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Trinsic Caravans Attacked

No sooner than Frosted Dreams left, King Blackthorn gave us the bad news Caravans outside of Trinsic were being attacked....not zombies but men...
By Tamais, Feb 26, 2016 | |
  1. 1.jpg

    The King winked at Governor, "Perhaps you owe gold?" Governor Jov smiled and shook his head.

    "But I digress. Attacks on our caravans are troubling." the King told us. "Perhaps these attacks are by one of the "Others" Frosted Dreams mentioned.

    I couldn't help but think about the recent attack on a caravan by strange zombies. "Sire, was this attack also by zombies?"

    "Or a rabbit?" Lady Thalia added.

    "Rabbit? Zombies?" King Blackthorn shook his head. "No undead or rabbits...this was done by men in cloaks possibly after the supplies."

    "May be a set up to trap us?" Legolas said thoughtfully.


    The King looked us over. "Can I count on you to investigate?"

    "You bet !" Trailblazer shouted.

    "But of course your Majesty. " I agreed. "Where are the attacks occurring?"


    "From there travel north along the road," The King opened a gate. "Hopefully you will learn who and why the caravans are being attacked. It must be stopped."

    Stepping through the gate we arrived at Trinisic's north gate. Carefully we followed the road...watching for the caravan. It didn't take long to find the attackers, Thorn Guards.




    I was busy healing and resurrecting when I spotted some one coming out of the trees. I moved closer determinded to keep a close eye on him.


    I was puzzled when he shouted "Kill them first!" Did he mean the Royal Spies or the Thorn Guards.

    Lady Thalia soon joined me. "There is something strange about this."


    Suspicious of the man's behavior, Lady Thalia approached him "What is happening here?"

    "Yes," I added, "Who is outnumbered? The Royal Spies are winning the battle."

    Not hearing our approach, the man jumped. " What do you mean...can't you see the bandits?"


    "Please save me...keep me safe!" Tossol tried to hid his frown. "But of course you will keep me safe."

    Lady Thalia looked over at me. I nodded in agreement, some thing was wrong. Tossol seeing our doubt, quickly held up his arm.


    We continued to watch the man. "Do you see a caravan?" Lady Thalia whispered to me. "Something isn't right... almost as if we triggered a trap."

    Looking carefully, I saw she was correct...no wagons...goods...drivers. There was indeed something strange.

    "You're right." I quietly agreed. "Something is off." I went up to Tossol and looked at his arm....trying to bandage it, he pulled away and hid it.

    He moved away from us. "You saved me....thank heavens.


    "He rubbed his arm. "So brutal...horrible men...see what they did?"

    I was able to get a look at the cut. There was something wrong...but I couldn't put my finger on it.

    Scowling at me, Tossol moved away again. "Thank you, Thank you brave people!" he shouted. "But alas I can not reward you."

    People gathered around him, reassuring him that they didn't need a reward. Then looking again at his arm, he seemed faint, "Poison? Did they poisoned me."


    Lady Thalia and Vxyen both cast healing spells...magic and mystic... Neither worked.

    Seeing what happened, Tossol looked at us. "You aren't...buy this are you?"

    'No, where is the caravan!" Demoss shouted.

    Tossol stood and began moving his hands.


    The Dust began swirling around us....gathering in strength...until turning into elementals. Each time the battle turned our way, he kicked up more dust.




    As the battle wound up, Dahlia joined us.

    "No, he worn a hooded robe." Lady Thalia explain, "A magican yes, actor no...not very convincing that he wasn't leading the bandits.

    Dahlia smiled, "I agree from the little I saw he was indeed a poor actor. still he is interesting." She turned to Trinisic's governor. "Governor Jov, I've had word that an Emporium in the city. "

    Governor Jov frowned, "I had not been informed of this. Caravans outside my city attacked...and an Emporium inside...a possible connection?"

    "That is what I fear. It bears investigation." Dahlia advised. "I was told he is at the Traveler's Inn.

    Scowling Governor Jov replied, "I'll find the meaning of this." He heading to the Inn.

    "I will join you and try to follow him when he leaves." Dahlia said.

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