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Town Hall Meeting & Dungeon Crawl 3-30-17

By Drakelord, Mar 31, 2017 | |
  1. Town Hall Meeting & Dungeon Crawl
    Drakelord would be King​

    *Chuckles* Seems there are safety protocols installed on the promotion points you earn for attending and participating, a cap you reach per month. If not for this cap, and I quote;

    EM Chimaera:

    “Drakelord is well past the max 15 points per month. Good thing I put that rule in, or he'd be King.”
    Town Hall & Dungeon crawl.jpg
    Back to the notes of the meeting.

    Cat Musique was my attendee for this evening event. General chatter about ongoing UO related along with information regarding the next RBG promotion ceremony was discussed. Be sure to bring your old lantern with you so that King Blackthorn may see your old ranking. Everyone that attends this event and has been a regular at other events will receive a NEW lantern. You get to keep your old one as well (if you were one to get one of them from before).

    One area of discussion was the monthly fishing contest, Clym of Clough, Skara Brea’s Governor, suggestion that the next winner not pick a legendary fish and avoid dungeon fish as well to give more folks a chance to catch them and have a bigger turn out on the monthly listing. I agree with the Governor of Skara Brea.

    Other areas that were discussed, a tamer’s event and a thief’s event. With the current per revamping on TC1 a pet tournament in Felucca (did you know EM Chimaera has a Felucca house?) For the thief event you will need 100 stealing, (I am not sure if that was real skill or enhanced with jewelry) Maybe a pigeon will fly by with that answer.
    Town Hall & Dungeon crawl1.jpg
    We also discussed decorating the towns, a mailbox is set at the EM Hall for any donation, be sure to put it in a bag with a book with your name. So if you have a huge amount of stuff in storage with no clue what to do with it, might suggest in a book what you like to have in your city.

    “If you have anything you'd like to donate to the town beautification project place it in the mailbox. The first town is Yew. I only ask that you don't donate anything you would care to lose or is very valuable. And anyone that contributes will get a special plaque in that city. I'll post this on Sonoma.uoem.net too”.

    A side note, if you remember from the Governor’s Meeting KHAN was to be confirmed as governor but had to wait the seven days before accepting this position. So KHAN will be at the next meeting representing his City.
    Town Hall & Dungeon crawl2.jpg Town Hall & Dungeon crawl3.jpg
    Since there were so few people attending this Town Hall we discussed whether to do a dungeon or a progressive spawn not in a dungeon, the progressive spawning won. Our “Dungeon Master” took us to where we had fought in the copy of Moonglow.
    Town Hall & Dungeon crawl4.jpg Town Hall & Dungeon crawl5.jpg

    Thus ends this report.

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