaz: love the designs
    <12779495>Tamais : i thought so
    <12779495>Tamais : so much detail and care went into these
    You see: a hind
    <12779495>Tamais : looks like the first post was 2007
    Tamais : love finding these treasures

    Wolf Village

    <12779495>Tamais : this is what is left of wolf village
    <12779495>Tamais : when I first found it there were 10 houses
    <10414493>EM Topaz: what a shame
    <12779495>Tamais : they had a library,school, graveyard


    <10414493>EM Topaz: lets try to liven it up and make people want to play here
    <12779495>Tamais : i ran into on of the players last year
    <12779495>Tamais : one of their houses was going idoc
    <12779495>Tamais : she let the owner know
    <12779495>Tamais : but then we lost them
    Restless: my 1st house used to be right here
    <12779495>Tamais : i'm hoping they will return

    Queen Dawn's Memorial


    EM Topaz: RIP Dawn
    Tamais : queen Dawn's memorial
    Tamais : and hubby


    EM Topaz: RIP Farmer
    Tamais : again we donated all of the plants for here
    EM Topaz: Very pretty
    Tamais : and peaceful
    Tamais : always thought we needed a couple of benches here
    Tamais : but we didn't think of it at the time
    Laura Croft: that would be nice
    Malakhi: be nice

    Irrelevant(Player House)
    <10414493>EM Topaz: about to hit a rune called Irrelevant
    <12779495>Tamais : this house belongs to a player who recently returned



    Asylum(Player Museum)


    EM Topaz: and goody more drop ideas


    Mylene: before restless, this was the last auction house the shard had
    Mylene: I was the person loading the purchase vendor
    Restless: wtf
    Tamais : lol watch out Restless
    Tamais : she might steal your house *winks*
    EM Topaz: haha
    Restless: go click the void globe to the east
    Restless: :D
    Restless: over here
    Mylene: one of the dupers that had their houses burned had this spot, then our alliance leader's 12 year
    Restless: turn up sound
    Mylene: old passed by right as it fell and grabbed the spot
    EM Topaz: well now ill have nightmares
    Tamais : lol
    Restless: see that yellow helm


    EM Topaz: Yes
    Restless: traccor set piece
    Restless: was what last em here was doing
    EM Topaz: I was going to ask you about that
    Restless: got the whole suit done except for arms
    EM Topaz: Do you all want the set finished?
    Restless: be awesome if u could finish it up sometime ;)
    EM Topaz: I am told the arms are the only thing left
    Restless: yes, that is all that is left
    Restless: for a 5 piece bone suit
    Tamais : think he put the ones he did at the trophy hall
    EM Topaz: If Mesanna allows it maybe I will do some short event in December and it'll be my Christmas gift
    Restless: well
    Restless: je dod
    EM Topaz: to you all

    Macross07(Player Home)


    <26337376>Mylene: at my Yew house
    <10414493>EM Topaz: we are at one of Mylenes houses
    EM Topaz: Mylene can you gate us to your other house?
    Tamais : ooo i've never been up here
    Mylene: yes - but come down to the next floor down first
    <12779495>Tamais : i wish they would do the ghoul statues again



    Treasure Hunters of Britain Rune and Lock picking house


    Tamais : check out the lockpicking area


    Mylene: THB training boxes for LP
    Mylene: and guild stone


    EM Topaz: I love the deco up here
    Tamais : my friend Morgana trained to gm here
    EM Topaz: I am a big plant lover
    Tamais : i like that you can sit down while training
    Mylene: at one point the whole floor was covered but I started running out of lockdowns
    EM Topaz: *laughs*
    Tamais : great way to display the guild stone
    EM Topaz: I know that problem all too well


    EM Topaz: Tamais have I been to all the runes? I've lost track
    Tamais : lol i think so
    Tamais : i know we hit all the Weld ones thalia was concerned about
    EM Topaz: haha
    EM Topaz: if i stand here
    EM Topaz: the boots look like bunny ears
    Restless: heh
    <12779495>Tamais : lol
    Tamais : and now i have a picture of you with bunny ears

    Tamais : *smiles*
    Tamais : there are so many wonderful homes
    EM Topaz: October is going to be crazy fun you all
    Tamais : but i didn't want to overload you with rune books
    EM Topaz: I am going to be planting ghosts and goblins everywhere
    Tamais : yep we love that holiday
    Tamais : ooooo
    EM Topaz: Spider webs and stuff
    EM Topaz: UGH I love it

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