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Treasures Of Zento

By Drakelord, Jun 30, 2016 | |
  1. Treasures of Zento
    Cat Musique:

    Cat was gasping for air as she runs into the War room on Serpent’s Hold, she had to let them know of the dangers they would be facing this evening! She must warn the Royal Guards and her Commander of this threat that awaited them this eve.

    She sees the Commander.
    Commander Cameron: Hail
    Shumer: hello
    Commander Cameron: I am glad to see you all

    The Commander greets the members of the guard when he hears this one voice shouting to one side. He turns to face this voice.

    Cat Musique: Was trying to get some gem work done on jewelry when I was attacked by what seem to be some
    Shumer: hello
    Commander Cameron: I am glad to see you all
    TATA: Hail
    Cat Musique: sort of machine gone crazy in Vesper, I barely escape with my life *gasping for air*
    Commander Cameron: I had a mission for us but it seems as though there's trouble that needs our attention

    Charly Dont Surf: hail
    Commander Cameron: So tonight's mission has changed
    Commander Cameron: We have to go see what is happening in Vesper
    Commander Cameron: I would like to check the other cities as well
    Cat Musique: nods

    Fisner: I love Vesper
    Commander Cameron: We haven't got our deliveries yet from Tokuno, Zento specifically
    Commander Cameron: But let's hurry to Vesper our people need us
    Commander Cameron: I will make a gate outside

    Cat Musique: I saw some at several moongates
    Commander Cameron: Thank you! We should investigate there after then!
    Cat Musique: yes

    Arriving at the Vesper Bank, all seems quite, nothing like what she had reported, yet it had been here where she had been attacked, wait she was at the Jewelers shop when the machine arose from the air. Running around she looked and looked, others were looking at her as if she had gone astray. Much like the boy who cried wolf.

    Commander Cameron: This area seems fine
    Cat Musique: it attack me here
    Commander Cameron: Hmm lets look around!
    Sabin: This way
    Pearl: here
    Commander Cameron: Here

    You see: The Singularity (Guardian)
    Commander Cameron: ON GUARD EVERYONE!!

    All are hard press during this battle at the Vesper Bridge. Several brave souls or fools rush across the bridge so to summon allies outside the city and bring back these mighty elements to do battle for them against these machines.

    Commander Cameron: DIE EVIL!
    Commander Cameron: I have found Vespers goods from Zento on the other side of the bridge
    Commander Cameron: It looks as though they couldn't be delivered
    Commander Cameron: We should have the governor of Vesper verify everything is here
    Demonix: might take us a while to get over there
    Commander Cameron: there are more Singularity Robots West of the Bridge! Proceed with caution!
    Commander Cameron: It looks as though they will not move far from the bridge
    Commander Cameron: They seem to be called back after a certain distance
    Commander Cameron: We can use this to our advantage
    Commander Cameron: We should also send a scout to check Minoc for us!
    Commander Cameron: good job attacking from both sides!

    Cat Musique: The spell fizzles.
    Skeptamystic: so much for that one bouncing back *laughs*
    Commander Cameron: did it not return to the bridge?
    Purist: eh?
    Purist: we on the bridge fighting singularity
    Commander Cameron: it looks as though Moonglow Gate is being attacked as well!!
    Commander Cameron: Attention Guard Please come to Moonglow Gate when you can!
    Commander Cameron: These are.... different!
    Skeptamystic: lil busy here atm hehe
    As were all the rest!
    Purist: rgr dat we at vesper bridge fighting singularity
    Cat Musique: still killing stuff in Vesper
    Commander Cameron: Yes Help Vesper first they are closer to the city there!!

    Finally after which seem to be forever the last of the singularity fell at the Vesper Bridge, word was passed to move to Moonglow as they to were under attack.

    Cat Musique: Moonglow gate
    Skeptamystic: to the gate in glow!
    Sabin: We must check on Moonglow ?
    Sabin: Trinsic ?

    Its is here Cat Musique left and Vixen took over.
    Sabin: Warning moonglow moongate is hot

    40o 58'N, 138o 40'W
    Vixen: Kal Ort Por - Recall

    Skeptamystic: bout time the blade spirits got a revamp lol
    File: lol eh true dat

    The creature fans you with fire, reducing your resistance to fire attacks.
    I am sending her cleaning bill to the crown
    6,505 gold has been removed from your bank box.
    You are dead.

