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Transfer Central Now Live

At Knuckleheads' site is a new feature that that is useful to people that wants to transfer items between shards for others, and/or wants to have...
By Gilmour, Aug 30, 2015 | |
  1. Greetings Sosarians!

    Allow me to steal a moment of your time to explain the newest feature on our site. The feature we called Transfer Central, and it basically acts in similar way other transport hubs work.


    Creating a trip is painless via a set of input fields, you can chose to set a per user limit (recommended) and charge gold per item if you wish. The time selected is your local timezone selected on our site (should work as intended let me know if issues).


    It will then be shown on the Transfer Central overview, where you can click "View Details" to get more information about the specific trip. (You may also hover the shard icon for shard name in text, if you in doubt what shard the icon represent).


    Trip Details will feature a generated text, a custom message from the traveler as well as the last 3 ratings on the user. On this page you also have the possibility to add items to trips with a few optional words. If you are the trip owner, you may also edit the trip via the "Edit Trip" button.

    Browsing Trip Details as trip owner, or lot owner, you also have the possibility to view and track current items assigned to your trip.

    This was a basic run-down of Transfer Central, if you have questions or comments, please add below.

    Safe Travels!
    - The Knuckleheads

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