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Tour With Em Topaz Pt.1

We were excited to show EM Topaz around our shard. We had been dropping off runes and I was looking forward to seeing what others wanted to share....
By Tamais, Sep 22, 2016 | |
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  1. Excited to share Lake Austin's special spots, several of us met her at the Britain EM Hall.
    EM Topaz: hiya
    Restless: yo
    EM Topaz: I'm excited to see the sights!
    Restless: do I need to get my dragon out?
    EM Topaz: No, but not all events require mayhem!!
    Restless: I dunno about that
    Tamais : thank heavens
    Restless: my dragon eats at events
    Restless: not eating, not an event
    Restless: ;)


    From there we gated to our festival grounds and the tour began. Several spots that were visited were the archery area, the maze, arena, and the gypsy camp.
    EM Topaz: Lets head on to the reward hall and you can tell me about it


    M Topaz: Maybe this will be our meeting place sometimes


    Restless: it works
    EM Topaz: I think it is nice
    Tamais : that works
    Tamais : nice to see it used
    EM Topaz: And there's cake!
    Tamais : *giggles* we still have cake from our last event here
    EM Topaz: What kind of events were here
    Tamais : just a little stale
    EM Topaz: there's a guys head on the table
    Tamais : and bloody foot prints
    Tamais : we had archery, scavenger hunts
    EM Topaz: leading the way apparently

    EM Topaz: look I did it!
    Tamais : good going
    EM Topaz: Ok that door thing would drive me crazy


    EM Topaz: Omgosh UO is hard! hahaha
    <10414493>EM Topaz: as you see I cheat a lot LOL
    Panama: tricky
    <12779495>Tamais : lol not cheating, creative thinking
    EM Topaz: I am pretty sure I won
    Tamais : last time I was in there I got so turned around in the door area : i finally recalled out
    Panama: wins it
    EM Topaz: lol
    EM Topaz: Is everyone through?
    Tamais : tap is still in there I think
    Tap: =o
    Tap: saved!
    EM Topaz: I rescued you
    Tap: ty :3
    EM Topaz: What else is around here

    EM Topaz: I love ponds
    EM Topaz: ack a slime!!
    EM Topaz: POND SLIME
    Panama: u need to add chlorine to your pond
    Tamais : *laughs*
    Panama: get rid of the slimes

    EM Topaz: you are ready to rumbleeeeeeeee


    Panama: *stabs*
    Tamais : oooo chicken fights
    EM Topaz: We could have pet fights here
    Tamais : haven't done those in forever
    Laura Croft: lol
    Mylene: this was an early attempt at an arena
    Panama: bok
    EM Topaz: Everyone has to be in the same guild to fight in trammel though right
    Tamais : higher walls and we could do paint ball *winks*
    EM Topaz: We will have to use an arena
    EM Topaz: For our pet fights
    Mylene: unless you use the haven arena I think
    Panama: bok
    EM Topaz: Right
    Panama: *pecks*
    EM Topaz: That'll be fun I will write that down
    Mylene: they made guilds specifically for the fights IIRC
    EM Topaz: Arena dog fighting
    Mylene: when they had them here

    EM Topaz: hmm
    EM Topaz: Does she give you your fortune
    EM Topaz: Oooo​


    Tamais : that would be fun
    Panama: and I will tell ur fortune
    EM Topaz: Maybe around Halloween we can have a story telling contest!
    Tamais : those are always fun
    Panama: *opens a bag of marshmallow*
    EM Topaz: Start writing now winner will get a plaque in the reward hall
    Tamais : ghost stories around a campfire


    Mylene: You could replace the Gypsy with a Sphynx reskinned human
    EM Topaz: I will post about it on the Lake Austin page
    Tamais : *smiles*
    Mylene: that way people could pay to have fortune told
    EM Topaz: Whoever tells the scariest story wins
    EM Topaz: Good plan
    EM Topaz: we can make it a festival
    Tamais : a Halloween festival
    EM Topaz: maybe ill even have something to fight so that Restless thinks its a real event
    EM Topaz: *giggles*
    Tamais : I'll tell our brewest to start brewing
    Tamais : rather brew masters
    Tamais : ooooo
    Restless: ;)
    EM Topaz: ok i have a bunch of runes to check out
    EM Topaz: In no particular order ill just gate to them
    EM Topaz: and you can tell me the history
    EM Topaz: I only have gm magery
    EM Topaz: I might fizzle
    Restless: that's amusing
    Restless: heh
    Panama: well, I have to log
    Panama: gnight folks
    Restless: :)
    Panama: *(waves*
    EM Topaz: aww
    EM Topaz: bye

    Minas Anor Museum

    Restless: Stryder's place first
    Restless: this used to be my 1st museum

    EM Topaz: Lets check out the goodies
    Tamais : lol then you got Stryder started
    Restless: yes
    Tamais : see what you started
    Restless: this is still my customization
    EM Topaz: omgosh I almost crashed
    EM Topaz: Wow if I need ideas for drops I can just come here to get inspired


    <12779495>Tamais : top floor is my favorite. He has almost all of the obsidian statues.
    <24196410>Restless: even has a named one
    <10414493>EM Topaz: I love those obsidian sculptures
    <24196410>Restless: very rare
    <12779495>Tamais : oh I didn't know he had finally gotten one
    EM Topaz: this is cool
    <24196410>Restless: ya, he has had it for quite a while
    <12779495>Tamais : *laughs* I stopped checking after he got so many
    Restless: Copperpot
    Restless: named​

    EM Topaz: I haven't looked at them so I don't know how many are repeats
    Tamais : lead the way my lady
    EM Topaz: But we have a lot more to see
    EM Topaz: I will gate downstairs on the sidewalk

    Player House Property Manor

    EM Topaz: hah we could have run here!