    Getting a quick rezing from a near by healers she returns to the battle, fire is in her eyes now as she seeks revenge on this machine!

    Robin Da Hood: thats it?
    Far from it it seems!
    Charly Dont Surf: one at all the gates looks like
    Charly Dont Surf: what gate we at
    Commander Cameron: lets all try to stay at the same location
    Thrud: where to go please
    Commander Cameron: is everything dead in Moonglow?!
    Skeptamystic: LOL, no
    TheOneEyedJack: NO
    Craice: am I supposed to be looking for something on these corpses? this is my 2nd day back after 3 yea

    Purist: just crap on the corpses
    Kara: welcome back
    Purist: if there was special item it would drop in your pack
    Purist: don’t think there is drop tonight
    Craice: oh cool
    Fisner: where is everyone?
    Craice: moonglow
    R E D: Consecrus Arma - Consecrate Weapon
    Whitefire KotR: Nyraxle - Word of Death

    Purist: was one last week
    Purist: we at moonglow, north of moongate, almost to bank
    Craice: so no drops?! :p whay kinda madness is this
    Purist: just good old fun killing stuff
    Thrud: go for the fun mate:)
    Purist: part of story line also, if you keep up with that

    Commander Cameron: I have sent a scout to Minoc. They are INSIDE the city there! We must go there next!
    Craice: think im a little behind being gone for a few years
    Purist: aye
    Demonix: ALL GONE
    Commander Cameron: Moonglow is safe!

    (I know that Governor Dezerai is happy)

    Sabin: Reports are Minoc is next ?
    Commander Cameron: to Minoc bank everyone!
    Commander Cameron: I will open a gate at Moonglow gate if you need one
    Fisner: where to
    Craice: Minoc, there’s a gate
    Once more the Guard moves out, Minoc is the next city that needs aid
    Commander Cameron: there are many! We should work together one at a time!
    Demonix: no kidding

    Commander Cameron: ((ooc yes there are two so far I will spawn more though)
    OOC Did he just say that!

    Members of the Royal Guards were dropping like flys being hit with a swatter.

    Commander Cameron: one near the gate and one near the tents! (healers)
    Craice: In Mani - Heal
    Charly Dont Surf: Corp Por - Energy Bolt
    Yuudai: Vas Ort Flam - Explosion
    Sabin: Hero with the heals Thank You !
    Anonymous: Feel the need to yell? I have a headache..
    Craice: no pet heals :(
    Commander Cameron: Group up everyone
    Craice: any vets?

    You are struck by a barrage of elemental havoc!

    Revenge: where is the event?
    Commander Cameron: We are in Minoc!
    Revenge: thank you
    Purist: we at Minoc, close to bank
    Sabin: Minoc bring a medic ! its getting messy !
    Demonix: don’t see you anywhere commander...
    Commander Cameron: come south near the tents

    Commander Cameron: (((I have been trying to separate them a little)))

    Sabin: Starting to think I should have signed up to be a Xbowman instead of swordsman ! 0_O !
    Commander Cameron: I rely on my trusty Axe!
    Anonymous: Swords=Op Archers=Fail
    You deliver a mortal wound!
    Sabin: At least these one bleed ! last one in Moonglow couldn’t
    Revenge: Nyraxle - Word of Death
    Commander Cameron: yes they all seem to be a little different
    Purist: loot is crap
    Mad Maid: OoOoOooOOoOOOoOOoOO

    You deliver a paralyzing blow!
    Katrina: All Follow Me
    Vixen: Corp Por - Energy Bolt

    Finally the last of the Minoc machines falls, a quick rush to the bank for more arrows before joining the rest for the next city under attack.

    Jhelom Moongate:

    Commander Cameron: Lets meet at the gate in Jhelom
    Commander Cameron: And make sure that is safe
    Commander Cameron: to Jhelom gate everyone!

    Tis a madhouse at this gate, very few words were spoken by those here, as all were under attack by the machines at this gate.

    Diego: 'Tis a bloodbath!
    Commander Cameron: Yes! The Robots are here as well! Look the Zento crates and deliveries were all left
    Commander Cameron: Jhelom gate!

