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Tour With Em Topaz Pt.2

This is part two of our fun tour with EM Topaz. This part features more special event spots. It also features some of our wonderful player...
By Tamais, Oct 3, 2016 | |
  1. Lady Kiera's Library

    Tamais : one of the most complete. she has a lot of the saved books from CJ's


    EM Topaz: I love libraries!​
    <12779495>Tamais : I like her roof top village
    <12779495>Tamais : rather city
    <10414493>EM Topaz: does she still play?
    <12779495>Tamais : off and on
    EM Topaz: I have more runes lets check them out

    Lake Austin History Library

    Tamais : my library
    Tamais : dedicated to the old reporters​

    EM Topaz: History books!!
    Tamais : yes
    EM Topaz: Wonderful
    Tamais : copies of her newspaper
    Tamais : and upstairs are player books
    Tamais : guild histories, contests stories and player rp


    EM Topaz: Lake Austin is lucky to have you
    Tamais : *blushes*
    EM Topaz: Its true
    Tamais : nope I was lucky that El of La and the other reporters saved so much
    EM Topaz: You might catch me in here sneaking a read now and then
    Tamais : :) that is what it is here for
    Tamais : we have a gaming house up stairs


    : Lord Restless shakes the cup and spills the dice
    : The first die rolls to a stop and shows: 6
    : The second die stops and shows: 2
    : Total for this roll: 8
    EM Topaz: Fun!
    : EM Topaz shakes the cup and spills the dice
    : The first die rolls to a stop and shows: 1
    : The second die stops and shows: 5
    : Total for this roll: 6
    Tamais : and we have a bowling alley on the little roof

    <12779495>Tamais : I saw their write up and borrowed it
    Tamais : the directions are in the book
    EM Topaz: Super cool Tamais
    EM Topaz: Next!
    EM Topaz: Vas Rel Por

    Venomous Honor Alliance Library & Great Hall


    <12779495>Tamais : this library belongs to another long time player
    <12779495>Tamais : unfortunately she had just returned and has had to leave again


    <12779495>Tamais : lol i love her fairy garden


    <10414493>EM Topaz: deco is really well cone
    <10414493>EM Topaz: *done
    <12779495>Tamais : one of the houses I need to do a write up on
    <12779495>Tamais : for such an evil looking place

    Lake Austin Player Center

    EM Topaz: This was marked as "Player Center"
    EM Topaz: :)
    Tamais : this is the lake Austin player center. Everything you see is designed to help new and returning players
    Mylene: we've had a new player center on LA going back to the founding of the shard
    <12779495>Tamais : set up by skills



    <10414493>EM Topaz: training!! super nice
    EM Topaz: I like it
    <12779495>Tamais : all of the supplies have been provided by the players of la
    <10414493>EM Topaz: Seriously what a lucky shard
    EM Topaz: Aww those benches are my favorite
    Tamais : we even have a gardening center
    EM Topaz: Hh, I could use some gardening tips lol
    <12779495>Tamais : another rune i gave you is to UMP Town
    EM Topaz: Its supposed to be!
    <12779495>Tamais : this is the last building in the town
    <26337376>Mylene: and we can walk to the rest of UMP Town
    <10414493>EM Topaz: gating outside to next spot
    EM Topaz: Very well done Tamais
    <12779495>Tamais : thank you

    UMP Town(Player Town)
    <12779495>Tamais : UMP Town has been here for as long as I've played
    <26337376>Mylene: It started a bit closer to the mountain and on the other side of the road <26337376>Mylene: but drifted to its current locations as people joined and left

    <12779495>Tamais : next door is UMP library

    UMP Library

    Ellen: Ahh, greetings to Mighty EM Topaz. Your coming here was foreseen, and I alone know of your purpose.
    <12779495>Tamais : she put all the rune books in the boxes
    <12779495>Tamais : made it easier to put out all of the books



    12779495>Tamais : UMP Inn

    UMP Inn (Player House)


    <12779495>Tamais : every Halloween Rowena turns it into a haunted house
    <10414493>EM Topaz: my favorite holiday!
    <12779495>Tamais : this year the plans are to really make it a haunted house


    <12779495>Tamais : with ghosts and monsters
    <10414493>EM Topaz: I am already planning my October events ;)
    <12779495>Tamais : oooo
    <12779495>Tamais : my favorite time of year also

    UMP Guild Hall

    <12779495>Tamais : guild hall has their stone and history of UMP


    <10414493>EM Topaz: are we at the end?
    <12779495>Tamais : yes
    <12779495>Tamais : the guild hall is the last one
    EM Topaz: ok this rune sounds interesting

    Pink Tree With Standard(old event)
    <12779495>Tamais : from an event that I missed
    Tamais : You have hidden yourself well.
    <12779495>Tamais : an usual pretty sight we would like to keep
    <12779495>Tamais : see Restless you got something to fight
    <24196410>Restless: left my dragon in the pens​