    EM Topaz: Oh I love when people decorate like this
    <12779495>Tamais : I saw her decorating this one
    EM Topaz: Whos house is this
    Laura Croft: one of mine
    Tamais : I love it
    EM Topaz: I like it very much
    EM Topaz: Lets see
    EM Topaz: Lets go to the Weld and you all can tell me about it

    Weld Council(Dream Sequence)

    EM Topaz: Oh my!

    Tamais : this is the original weld council
    Laura Croft: I want skins!!!!!!
    <12779495>Tamais : down at the bottom is the only time you see Evidias as a weld
    <12779495>Tamais : she is the blue one


    <12779495>Tamais : the ones on the right were evil : while the ones on the left were good
    <12779495>Tamais : the light green one, Marouk is now in human form also
    Tamais : This area was done as a dream sequence. One of the evil ones came alive and killed us.
    Weld Camp/Mongbat Village
    EM Topaz: I also have a rune that says Weld camp
    <12779495>Tamais : this was called the Mongbat village or Weld Camp


    <12779495>Tamais : After the weld adapted and became friends, they moved here.
    <12779495>Tamais : over here by the mongbats
    <12779495>Tamais : are the blue welds that Thalia was telling you about
    Tamais : the dark one was a gift from us to Augustus
    Tamais : took Thalia almost 7mts to get it made
    Tamais : then he had a drop of the blue weld for us :)


    EM Topaz: Nice
    <12779495>Tamais : All of the items you see are the different drops from the weld arcs
    <24196410>Restless: some are
    <12779495>Tamais : we even have the first spy master Merrick at the bottom
    <12779495>Tamais : I know he has some of the drops over at the trophy halll
    Tamais : that is Evidias


    Tamais : she lost her memory and took human form
    Tamais : she never went back
    Tamais : Marouk also was a weld
    Tamais : the leader of the weld was time without dreams
    Tamais : Merrick is this way
    Tamais : Merrick was the spy master before Dahlia. He sacrificed himself to save Dahlia.


    <10414493>EM Topaz: Very nice bit of history here
    <12779495>Tamais : Yep, a lot of history
    <10414493>EM Topaz: I like it very much

    Shining Path


    <12779495>Tamais : an event area from one of the puzzles events
    <12779495>Tamais : lol I thought every shard had this building
    <10414493>EM Topaz: Don't they?
    <26337376>Mylene: the building yes, contents no


    Scholoss Morte



    Restless: hello
    Sir Mortagne: *eyes blaze* Greetings mortal.
    Restless: Martel Nevarre
    Sir Mortagne: There is much I can tell you about him. He is my brother, for one thing.
    Restless: Armande
    Sir Mortagne: He is my son. I have placed him at the head of my forces.
    Restless: necromari
    Sir Mortagne: A death cult who came here long ago by planar gate. They are all gone now.
    Restless: Luna
    Sir Mortagne: Luna shall be mine. Even now my forces besiege the city.
    <26337376>Mylene: I forget the EM's name, but Martel and Mortaigne Navarre were brothers, and his characters. He would run separate events for the good and bad guys
    Tamais : beginning of the league of chaos
    Restless: :)
    Restless: so Mortagne still sits here
    <26337376>Mylene: Pausha's shield in Stryder's was one of the things given to a number of my alliance in helping him
    Tamais : the lanterns are still on the roof also


    <26337376>Mylene: fun stuff - I never got anything, though
    <12779495>Tamais : lol remember the race to be the first to join chaos
    <12779495>Tamais : weren't there different items they had to find in the different dungeons?
    <24196410>Restless: they had to find these lanterns I believe​


    EM Topaz: I wonder who owns this house now
    EM Topaz: Is it safe from being idoc?
    Tamais : it should be
    Restless: says mortagne owns it
    Restless: it's been here a very long time
    Tamais : as it has been here for years
    EM Topaz: Good hopefully its one of Mesanna's accounts keeping it up
    <26337376>Mylene: we were at the epic part of the arc, Martel was dying, his sons slain or corrupted by Mortaigne
    Mylene: and Luna under siege by an alliance of the inhabitants of Labyrinth and Khaldun
    Malakhi: rite
    <26337376>Mylene: when EA cancelled all EM events and left us in the lurch
    Restless: in the labyrinth, towards the end where Maraktus would spawn, is a chest.
    Restless: inside the chest is a legion of chaos sash showing Mortagnes deal with the minotaurs
    Mylene: the minotaurs returned, but we were stuck with ancient liches, rotting corpses and skeletal dragons
    Mylene: outside Luna north gate for 5 years after
    Tamais : and the gates are still locked

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