    Again the Royal Guard saves the day, but the break is short as we are once more off to save another city!

    Demonix: where to?
    R E D: where
    Sabin: Yew
    Charly Dont Surf: we doing yew now?
    Sabin: Rgr
    (Cleanly something lost in the translation)
    Katrina: yes
    Thrud: yes, yew gate
    Sabin: If I was a Dragon then a vet could heal me ! are there any other "mele ?
    Vixen: Nyraxle - Word of Death
    Gargarella: Consecrus Arma - Consecrate Weapon
    Craice: I got you Sabin
    Craice: LOL sry sabin kid screams
    Sabin: No No your doing well ! its that triple attack ! 0_o
    Sabin: Dmg eater and blood drinker cant save me 0_o :p
    Commander Cameron: Does anyone see any more at this location?
    Raising her head, she looks around to see if there are more of these rouge machines!

    Charly Dont Surf: next?
    Mad Maid: no
    keptamystic: all clear it appears
    Vixen: no sir
    Demonix: nope
    Purple Heart: no
    Hulk Hogan: ONE MORE GATE
    Sabin: found 2
    Thrud: one more here
    Vixen: three more
    Craice: 2 west
    Craice: so whats rep with this thing used for haha
    Sabin: Sonoma !!!
    Craice: whats rep with garg queen used for
    Sabin: To build houses there and use the queens forge
    Commander Cameron: It looks like they are trying to learn the hiding skill
    Sabin: Sneak bots !
    Commander Cameron: Hmm I don't like the sound of that!
    Commander Cameron: hmm
    Katrina: Thank You Gil
    Sabin: I will have Nightmares years later of that !
    Commander Cameron: We better check Britain's Moongate
    Good Lord another gate to check

    Commander Cameron: Meet up at Britain's Gate Everyone!
    a rat: where
    Commander Cameron: We are overrun!
    Sabin: Careful moongate at brit is danger ous !
    BAZZINGA: whats going on?
    Vixen: The spell fizzles.
    Vixen: Vas Corp Por - Energy Vortex
    Fisner: omg running out of supplies
    Vixen: one over here
    Vixen: brit road
    Vixen: one on the brit road
    Check: Tired,,,,
    Sabin: Ty for the aid I live by your graces

    Commander Cameron: Well done Guard!

    Its was over? Finally!!! Its seemed to be a battle of hours with these machines!?
    Commander Cameron: I will have someone get these boxes and crates right away!
    Demonix: kicks dirt

    Back at Serpent’s Hold War Room.
    Commander Cameron: Whew that was a rough battle
    Commander Cameron: Guard please keep your eyes peeled
    Vixen: the question to be asked
    Vixen: where did they come from?
    Commander Cameron: Governors call the guard if you see trouble
    Commander Cameron: Indeed
    Commander Cameron: And how
    Commander Cameron: And why
    Vixen: yes
    Commander Cameron: So many questions!
    Commander Cameron: Very strange
    Commander Cameron: We have enough trouble with the regular beasts that plague our lands
    Commander Cameron: We need to find out who what where when and WHY
    Commander Cameron: we now have robots
    Vixen: some sort of attack o the kingdom?
    Domanos: ````who
    Commander Cameron: It seems that way
    Sabin: Is there something in the treasure they where after ?
    Commander Cameron: We will retrace our steps back to that fellow in Minoc
    Vixen: yes
    Commander Cameron: Bring him in for questioning
    Vixen: the tinker
    Commander Cameron: Yes
    Commander Cameron: Interestingly enough he seemed to not have realized what he'd done
    Commander Cameron: But we will question him harder
    Vixen: *nods*
    Commander Cameron: Governors if you have trouble feel free to give field promotions for your cities!
    Commander Cameron: It is important we keep our people safe
    Commander Cameron: Guard your governors can grant you titles
    Commander Cameron: Within reason of course
    Commander Cameron: Rest now. It looks like we have a lot of work to do!
    Commander Cameron: I will call you soon. Well done tonight guard
    Kwan Yin: night
    Vixen: good night sir
    Oxie: thank you sir
    Commander Cameron: I release you to your business Goodnight everyone!

    Thus ends this report.

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