    Warrior Camp Outside Trinisc


    <12779495>Tamais : put here to help save Trinisic
    <12779495>Tamais : that poor city has been invaded and attacked many many times
    <12779495>Tamais : aya that it would
    EM Topaz: Good to know this is here
    Restless: heh

    Valentine Park
    EM Topaz: Dearly beloved

    <26337376>Mylene: valentines events and weddings held here
    <12779495>Tamais : the perfect romantic place
    EM Topaz: We are gathered here

    EM Topaz: To witness the murder of a random player MUAHAHA
    EM Topaz: no, no I kid I kid
    Mylene: today to dig through this thing called life.
    Tamais : wow she can walk on water
    Restless: see that island in the middle to the west?
    EM Topaz: Yes
    Mylene: is there a house there?
    Restless: :)

    Restless's Island Home


    Tamais : oooo so this is where you live
    Restless: I own the house here
    Restless: heh
    <10414493>EM Topaz: Yep there's a house here! hah
    <12779495>Tamais : lol no hiding from us now
    Restless: one of the best spots in the game
    Restless: and u need a rune to get here​

    Jhelom Clue Room( Event)

    Tamais : another event area
    Tamais : we would like to keep it if we can
    EM Topaz: Absolutely as far as I am concerned
    EM Topaz: I wont touch it
    Restless: believe there were notes in a lot of buildings at this event
    Restless: searching for Merrick before he made his deal with the djinn
    Tamais : aye that was it
    Mylene: though the barrier to the rooms not needed anymore though
    Mylene: we ran into an instance years ago on Skara where a leftover invisible barrier got in the way of a
    Mylene: every-shard event
    Mylene: even the EM was confused because the barrier was put into that building by a predecessor
    EM Topaz: barriers make me think my mouse isn't working
    Tamais : lol yep things sometimes get left
    EM Topaz: lol

    Clainin's Memorial(old event)


    Tamais : our memorial to poor Clainin
    EM Topaz: RIP Clainan
    Tamais : all of the flowers and plants were donated by players
    Tamais : as were the benches
    EM Topaz: No way that's moving

    Squirrel Island(event)

    <12779495>Tamais : lol one of my favorite islands

    Restless: damn
    Restless: cant tame the pink squirrel
    <12779495>Tamais : we have colored squirrels
    <12779495>Tamais : these little guys I really want to keep
    <12779495>Tamais : you may have noticed the big red squirrel statue of Augustus at the hall
    EM Topaz: So they can't be killed?
    Tamais : I hope not
    Restless: that one can
    Restless: the yellow ones cant
    Tamais : but that one does like to swim
    Mylene: they probably can, but have big HP
    Restless: he is yellow too
    Restless: guardians cant be killed
    EM Topaz: Doesn't show yellow to me
    Restless: hover over them
    Restless: says "a squirrel (guardian) in yellow
    <26337376>Mylene: IT'S THE ONLY YELLOW ONE
    <12779495>Tamais : the pink was is yellow
    <12779495>Tamais : think there are only the two
    <10414493>EM Topaz: no more?
    Mylene: blue one to east
    Tamais : there is the little fellow
    <24196410>Restless: ok, they can be killed

    Unfortunately Restless attacked the blue squirrel. It didn't like it one bit. I regret I didn't get a picture of the fun.

    EM Topaz: lol
    Malakhi: lol
    <12779495>Tamais : lol I think that one want to kill Restless
    EM Topaz: i would kill him too
    <24196410>Restless: its going to
    <24196410>Restless: heh
    <26337376>Mylene: Restless quit trying to reenact the vorpal bunny scene from python
    <24196410>Restless: kicking my ass, and quick as hell
    <12779495>Tamais : we are taking EM Topaz on a shard tour
    <12779495>Tamais : want to join
    <12779495>Tamais : lol
    You see: Lord Restless [+N+]
    <12779495>Tamais : eeek killer rabbit
    <24196410>Restless: next gate plz
    EM Topaz: Restless we are going to leave without you!
    <24196410>Restless: go
    Malakhi: behing laura
    Mylene: he's here but invis
    <24196410>Restless: I got a killer squirrel following me
    Tamais : such a happy little squirrel

    [EH?] Town(Player)


    Restless: hmm
    Tamais : Governor Jov's Town
    EM Topaz: This is EH town
    Restless: private house in fel
    Mylene: the EH? guild
    Restless: it's a trap!
    EM Topaz: which I thought was funny
    Tamais : yep
    EM Topaz: its a tarp!
    Tamais : the Canadian Brew Club


    Tamais : very very nice people
    EM Topaz: Its private
    Tamais : but alot of them don't play much
    Tamais : well it is in feluccia
    Tamais : so Jov keeps the gates closed

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