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Trinsic's Bank Attacked.

We followed Governor Jov to the Traveler's Inn. Dahlia was right...sitting calming at a table was Taren Alathor of the Emporium. Looking at him,...
By Tamais, Feb 26, 2016 | |
  1. We followed close behind Governor Jov.

    At the Traveler's Inn, we found the man Dahlia spoke of.

    Governor Jov approached him. "You must be the stranger I've been told about."

    "Me? Taren Alathor." he asked in surprise. "I should be flattered."

    Governor Jov scowled at him. "What business do you have in Trinsic?"

    Noticing us crowding into the building, Taren took another look at Jov. "Oh, met by the Governor of Trinsic, I am honored.


    Taren Alathor opened a bag of coins, "What is it that you want...information about the Traversis Emporium?"

    "Why do you say that?" I inquired.

    Taren turned to me. "Did you think I'd not do my homework. "

    "Actually, we seek information about caravans attacks and Tossol a mage." I answered

    "So I should be the villain." Taren retorted in disgust. "I know nothing about the attacks or Tossol."


    "Traversis...never thought allying with Necromancers was a good idea." he muttered. "Nasty evil creatures."

    Governor Jov cleared his throat. "You should remember that your Governor is a proficient Necromancer...and " Who is "we"?


    "The Emporium...simple traders and merchants." Taren snapped. "I've done nothing wrong so what do you want."

    "Information about the caravan attacks." Lady Thalia said. "What do you know?"

    "Nothing, why would I attack caravans? " Taren glared at Thalia.


    "I didn't say you did." Lady Thalia responded, "But the leader, Tossol was a proficient mage."

    "Look to the Weld...nasty foul beasts No manners at all." Taren said disgustedly. "They robbed us."

    Lady Thalia took a deep breath before replying. "The Weld are neither foul or thieves. What would they gain by attacking the caravans?"


    I thought about what Taren said. No manners... that didn't sound like the Weld. Then it hit me...the dying one...Skybark? "Do you mean the Elder Ones?"

    Lady Thalia also caught the dying one. "You are from the Welds' world?"

    Taren ignored Thalia's question. "No matter what you call them. They are thieves and still they gain audience with your king."

    "What did they take?" Lady Thalia inquired.


    I remembered finding swords, blades of Areum Tari, on Tirest. "Are you sure they took them?"

    I suppose...if not them...could be on of the others that came through." Taren paused," could have been the Otherlings or Aderem."

    "Who are you that the Elder ones take artifacts from you?" Lady Thalia asked.

    "And not part of those who stayed with the Necromancers. I heard you destroyed them. " Taren spat on the floor again.

    The question made me uneasy. How to answer without giving him too much information. Governor Jov found the way. "You tell me since you seem to know so much."

    "A Lady, she saw error of her way." Lady Thalia added. "Why do you mean her harm?"


    Seeing people draw their weapons, Taren raised his hands. "I'll not fight...but maybe you should see to your city


    "And what else did that little bird tell you." Governor Jov demanded.

    "Only that it was to be robbed." Taren smirked. "Didn't your spies tell you?"

    Governor Jov looked around. "I'll lead some to the bank...the rest stay here."

    "Oh you don't have to do that, I'll just rest here." Taren started for a bedroom. "I think you will need all of your forces."

    As we were beginning to leave, one of the city guards ran in...bowing to Governor Jov. "I'm glad you are here. The bank is under attack."

    Racing to the bank, we found it was indeed under attack.



    When inside was cleared, the battle moved outside.​

    Quick work was made of the remaining Sunspot Guards. Resting I noticed a strange creature watching.

    "What fools?" I asked, "the Sunspot Guards?"

    Seeing our numbers Erriem hesitated. "Who are you?"

    Governor Jov stepped forward. "The governor and protectors of Trinisc...as for your guards...dead or captured."


    "Then I'll deal with you myself. Erriem prepared to attack. "You can't comprehend my power."



    Watching Erriem, I saw that he was growing weak.

    Falling to the ground he tried to drink the blood of one of his guards. "No...I can't substain this...not enough blood. This can't... be." Slowly he faded...until gone.

    Arriving at the bank, Dahlia looked at the carnage. "How could he have known?"

    "Known what my lady?" I asked

    "The delivery," she replied. "The King was having more of the Traversian relics deposited in the new vaults."

    "Ah, that is understandable." I nodded, "Dangerous artifacts to have scattered around."

    "But how did they know." Dahlia paused and gave Governor Jov a strange look.

    She shook her head, "I must be getting paranoid. "This latest item was found by Alaira. It draws it's power from the deaths it causes."

    "Where is it now?" I asked worried. "Did they get it?"

    "By now it's in the vaults. A caravan took it this morning." She smiled. "Looks as it they didn't know that."

    Frowning, I thought about the day's events. "Too many coincidences. Bandits and mage arriving where an artifact was...finding people using blood for their power...the sudden appearance of an Emporium agent."

    Dahlia nodded. "Indeed, we seem to have different groups after these artifacts. But why?"

    "What about Alaira?" I asked. "That Emporium agent seemed way to interested in her."

    Lady Thalia nodded "But he doesn't know much about her."

    "We will put a guard on her." Dahlia reassured us. "I'm more worried about who is behind the attacks."

    "Perhaps the others we keep hearing about?" I frowned. "Both the Elder ones and Emporium have warned us about them."

    Governor Jov nodded. "Aye, twice we have been warned about the "others"

    Dahlia frowned, "True, the information both groups offered just enough warn us... I'm sure they know more."

    Dahlia sighed, "I don't believe that this Emporium are just merchants. I don't buy what Frosted Dreams has said either."

    "I noticed that Frosted Dreams seemed very humble when he met with the king." Lady Thalia added. "A big change from our first meeting where he saw us a little more than insects."

    "I agree. I hope it doesn't lead to more battles."


    "The King isn't a fool but wants peace for the kingdom." Dahlia sighed again. "While I'm sure that won't cloud his judgement...I need to keep him informed."

    Dahlia turned to leave us. "Excuse me, I need to do more digging. I'll meet with you next week and share what I've learned.

    After Dahlia left, we remained to help clean up the bank. Then retiring to one of Trinsic's great taverns for an ale...paid by Governor Jov of course.

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